Why Do We Dream?


What is Dream?

The dream is the combination of both visual and auditory perception and emotions, which are associated with the rapid eye movement phase, called REM stage of sleep. Every person has a dream. Some people have dream more often. But everyone can’t remember their dream. What happens in dreams takes place as fast as we can imagine. Even during very short dreams, we see very long and different events. Therefore, the concept of time does not occur in the dream.  The human body falls tired at the end of the day, and its internal organs and body weaken and, as a result the people have a dream when they sleep. The dreams are the event that all of these are blended with our thoughts. Research has revealed that many of the dreams seen are forgotten and only the dreams that affect us or worry us are remembered.

Dream is a process of sleeping. The dream process is repeated 5 times every night. In the first half of the night, it is shorter but in the morning dreams are longer. In people whose sleep is normal ie who has a good sleep structure, the dream is a process that is seen every night.

In the dream process, eyeball movements accelerate. Muscle activity slows down and then stops completely. This way the body does not move.

Why Do We Dream?

Everyone is dreaming because dream is one of the normal processes of sleep. The dream process is important for the person. It is a memory related situation. Dreams have a duty to separate important information learned during the day and keep them in memory. This situation is very important.

The information we collect during the day is classified and kept in a permanent memory. Some unnecessary information we obtain during the day is disposed of. This situation is experienced in the dream process.

Therefore, dream has a great importance in human life. People have who do not sleep have long-term memory problems.  It is seen that the memory works well in people who have a healthy dream process.

The famous dream analyser, Sigmund Freud, interpreted the purpose of dreams as a manifestation of the desires of the subconscious by being suppressed in daily life. Most of the elements in the dream show suppressed requests. Therefore, it is very important to find and interpret the different meanings of the symbols seen in the dream.

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