Why can’t people remember their dreams?


The emotional content and logical content of a dream also affects how much of the dreams are remembered. According to a study; the irrational dreams are less remembered than meaningful dreams.. Anything that catches attention immediately after awakening can interfere with the dream, so it may be effective if someone falls asleep saying that he wants to remember his dreams. If you want to remember your dream you can put a notebook and a pen next to your bed. You can immediately write your dream when you wake up.

In fact, even if the dreaming phase of a dream comes to the end to our wake, our recall rate is much higher than the dreams that ended before awakening. Because the brain has to be awake during the creation of long-term memories. In the case of sleep, this is the opposite. So the rate of remembering a dream is directly proportional between the time we awaken and the time we saw the dream. According to the study found that people with more theta brain-wave activity in the prefrontal cortex had better remembrance of their dreams after awakening from the REM sleep (the dream part of sleep).

The rate of remembering dreams is increasing in proportion to the emotional decisions and logical consistencies it contains. The researches show that dreams that arent’t likely to happen in real life are less remembered. The dream types we remember most are nightmares. Such dreams providing to the brain and body getting rid of the passive state and causing us to wake up.

Strumpell made the most detailed explanation about the forgetting of dreams. When we are awake, we experience many things during the day, we are bombarded with perception, but at the end of the day we only remember a part of them. Because these perceptions are either too weak or the mental stimulus that is connected to them is very light. The same applies to dreams. Because dreams  are very weak, they are forgotten, only those who have a strong image remain in mind.

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