What Does Dreaming About Gold or Money Mean?


It is a sign that the chance to find money in the dream will be good and that you will be rich. To lose money means, short-lived boredom and sorrow. In a dream, counting money is interpreted as a job that will succeed as much as it expects.

Seeing coinage

 It means, the financial situation will improve as soon as.

Finding money in the dream

Finding money in the dream means that the dreamer’s life will be perfect. This dream is said to be the same as the real meaning, and it is rumored that the material means of the dreamer will increase, the profit will increase and the abundance, abundance and yield will prevail.

Losing money in the dream

The person who sees that he loses money in his dream means that he or she will have financial difficulties for a short time.

Seeing gold in the dream

Seeing gold in the dream has different meanings. Seeing gold in the dream generally refers to desires and joy. Your wishes to be realized may be related to monetary matters as well as your spiritual life. Your material and spiritual wishes will be realized soon and you will be comfortable. You can also get support from your neighborhood and friends. Do not hesitate if you want to do something or start a job, because seeing gold in the dream indicates that you are lucky.

Finding gold in the dream

Finding gold in the dream shows that you have discovered something valuable within yourself. This can be some hidden abilities or knowledge.

Losing gold in the dream

Losing gold in the dream shows your regrets about the end of some personal relationships. You may have lost a person or an object that is important in your life. This loss has upset you, even if you don’t notice yourself. This sadness may be a manifestation of guilt. The gold in your dream may briefly symbolize everything material and spiritual that is valuable to you.

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