Seeing The Vision of the city In The Dream Interpretation


Seeing The Vision of the city In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of the city In The Dream Interpretation by Ibne serin City: (Knowledge; Town; Village) Entering a city in a dream means appeasement of one’s fears. Imam Ibn Seerm use to prefer entering the city in a dream rather than leaving it. A city in a dream also represents a learned person, a wise man

and a scholar. If one enters a city and finds it in ruins in his dream, it means that the learned people of that city no longer live there. It is said that seeing a city in a dream means the death of its ruler or an unjust governor from that place. Seeing a city being built in a dream signifies the growing number of its learned people and represents children who will continue the path of their fathers. Seeing a city with no governor in a dream means rising prices. An unknown city in a dream represents the hereafter, while a known city represents the world. Seeing oneself in an unknown city in a dream is also a sign of righteousness. The best of cities in a dream are the large ones. One’s home town in a dream represents his father, while one’s homeland in a dream represents his mother. Seeing oneself in a northern city in a dream mean increase of one’s cash flow. Seeing oneself in a southern city means increase in one’s trickery and deception. Seeing oneself in a low plateau in a dream means difficulties and trouble, while seeing oneself in a high plateau means trustworthiness and truthfulness. Seeing oneself in Egypt in a dream means longevity and a comfortable living. Seeing oneself in a farmland in a dream means pursuing innovation. Seeing oneself in a bower in a dream signifies the coming of a prosperous year. Seeing oneself in Jerusalem or at the feet of Mount Sinai in a dream also means prosperity. Seeing oneself in Bethlehem in a dream means increased religious devotion. Seeing oneself in Damascus in a dream means blessings, prosperity and wealth, or it could mean corruption. A cold city in a dream represents adversities. Seeing oneself in a shore city in a dream means winning people’s acceptance. Standing on a sulfuric soil or a salinized soil in a dream means an illness. Seeing oneself in a large and populated city in a dream means prosperity and wealth. Entering a city in a dream also means making peace between people. Driving through an unknown section of a city in a dream means losses. Entering an old city that is rebuilt and restored in a dream means that a great and a pious person will be born in that city and he will grow to guide its people on the path of righteousness. A city in a dream also signifies an oath, meeting with one’s beloveds, peace, tranquility and safety. Meeting with God-fearing people in a dream means attaining one’s goals and receiving glad tidings. Seeing the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in a dream means adversities, earthquake, fear and corruption. Seeing a city in a dream also could mean repentance from sin. A province in a dream represents its governor or renowned scholars. Governing a city in a dream means rising to a suitable position, getting married, recovering from an illness, repenting from sin, or receiving guidance at the hand of a learned shaikh. Seeing a deceased person walking alive in a city in a dream perhaps means that he is in paradise enjoying its blessings. Seeing a deceased person in a village in a dream means that he might be in hell laboring with its people. A city in a dream also represents the entertainment it provides for its dwellers. The name of a city one sees in a dream should reflect some of the meanings of one’s dream. (See Introduction). The industry of a city also has a share in the dream interpretation. Known cities in the world in a dream represent their rulers. Entering a city one already knows in a dream means that one will not die until he enters it again, or it could mean that he will receive news from that city. The walls of a city represent a strong ruler. A demolished wall of a city in a dream signifies the death of its ruler or his removal from office. If one sees a flourishing city with its urban construction, factories and farms, his dream will reflect the spiritual awareness and religious devotion of its people.

(Also see Village)

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the city

Of the opinion that in the city of the Prophet peace be upon him, it indicates that accompany the traders and get them good in this world and religion.

It felt: that on the campus of the Prophet peace be upon him get it good.

But felt that he was standing campus doors or doors, a noble room, ask forgiveness of God it is repentance and forgiveness of the verse, “as if they had wronged themselves come unto God and ask forgiveness and ask forgiveness for them, they will find the Apostle of Allah, Most Merciful Ever “.

It felt: that light up from the tomb of the Prophet peace be upon him, it splendor in his religion and the same.

It felt: that between the grave and the pulpit, it indicates that the people of Paradise for saying peace be upon him: What is between my grave and Menbra the gardens of Paradise.

It felt: that he was visiting one of the companions, and it follows his will.

In total, the noble vision of the city shall devolve on the seven aspects: security and mercy and forgiveness, and survival and relief from worries and distress, and good living and the necessity of Paradise and guidance to the path of righteousness.

It felt: that one of the places around the shrines of it for good after all.

It felt: an accident and it does not become like him in real life there is nothing good in it.

It felt: that one of the nearby Holy it shows continuity in worship and obedience.

Vision and other acts of Hajj

Of the opinion that it strives to seek the pilgrimage or visit the Prophet peace be upon him, or Jerusalem, it required a good thing and thanks to do for saying peace be upon him: No journey only to three of Mecca and Medina and Jerusalem, and said to be intending to three things of them said Jalal in the amount and completeness of the religion and the beauty of the do, because the Prophet peace be upon him almost Paljlal Mecca and Medina of perfection and beauty of the Holy House.

It felt: that he intended to walk to one of the three mosques and he could not so He can not do it, if it lacks a rich, albeit a poor relation, it can not order it.

It felt: that he has a thing of the pilgrims and the machine in order to stay entertained so it Mojtahd to do good things.

The vision of the loader Sharif Faúl on five aspects: security, safety and fair king pilgrimage and comfort .

It felt: that happened in the accident Vtaoelh loaded in the King.

Vision of the mosque and the pulpit

Inclusive of the view or a mosque or a school is safe.

It felt: that the baptized have a world role model.

It felt: that he baptized a mosque, it marries a woman religious.

It felt: that in a mosque or a school or a mosque and around the Word and scattered flowers and greenery, a bad thought it was innocent of it.

It felt: that he entered a place of which it is the security and comfort and increased piety. It was of the opinion that he baptized none of this either in Aamrh vigilance is also a good work or works, although it is worthy to assume it is being handled or marry anyone or Atfgah pilgrimage in religion or in its building or a bath or a trench or shops and the like.

It felt: it has increased in any way it Ev_o religion is better in many of repentance or good deeds or works of justice itself.

It felt: that in one of these places, a new reality, it does not know the breadth in the Hereafter, and perhaps that was what Hajj pilgrimage ever.

It felt: that he entered the door of one of them fell down in prostration it alive and repentance and forgiveness of the verse, “and enter the gate prostrate and say: forgive you,” verse.

It felt: that he came to the mosque and found him closed his affairs obstructed it.

But saw that it was open to him and entered it assigns a man in his religion and rid him of misguidance and improves most likely in people .

It felt: that he entered or anything like that, the above places a supervising passengers, it goes a head with his relatives and prevent them.

It felt: that he died in any of that it dies on repentance is acceptable.

It felt: it is a server where it serves the great destiny.

It felt: that the mat is cut down and the mosque was the freeing his family had rotted after validity.

It felt: to deny the incident in real life, it shall be construed evacuation and said a lack of religion seer.

It felt: it does one of them that are not appropriate to do there is nothing good in it. It was the vision of the whole devolves Sultan or his representative.

And the vision of the school devolves judges, scientists, scholars and the mosque construed equally great woman .

It felt: it is based Bmihrab it shows in his important king.

It felt: that it is sitting where nearly it. It was the vision of the mihrab is better and good unless the Shin.

In all, the vision of the mihrab construed five aspects: the imam of a mosque and Sultan, a judge and a calculated and the best mode.

The minaret Vtúl Sultan or his representative or the judge.

Ibn Sirin said: minaret vision shows a man who calls people to goodness .

It felt: that the minaret of Omar it does good and meet a group of good people and Islam because of the good.

It felt: it ruined minaret it does really bad because of that disperse a group of people of Islam.

It felt: that the minaret fell for no reason and it ruined disperse the people of that place or die Maznha, and was told the minaret Sultan or a great extent.

It felt: that the sailors have been developed it minaret of the great man just be there.

It felt: that the top of the minaret of copper and likened it shows the injustice of Sultan, and was made of silver or gold it is a tyrant ruler and has a polite, though it is wood he Sultan bouncing Ghaddar has no say or decision, and was told that was the minaret of stone it Sultan, though it was one of the milk of those who take his place, though of wood Vsfah.

It felt: he put food on the minaret, it Gore King of that place on the parish.

It felt: that the jellyfish masts erected on the minaret, they increase the pomp of the governor of that place, and the opposite is seen Qalat.

It felt: that the minaret it closer to the king.

In all, the vision of the minaret devolve on four aspects: Sultan and a great amount and the imam and muezzin.

It felt: a platform may see the greatest Imam or his representative.

And that what he saw as tainted or adorned Vtaoelh also .

It felt: that the platform speaks to science and wisdom, or sermon, it was the people of that place gets him from the front or his high degree and the honor, although not so happening that is good for one of his family or neighbors that was in them is that Mathaba.

It felt: that on the platform speaking as it does not become known for disobedience, and perhaps it hardens.

It felt: Sultan on the platform has occurred or is broken, it is located beneath the platform for the death of either rank or otherwise.

Khatib, but felt that he read the sermon on the pulpit and he completes it did not came down from the pulpit, it cuts off the rhetoric .

The woman saw it and read the sermon speak to science and wisdom, they Fdh .

It felt: that he had signed from the pulpit if he knew that it is bad or ignorant in his right because the fall of the sanctity and get humiliating.

It felt: that the pulpit was a world above that amount, although he does hold in the robbery and hardens. It was of the view under the same platform than it is invincible Sultan.

It felt: that he slept on the platform is close to the Sultan and the security of his part, said corruption in religion or Tstaiba people.

In all, the vision of the platform shall be construed five aspects: Sultan, a judge and imam and preacher and tidy.

It felt: the rise of one of the people of the Book in the pulpit evidence of the corrupt governor of the state of religion in that place.

It felt: Vtaoelha prayer ascend on three aspects: a woman and a server, and living and whatever was in it, good or evil is attributed to it. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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