Meaning of the snake dream


The snake is an important symbol in dreams. The meaning of snake dreams, represents all the energies of the material world that you must learn to master.
Symbol of the unconscious or primitive drives.
The snake is associated with libido, that is, with the vital force that includes both sexual energy and psychic energy. It can also represent sin, evil, harmful passions such as hate, envy, jealousy and unbridled sexuality. It is a versatile and ancient symbol, undifferentiated strength, sometimes positive, sometimes negative.

An interpretation according to the color of the snake
The color of the snake is very important to understand his dream.
White snake: represents spiritual energies.
Red snake: it announces a violent passion in love.
Green snake: it represents the natural instinct, the normal sexuality, the strong vitality.
Black and dull snake: it announces a danger coming from within, too pessimistic trend in love, cause of emotional misfortune.
Black and shiny snake: it indicates dark moments in love because the loved one does not suit us.
Pink and blue snake: it signifies tenderness, sentimental refinement.
Brown snake: it is associated with the creative organ of the man; it signals balanced, warm love.
Red and black snake: it announces the cruelty, the violence coming from the loved one.
Red and yellow snake: it represents intuitive passion, understanding, passionately happy love helped by the divine.
Yellow and black snake: it indicates that we must be wary of the person loved, his hypocrisy, we must use his intuition.

meaning reve snake
28 definition (s) for the snake dream
Dream of snakes
Indicates the presence of great psychic forces in the dreamer, who are however disorganized and lack unity
Revering coiled snakes
This dream speaks of a disordered sex life or expresses an inner confusion and energies that must be channeled
Serious snake dream
Indicate the presence of dangerous enemies
Dreaming of a snake biting its tail
Reveals an inability to find a solution to an ongoing problem
Discover a snake lurking
Means that the dreamer welcomes a thug at home
Dreaming of a moulting snake
Indicates a renewal of energies

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