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Dreaming of Hair is a unique symbol for the dreamer to pay more attention to their image.  Depending on the content of the dream it can change up the meaning entirely.  Noticing you having grey hair would have a different meaning to your hair growing long.  Once you notice your hair in your dream its usually in a mirror and if that is occurring than it donates to some type of  personal reflection going on in your life.  Some might like the grey look to be more distinguished while others might be horrified.  In order to truly understand your dream you will need to self reflect on your inner feelings as it applies to  your dream symbols.

Why Is My Hair Falling Out:

Dreams of our hair falling out will most likely be categorized as a nightmare.  These dreams are really made to shock us so we can pay attention to what might we be hiding internally.  We will notice in the dream clumps coming out in our hands as you might feel mortified.  This might suggest that you have fears of getting old and losing your sex drive and virility.  It is also possible that you might have unconscious feelings of feeling inferior, insecure and vulnerable.  The meaning can change depending if you are looking in the mirror or if you where at work.  If the dream was situated at your office for example than you would need to examine why you might have feelings of loss.  Did someone pull your hair out? This could suggest that someone might be stressing you out.

Do you have a low self worth or self esteem?   Having lots of hair symbolizes safety and security and maybe the dreamer might not feel so at the moment.  Having patches of hair on your head and you trying to cover it up is another key symbol to investigate.

Possible Dream Translations:

Fear of getting old
Fear of death
Abandoned ideas
Lost creativity
Feelings of helplessness
Feelings of loss of power or control
Loss of energy or image
Feeling unattractive to the opposite sex
Fear that one is becoming less attractive
Not taking care of self image

Death And Hair Loss:

There might be a link between our unconscious feelings of death and dreams of our hair falling out.  Similar to teeth dreams, hair loss falls in the same category of personal losses in your life.  There might be an end to something or a big change that might come up in the future.  You have to think in metaphors suggesting that something is not going to regrow again.  Nobody wants to experiencing aging and if you have hidden fears of it than its possible you will have a dream of this nature.  Another symbol of a losing your hair might be linked to the fears of cancer.  If you have or been around people who have cancer they lose their hair and unfortunately sometimes they pass away trying to fight cancer.  When we repress feelings of death this symbol might rare its ugly head.

Dreams Of Being Bald:

Not many people like to rock the Bruce Willis look so when a bald head appears in your dream it could be one of many different possibilities.  Not all bald dream are bad symbols but more positive ones.  If you are proud in the dream it might suggest you are comfortable with your masculinity. However if you are female with a bald head all depends on the mood of the dream.  Personal transformation  and dreams of being bald go hand in hand. These are actually positive dreams that you might be shedding the old you and you will make room for the new version of yourself.

Health & Well Being:

Dreams have a wonderful ability for you to pay attention to something that might be lacking in your life.  Dreams of being in the shower shampooing your hair might suggest for you to take time to relax and care for yourself.   Some dreams our hair might look dull, brittle or even messy.  This is an indicator for you to take care of your image as you can do better.

Stress and Hair Loss:

Stress and hair loss goes hand in hand and if you are experiencing this in your walking life than your dream is hinting at something more important.  Stress can be very detrimental on your body and spiritual well being.  If you are effected by stress with alopecia, the body’s immune system attacks the hair follicles causing hair loss.  This might play an active role in the symbols in your dream.

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