Interesting Information About Dreams


Dreams are sometimes the reflection of the past and the mysterious phase of sleep that deeply affects us. Considering that we sleep an average of 8 hours a day, people spend  your one third of the life sleeping.

Although the function and purpose of the dreams are still not fully explained, there has been a lot of information through various researches and experiments. There are some intersting informations about dream:

  • In the first 5 minutes we awaken from the dream, we forget half our dream and in 10 minutes we forget most of our dreams.
  • People who have lost sight after birth are also able to see objects in their dreams. People with congenital visual disabilities hear noises in their dreams, smell odors and touch objects that they cannot see through contact.
  • Everyone dreams, except for those with a severe psychological disorder. If you think you don’t dream, you’re definitely wrong because you just forget your dream.
  • Our brain does not invent new human faces in our dream, even if we do not remember the faces we see in our dreams, we saw their face in our life even though there is a moment. We see hundreds or even thousands of people throughout our lives so we have an endless face archive in our brains.
  • If you think a lot about a special object, you are most likely to dream about that object. Dreams speak in a symbolic language and in depth.
  • Negative emotions are more felt in dreams than positive emotions.
  • In sleep, your body is paralyzed by a mechanism in your brain.
  • According to research, animals also dream with the same brain waves as humans.
  • A person has an average of 1460 dreams per year.
  • You can’t snore when you dream.
  • People have shorter dreams in adulthood than in their childhood. 40% of the dreams we see as children are nightmares and most of the children’s dreams are related to animals.
  • Pregnant women remember their dreams more than other people.
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