Dreams That Start With Z


Zen: When you dream of being at ease and in a state of zen it signifies that you need are either able to find tranquility or you find it hard to relax.

Zero: A zero is symbolic of a void or emptiness you feel within yourself. It could also mean completeness, do not confuse a zero with a circle which means never ending. You feel that you are getting nowhere in whatever you are pursuing.

Zigzag: Dreaming of zigzags denotes a crazy and inconsistent character.

Zinc: You are going to be pumped and ready to battle whatever comes your way! Zinc is symbolic of positive energy that is going to help you progress in any area of your life. If you taste zinc it means that you are only experiencing some of the benefits that are being offered to you. Take the full dosage and fulfill all of your desires so that nothing is lacking in your life.

Zip Code: Seeing a zip code in your dream signifies your characteristics. Also consider the numbers and maybe letters and relate it to your life.

Zipper: Dreaming of a zipper means one thing and one thing only, sexuality! If you are unzipping then it means you are ready to accept and open up to sexual interactions.
On the other hand, if you are zipping up it suggests that you are putting up emotional barriers to others. You are also not open to fulfilling your sexual desires Seeing a damaged zipper that is unable to open or close in your dream signifies that you are having sexual problems.

Zodiac: Dreaming of a zodiac sign or signs represents your connection to your conscious and the rest of the world. If you dream of one particular zodiac sign you should be attention to its symbol and meaning and how it relates to you.

Zombie: If you see or dream of yourself as a zombie it indicates that you are feeling disconnected from the world in some aspect in your life. On the other hand, dreaming of a zombie could simply mean that you feel your life is monotonous and there is nothing that supplies you with any emotions. If you dream of being attacked by zombies it indicates you are afraid something goes out of your control and takes over you.

Zoo: When you dream that you are at a zoo it represents that you find you are being confined or held back from doing what you want. You feel some part of you is being held back and captivated.…  On the other hand, the zoo could symbolize confusion in your life.

Zookeeper: Dreaming of a zookeeper means that you need someone to hold you back and help you keep your composure. Some situation in your life is causing you to be emotionally distraught and soon if you do not seek help, someone is going to do it without asking you.

Zoomorphism: Zoomorphism means that you change into an animistic form. The dream symbolizes that you act more freely and do not allow rules or other people govern what you do. You act on your instinctive rather than what society tells you to do. Be careful not to go too far with this new found freedom because there could be consequences. Also note what animal it is you dream of and the characteristics they have. Maybe you have they characteristics in you and you just need to act on them a bit more.

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