Dreams That Start With W


Wadding: Dreaming of installing wadding into something shows a desire to be guarded from harm or protectively embraced. As well it could be synonymous with a fear of your body shape changing during a weight gain.

Wading: A dream about wading in water means that you are able to take control of your feelings. Measurements of depth and clearness of the water denote the amount of authority you have with regards to the circumstances that may elicit such a dream.

Wafers: When you dream about consuming a wafer means that you need to change up your routine and randomly do things that you normally would not. More knowledge about different aspects of life is necessary to have a more fulfilling life. It could also mean that you need to exercise caution when dealing with certain situations in your life.

Waffle: Dreaming about waffles shows you have to be more realistic with your thoughts in your waking life. It could also mean that you cannot make up your mind in important decisions.
Furthermore it could signify that you need to be more confident and assertive with your ideas and thoughts.

Wager: A dream about a wager signifies a hazardous decision that you are to make in the near future. Some things in life are totally unpredictable.

Wages: Dreaming about paying wages to people means that you owe someone money. On the other hand it could mean that you are in a relationship doing more for someone than they are giving you in return.
If you are the recipient of a wage it indicates success and a prize for a job well done. Additionally it could represent love.

Wagon: Dreaming of a covered wagon represents problems that are following you in daily life. Your hesitance in taking chances and your habit of being cheap money are drawn upon. As well it could symbolize that you have fallen behind on an agreement you made with yourself referring to the saying ‘fallen off the wagon’.  If the wagon is red it signifies thoughts of when you were a child, simple and carefree. Seeing a vacant wagon represents emptiness and unhappiness.

Waif: Dreaming of a waif model suggests that you have problems with your weight. You are too skinny and unhealthy. The dream signifies your uncertainty in life and lack of confidence in your image.

Wail: Hearing a wail in your dream represents a cry for help. Someone is suffering and may not ask for you help but you should pay attention to people in your life and see if you could see past their shell.
If you are the one wailing then you dream is just a way for you to release your feelings which you find hard to let loose in your conscious state.

Waiter/Waitress: Are you making sure that the people around you are happily served while you suffer? Dreaming that you are a server in a restaurant means that you put other peoples’ desires before your own. Are you giving good service or are people not tipping in your dream? Maybe you feel that you are unappreciated or not working hard enough to please others. If not then you need to give yourself some love and respect, do not be a door mat for others.  If you see a waiter or waitress then you desire people to care for you and listen to what you want. Someone needs some attention!

Waiting: Waiting patiently in a dream implies that you know that things in life take time. Some things are worth the wait and hassling does not help some situations. Alternately, being impatient represents your dependability and controlling demeanor to people; you expect too much out of a situation. It could also mean you are worried about something but it is better if you slow down and stop being so anxious.

Wake: Have you lost someone recently? Dreaming that you attend a wake suggests that you are going through a grieving course. You need to find someone who can help you and support you so that you can overcome this time. On the other hand, the dream serves as a reminder that you should commemorate the person’s life.
Think of the phrase, wake up and smell the coffee. When you wake in your dream it implies that there is a part of your life that is not whole or fully developed. You need to go the long run and fully apply yourself. You do not seem to realize that you able to do much more than you are doing. Alternatively it could be a very powerful lucid dream.

Walkies Talkie: When dreaming of a walkies talkie it indicates that there is need for communication in your life whether it is in some problem or with someone in your life.  You seem to forget that it takes two to tango; communication does not only involve one person. Consider and pay attention to how well relay the message or you listen to the message, it is symbolic of how you relate in your relationships. On the other is it could be a pun on the use of walkies talkie, in order to walk the walk, you first need to talk the talk.

Walking: Walking freely and knowing where you are heading means that you are on the right path in your waking life. Pay attention to where you are destined to in your dream, try and relate it to your life.
If you are having problems walking, it suggests that you are a bit confused and not sure uncertain about your direction in life. Also you may be trying to ignore or hide from something in your life. Take heed of what you are having difficulty pursuing or why you are unable to progress forward because it serves as a representation of your waking situation.

Wallet: A wallet is very personal to someone; it represents their finances and individuality.…  If you see an empty wallet it means you need to find an aspect of yourself that you seem to be missing. Otherwise you are just going through money worries.
If your wallet is stolen in your dream it represents that someone has taken something very close and personal to you. If you had your heart broken, it represents someone has stolen your heart or perhaps you are too naive and let others see what you are made of and use it to their advantage.
If you lose your wallet out of sheer carelessness, it signifies that you do not pay much attention to how you spend your money. You are very loose with your expenses and not very responsible with your finances.  On the other hand, if you know you are very careful with your expenses, losing your wallet represents your loss of identity. Whatever shaky experience you are facing, do not worry you would be stable once again, just don’t lose sight of your goals.

Wallpaper: Putting up wallpaper in a dream, whether you are doing it or someone else is, symbolizes a wall that you have been putting up around you. Perhaps you are using the wall as a shield to conceal some secret. Pay attention to what pattern or color is on the wall paper for further significance. The dream could simply represent you feelings finally being displayed.
If you are peeling or stripping off wallpaper, it indicates that you are letting down the walls you built around you. You have been a very secretive person but for some reason you seem to be opening up of late. The dream also means that you are letting your guard down but be sure not to let it fully down, it’s possibly warning from your unconscious so that you won’t be hurt or taken advantage.

War – Could this represent to sides that are not getting along?  Do you have a fear of war breaking out in any aspects in your life? Do you have anger issue?

Warehouse –  Could this imply your greedy nature?  What is inside the warehouse might give you a clue in what the dream symbol could mean.

Warning –  Any dream that show symbols of warnings this is something you need to pay attention too.  Why where you warned and by who?  This might be dream symbol you want to investigate because this could be a serious message.

Wanted –  What are you escaping in your dream?  Could this mean you are wanted by someone or something in your life right now?  You need to find out why you are wanted.

Washing –  If you are washing either in a bath, shower or ocean suggests maybe a need for inner cleansing. Do you need to clean up aspects of yourself that you might find dirty or bad.  What parts are you washing?  The area might you are washing might be a metaphor for something that needs to be fixed. If you where washing your hands it could mean innocence.

Washing Machine – This symbol could imply a need to wash away with your past (old clothes), and in with the new.

Wasp – This symbol could be a play on words  for White Anglo Saxon.  Did you know that the wasp is a very social insect and has special means of communication with its family. When the wasp appears in our lives it is a message for us to consider our own methods of communication. The wasp might be a sign that we may need to express ourselves better.

Waste –  Do you need to dump something mentally or physically that is causing stress in your life right now?  Do you need to take out the trash?

Water – Water is said to do with our emotional level.  If you want a more detail  See Water Dreams.

Water Balloon –  This could be a build up of emotions that is ready to explode.  Who are you throwing the water balloon too?  That might give you an indication on who might be responsible for causing this distress.

Water Hose –  Could this be a phallic symbol for the male sexual organ?

Waves –  This could be a symbol of emotional disturbances that you may be or will be experiencing in the near future.  Water represents our emotions and if that is the case then you might be in for a rocky ride.

Weapons – Are you in a need to defend yourself for a battle?  Do you feel you need to feel protected in any way?

Weather –  Weather is an important symbol that can give us insight on how we might be feeling.  Sunny bright days will be positive but storms and rain suggest depression.

Wedding –   These dreams suggest a bond with that person you might be getting married too.  This could also suggest a long term partnership or tying the knot in some aspect in your life.  It is also possible you want to get married.

Weight –  Do you feel like something is weighing on you?  Do you need to lose weight?

Whale –  To dream of a whale can be a very powerful message trying to get across to you depending on the context of the dream.  Whales are said to be symbols of strength, power, spirituality and protection although they have also been interpreted as a sign of a dark side.  Whales are in water and water is said to represent emotions so do you think something might be coming to the surface?

Wheelchair –  This symbol could mean you are unable to move the way in life you are supposed to.  You might feel stuck and want to free from restrictions possibly brought on by yourself.

Whip –  Is this a sign to get into shape with what ever you need to get done?  Are you whipping or getting whipped by somebody.  Depending the dream can change the meaning.  If you are doing the whipping might be an indication for you to whip that person into shape.  It could also mean you might be too hard on that person.

White Moth –  Moths are similar to the butterfly and holds a very powerful spiritual meaning of some sort of transformation.   Some have said it could relate to death of somebody you could be close to.

Wig – Are you trying to cover up what you are thinking?  Why are you wearing the wig and how do you feel when wearing it?

Wind –  Do you feel like you are blowing in the wind? Dreams of this nature might suggest you are feeling free like the wind.

Window –  Depending if the window is open or closed changes what the meaning could imply.  If it is open it is considered a positive symbol that suggests freedom, choices and new opportunities.  If it is closed that it could mean you are closed minded or trapped in some aspect mentally.

Windshield – If it is broken than it could mean your vision in life needs to be fixed.

Wolf – The wolf is a common motif in the foundational mythologies for many years.  As Carl Jung would say that this is a very rare symbol to show up in your dream that links to the unconscious part of the dreamer.  The wolf would portrayed in modern times as greedy and cunning.  This powerful symbol could also translate to teaching, guidance, friendship, loyalty and intuition.

Worm –  Could you or somebody you know might be a little worm?…  This is not a really positive symbol that shows a lack of trying in life.

Writing –  Could this be a play on words for you being “right”?

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