Dreams That Start With U


U-Turn: Making a u-turn in your dream in your dream suggests you are making changes in your life. You are taking a different course almost the total opposite of what you are doing now. On the other hand, the dream signifies you need to make a change because you’ve gone about things the wrong way thus far.  If there is a sign saying that you cannot make a u-turn it implies that whatever mistake you’ve done cannot be undone.

UFO: Seeing a UFO in your dream indicates your yearning about where you are going and what you are destined for in life. Otherwise it represents your feelings of being an outsider.

Ugly: Dreaming that you or someone is ugly signifies characteristics or parts of yourself that you feel turned off by. This could stem from others resenting you.

Ulcer: When you have an ulcer in your dream it signifies emotional turmoil that will cause you some hurt. You must go through in order to overcome your problems.

Ultrasound: Having an ultrasound in your dream represents your move towards making changes in your life. You are moving on to a new chapter in your life. If you dream of having an ultrasound and you see a child it denotes feelings of wanting children or just being worried if you are actually pregnant.

Umbilical Cord: Dreaming of an umbilical cord symbolizes that you have problems being independent. You are worried about doing things on your own and so reply on others to help you out. It could also mean you are too attached to your mother. You need to let go a bit in order to grow up and flourish on your own.

On the other hand, if you cut an umbilical cord in your dream it signifies your move to independence and being on your own.

Umbrella: An umbrella represents protecting your emotions. You do not want to confront your problems and are trying to push them aside.

If you cannot open the umbrella to protect you from the rain it implies that although you are dealing with your emotions you are not letting them out fully.

Umpire: When you dream of being an umpire it indicates that you are trying to judge things without being impartial. If an umpire accuses you of cheating it signifies that you have culpable feelings about a situation in your life.

Uncle: Dreaming of your uncle suggests a connection you have with him. It could be a memory or a trait that you see you two have in common.

Unconscious: A dream of yourself being unconscious suggests that you seem lost and vulnerable. You are scared and anxious about all the alterations in your life.

Undead: Dreaming of the undead symbolizes your people or aspects of yourself that you have cut off. If you are being run down by zombies it signifies problems that you just shoved aside and are now coming back to taunt you.

Undercover: When you dream that you are undercover it represents that you are being someone you really are not in life.

Underground: Having a dream about living or venturing underground signifies that you are trying to shove things aside but you do not realize they will actually remain in your subconscious.

Underwater: When you dream of being underwater it means that your emotions, about a specific problem, are overwhelming you. If you are able to breathe and swim freely underwater it indicates that you do not want to face your responsibilities. On the other hand it simply denotes that you are sorting out your feelings and learning to deal with them emotional turmoil as it comes.

Underwear: One of those weird dreams again when you look down and realize you are in nothing but underwear! This symbolizes a certain part that you would always keep private in your life. If you are afraid that someone sees you in your underwear or other people do see you in your underwear and you are embarrassed, it indicates you have hidden aspects or feelings that you are afraid to expose. Alternatively, if it does not worry you it implies that you are ready to let out suppressed emotions or traits that you were hiding before. If you see someone else in their underwear it means that person or someone they present is finally being exposed for who he or she is.
If you see dirty underwear then it means you feel uncomfortable about a situation or some part of yourself. If you are not wearing any underwear then soon everything will be exposed.

Undress: Getting undressed indicates that you feel comfortable in your skin. You are ready to open up and let your feelings out especially when it comes to your sexuality. If you do not feel comfortable undressing it means you have an issue opening up and you are feeling forced to do so.
If someone else is undressing in your dream it implies that you should realize that other people have feelings as well. While some may think that undressing someone in a dream represents sexual feelings, it also actually means you are trying to get to know what is hiding below their cover up. You want to know them better.

Unemployed: A dream of being unemployed indicates you have low self esteem. You do not believe in your abilities. This lack of confidence in yourself is holding you back from moving forward.

Unfortunate: Dreaming of having bad luck does not actually represent that. You are actually in luck if you keep battling the downs in your life.

Unicorn: When you dream of a unicorn it represents you are going to reach high and not settle for mediocre things in life.

Uniform: Seeing yourself or someone in a uniform indicates you desire to be associated with a group. On the other hand, the dream could mean that you are not being yourself. You need to stop using other peoples ideas and use your own brain.

Union: Dreaming of being in a union means that you feel accepted and part of a group that is going to do good for people.

United Nations: A dream about the United Nations is symbolic of your desire to have harmony in your environment.

Unknown: If you see an unknown person or place in your dream it represents that you want to explore. You want to discover things about yourself and a new place. You may have some connection to the unknown person or place but you would not know unless you ask someone close to you if they know certain people or wants to go somewhere.

Unwrap: Gifts in a dream are symbolic of talents and abilities. If you unwrap gifts it means that you are ready to put your talents to use and not continue hiding them. If you find an unwrapped gift it means someone is using you and trying to benefit from your abilities.

Up: Moving up in a dream means that things are emerging from your unconscious. On the other hand it means that you are pulling yourself up out of a situation that was bringing your down in life.

Upholstery: Dreaming of upholstering something indicates that you are trying to cover something. You could be trying to cover up the bad aspects of yourself to make things look nice and new.

Uranus: Dreaming of this planet symbolizes your uniqueness. You have your own way of thinking and dealing with things and you do not let others allow you to deter from it.

Urination: When you dream of urinating it indicates you are releasing your negativity. If you are unable to control the direction of your urine it signifies your lack of power in your life. If you are urinating in public it means you are trying to let people know your business is for you to control and no one else needs to get involved in your life. If someone is urinating on you in your dream you feel like people are taking advantage of you. They are using your to release their feelings. On the other hand, you are not proud enough to stand up for yourself and allowing others to bring you down.

Urn: An urn is representative of your past. Consider the lyrics let it burn, you have been hurt by something but you know you had to burn it and move on. You may feel that this was done to you.

Uterus: Dreaming of the uterus symbolizes how much you want children. If you are actually pregnant the dream represents your feelings of concern about the pregnancy.

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