Dreams That Start With S


Sacrificed – Any dream where you are being sacrificed means you either like to take blame or you are very stubborn. Though its possible that you might want to
kill off the old you and have a fresh start at life.

Sad – Sometimes when we can show emotion in our life’s we carry it out in our dreams.  What are you sad at?  That might be a clue for you too look into if you
are unaware of it in your life.  If you don’t know why you are upset or sad you might want to be more positive in your life.

Saddle – Are you on a saddle?  If you where how was the ride.  The ride basically signifies if you are in control or not.  If you see a saddle you might be afraid to hop on and give life a ride.

Safe – A safe in dreams are very important dream symbols that shouldn’t be overlooked.  What is inside the safe?  Any object in the safe holds great importance to you and self worth.  Whatever is inside will determine how you feel.  It it was empty then that’s how you feel at that moment.

Sage – If you see sage means for you to get more in touch with your spirituality.  If you are burning sage suggest you might need to rid yourself of bad energy’s.

Sailing – To dream of sailing in the water is a great dream depending on your surroundings. If you are free sailing without a care in the world is a good dream symbol meaning you are sailing through life just fine.  Though, if you are sailing and the water is rough means that your emotions are going to slow you down in life.

Saint – Observing or talking to saints in your dream means you might be more spiritually connected to the after life than you think. You might want to look into
finding more about your inner self to achieve happiness.

Sand – If you see sand at a beach means you are over worked and need a vacation.  Looking at sand might mean you are bored with your life and you
should stop letting time pass you by.

Sandbox – If you see or are in a sandbox means you might want to go back to things how they where when you where a kid.  It could also show your inner child.

Satan – Satan was a fallen angel from the heavens and when we experience dreams of the devil you should be aware of what bad is influencing you in your
life.  Satan is able to seduce its victims buy using there weakness as a tool.  Take time to assess you life and the bad in it.

Scale –  We usually dream about being on a scale when we feel fat and are not doing anything about it.  Your unconscious is hinting that maybe you
need to either loose weight or gain it.  You might have an issue with your image that you are not willing to face.  Seeing a scale suggest that you might need to weigh out an important decision in your life.  What was on the scale?

Scarecrow – Seeing a scarecrow suggest you are able to scare people without talking or moving.  It is possible that you are scared at something?

School – Back to school again.  These dreams are quite common even for people who haven’t been in class in over 20 years.  Dreams about schools can be
different depending on the situation and the mood of your dreams.  Most of the time we are in class again and there is something troubling us.  We are either
trying to do a test or exam or something embarrassing just happened.  Going to school at a young age was  a very vulnerable time for us so the feelings
you may experience in your life now can reflect on how you felt when you where in class. What was the situation like in your dream and how where you
feeling.  This will apply to what current situation is going on in your like right now.

Scissors: You may need to cut something off that is bothering you.  Scissors are sharp and snippy.  Do you possess these qualities?  Do you remember what you where cutting.  If somebody else was using the scissors what where they cutting and where you a part of it?

Scorpion – These are one of the dream symbols that you should pay close attention too.  The reason why it is such an important symbol because it holds a strong meaning to it.  If you where stung by a scorpion means that somebody in your life is going to hurt you really bad. A scorpion is able to sting and kill with
one prick to your body.  These are creatures that we are afraid of and run away when we see them.  Is anybody in your life like that?  Do you possess the same
qualities that of a scorpion?Depending the situation of the dream a scorpion can have a different meaning. If you where not afraid of it suggests that you will be starting a new life.  Your old bad ways will die off and you will start new.

Screaming – Screaming and nobody hearing you in your dream suggest that nobody in your life is taking you seriously.  You voice is not being heard and you need to speak up.  If you hear someone else screaming implies that you might need to go to some body’s aid that is close to you.  We tend to scream a lot during sleep paralysis a horrible feeling when you are semi awake.  This is when your brain has woken up and your body hasn’t.

Screw – Is somebody screwing you over?  Who was in the dream when you saw the screw?  We need to pay attention to metaphors like this in dreams cause it
implies that somebody might be screwing you up.  Its possible that you might need some sex!

Scuba Diving – How deep where you in the water?  Water represents our emotions and you could be exploring our deepest darkest feelings.  What was the color of the water and was anybody else with you?  Was the water clear or dark and mysterious?

Sea – Water is your emotional state so if the sea is rough or dirty signify how we feel at the given moment.  If you are lost at sea suggest that you are unable to
sea the bigger picture and need some direction.  Sea can mean See, are you not seeing something properly.

Security – These are pretty basic dreams that suggest you need some security in your life. If you see a security guard or are need to be protected by one
suggest you desire to be loved and protected.

Seesaw  – A seesaw represents the ups and downs in your life.  This can either mean emotionally or physically.  Who was on the seesaw with you?  Where you having a good or bad time.  You dream might be telling you to “See” or you “Saw” something that you should acknowledge.

Self Defense – Are you defensive with people around you?  Do you need to feel weak and defenseless?  This might be an indication that you should try working out to become stronger.

Selling – What are you selling?  This might be a part of you that you want to give away.  You might want to “Sell” something or an idea that belongs to you.…  It is also possible that you might be selling yourself too short.  Find out if your dream atmosphere was pleasant or not.

Senior home – Nobody ever wants to end up in a senior home.  These dreams can be quite tricky depending the age you are at.  Most people how experience these sort of dreams are past there mid life crisis and are worried about getting old.  Though if you are younger and had experienced this dream suggest that you might be overly dependent on others to do work for you.
This dream might suggest that you are lazy and not taking life by the cord.  You may want to look to see if you possess the same qualities as the environment of the home.

Serial killer – If you are a serial killer suggests that you inherent qualities that are dangerous to others around you.  You might be trying to kill good aspects about yourself.  You might want to think about what you are killing off in your walking life.
RUN!  Being chased by a serial killer is a nightmare.  Is something catching up to you in life that you dont like.  Are you afraid somebody will overpower you? Dreams of being killed by a murder suggest that you are letting others get the best of you and you can be run down easily.

Sewage –  Any dream of seeing of being in dirty sewage means that’s how you feel inside.  You might feel dirty, ugly or down right no confidence.  You should hang around more positive people in life and rid yourself the negative energy.

Sewer – Something stinks and you must get rid of it.  You life might be going through some complications and its time you need to recognize it.  Depending on the context of your sewer dream might have a different meaning.  What was the sewer like?  Was it overflowing? Was it backed up and causing it to over flow.  The sewer is all of the awful things that we may have piled up in our conscious for sometime now and you need to let it go.

Sewing – This interpretation is pretty easy to figure out.  If you are sewing you might want to make amends or fix something in your life.  This can be with family or friends.  You have the right tools to do it and it all depends on the sewer to make things happen.

Sex  – Sex dreams can be fantastic and leave us with a big smile all day.  Depending the context of your sex dream it can have different meaning to it all together. Having sex with your ex can mean you still feel attached to that person and you haven’t let go.  If you are with somebody else and you have sex with your ex suggests that your current partner possess the same qualities that you had with your ex.
What was it like?  How does it relate to your current sex life?  You might have to do some digging.  If you are not happy with your sex life you may be wanting to explore other options.  Sometimes having sex with somebody other than your partner suggests that you might have a strong connection with that person unconsciously.

Shadow –  Are you seeing aspects of your personality that used to be invisible?  Dreaming of a shadow reflects mainly on the dreamer and suggests your darker side. Where are you when  you saw the shadow and how did you feel?

Shark –  Sharks are known to be aggressive and fierce creatures that come up from below and attack.  A shark could be anybody in your life that has these qualities or it may very well be you.

Shoe –  If you are noticing your shoes in  you’re dream it suggests that you are stable and grounded.  No shoes or missing shoe implies a lack of balance in life.…  Where are you when you have on the shoes?  This could be helpful tool when it comes to finding out the true symbol.

Shooting –  Whoever is shooting can change up the meaning of the symbol completely.  If you are shooting it shows anger at the target intended to hit. If you are the one being shot it might suggest the person shooting has it out for you.  Shooting dreams usually have to do with emotions and anger.

Shovel –  What do you need to dig up?…  Dreams of this nature suggest you could be close into digging deep in your unconscious mind.

Shower  –  Are you feeling dirty or in a need for a cleanse.  Are you washing off things about you that you don’t like anymore?  Could you be washing off the old and now starting new?

Shrunk –  If you dream that you are shrinking it has to do with how people you know perceive you as a person.  You feel small and maybe belittled in life and its time to get back big!

Sinking –  Most dreams we are sinking in water and water is representation of our emotions.  You might be going deeper and deeper into your emotions that might cause distress.…  If you are sinking with more control suggest you are not afraid to explore areas of your emotions.

Slipping –  If you are slipping in your dream it shows that you might not be fully grounded in life right now.  Where are you slipping and who are you with?…  This little clues could help you figure out the true meaning of your dream.

Smoke –  Usually we can see when there is smoke. It could be a warning that something might be on fire.  This could be areas that you might be exploring in your unconscious mind that you could be getting close to the source of energy.

Smoking –  Do you smoke?  If no then it could suggest you are putting something bad in your system and need to kick the habit.

Snail – A snail could suggest you are moving along but very very slow. Spirals are also symbolic of expanding consciousness. Alternatively, spirals can also imply a process of going within (spiraling inward) to seek inner consciousness for answers.

Snake –  Snakes are one of the oldest dream symbols that have been interpreted for over thousands of years.… Click here to see a more in depth meaning what a snake can represent. Did the snake bit you? Can that mean somebody in your life right now is cunning and dangerous?  If not then the snake could be areas of personality that can attack soon.  Not all snake dreams are but good. These dreams could represent a change in your life, a rebirth and transformation.

Spider – A spider is said to be aspects of the feminine and creative energy.  Spiders are smart insects that have the ability to make a web wait patiently for the prey to fall into the trap.  If the spider bites you than its possible you have been or will be effected by a feminine force.

Stabbing –  Who is stabbing you?  Could this be a sign of aggression towards you?  Some dream analyst say stabbing connects to penetration of the body.  Can this be a sexual or psychical connotation to it?   If there is blood it could have to do with anger.

Steps – Are you going up or down?  Could this be going up in your life or down?  If you are going down steps it also donate going deeper in your unconscious mind especially if your going to the basement.

Stomach –  Are you able to stomach an issue going on in your walking life right now?  Are you eating too much and need to stop being greedy?

Storm –  These symbols indicate some internal emotional turbulence that might effect you soon.  Who is with you in the storm?  What happened in the dream?

Street –  Walking along on the streets could imply our current life’s path.  Take note of what is around you and write down all the symbols because it may have hidden gems that might help you out.

Strangle –  Recognizing the person that is strangling gives you a hint of who might be causing to suffocate in life.  If you don’t see the person it could be aspects of what you do to yourself in life.  If you are doing the strangling than it could mean you have anger towards the person that you are not able to show it in your walking life.

Stripping –  If you are comfortable stripping off all your clothes then it could mean you are very comfortable showing the bare side yourself. If you are uncomfortable it could mean that it may be hard for you to feel open about yourself. According to famous dream analyst Carl Jung he would say it implies shedding aspects of ourselves.

Submarine –  Could you be exploring deep aspects of your unconscious?  Water usually represents our emotional side so could that mean you are exploring deep? What are your surroundings deep in the water?

Subway –  This can either be a sexual dream referring to sexual intercourse or moving to different areas of your unconscious.

Suicide –  Do you want to kill off aspects of yourself that you don’t like?

Sun – The sun in the dream refers to warmth, consciousness spiritual energy.  What was going on when you saw the sun in the dream?  If you didn’t see any sun that could mean you are lacking energy and might be in a dark place consciously.

 Surgeon – If you are doing the surgery than you could be fixing aspects of yourself that needed work.  If you are the one getting work done find out where on your body the surgery is being preformed, this could be a hint of what might be needing fixing.

Swallow –  Are you swallowing things you might not like to digest? What are you swallowing and how do you feel?

Swamp –  Water for the most part represents our emotions so if you see a swamp could you feel that way right now?  This might have to do with fear you might be possessing right now.  Do you feel stuck and cant get out of some situation?  Do you have feelings that tend to bog you down, hold you back?  It also possible that you may be stuck in material emotional values that are not helping your progress?

Swan –  Could this dream be related to your family values or how you see your mate?  Did you know that Swans are often a symbol of love or fidelity because of their long-lasting, apparently monogamous relationships.

 Swimming –  Could you be exploring a deep part of your emotions right now?  Water represents our emotions so  what was your swimming dream like?  Did you have trouble or where you enjoying it? Where are you swimming and who where you with?  These types of questions to ask help you find out what could be the real meaning of your water dream.

Sword – A sword in a dream could imply any of these symbols depending the context of your dream.  It can mean death, battle, war, protection, cutting, divorces, standing strong, terror, chivalry, victory, injuries, experience, courage, ruthlessness and power.  This could be a sexual dream as well.  According to some dream experts it might suggest whatever you are penetrating with the sword could in fact mean what you desire.

Syringe –  This could do with something injecting in you that you might not like.  What was going on when you where getting the shot?   Could you be fearful of contracting a sexual disease?

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