Dreams That Start With Q


Quack Doctor: A wacko just finished telling you things that made no sense about your health in your dream. This means that you need to be careful of people you take advice from and trust because they may not even know what they are talking about.

Quadrille: This is a form of square dancing. When you dream of doing the dance it indicates that you are unable to hold commitments. You like your freedom without having someone holding you back.

Quaker: Dreaming of a Quaker represents your able to find calmness in any situation. If you are a Quaker, the dream implies that you are looking for some sort of support.

Quarantine: You need to get rid of the bad people and things in your life! Look around you, are you the problem or are they? Dreaming of being placed in quarantine implies that you should try and keep away from people before someone gets upset. If you dream of someone in quarantine or something it means that someone needs you but is scared to request your help.

Quarrel:  When you dream of quarreling with others it suggests that you have some repressed feelings towards that person or someone they represent in your waking life. You are holding back these feelings because you do not know how to express them but it is causing you trouble. You are battling and struggling with yourself. On the other hand, you may just be fighting with a situation, or emotion that the person has in your dream, within yourself.

Quarry: If you see a quarry in your dream, it means you feel that a part of you is missing or there is some empty space where your emotions are concerned. Some relationship or situation has left a hold in your heart and you have to find a way to fill it.

Quartet: Dreaming that you are part of a quartet indicates you want support in your life. You want people that you could cooperate and communicate with to get things done. If you are rejected or unable to join a quartet it means you have tried to do something beyond your abilities. Try getting a job more in your reach next time.

Quartz: Quartz symbolizes unity and completeness. You are self sufficient on your own. On the other hand, you may have found that soul mate that you were looking for and you do not care to have any other people in your life.

Quay: Having a dream To see many ships docked at the quay, signifies fulfillment of your wishes. To dream that you are on a quay, suggests that you are moving forward into a new phase of your life.

Queen: Seeing a queen in your dream represents your wisdom and power. You are able to influence people easily so you this power wisely and do not take advantage of it because people look up to you and trust you. The queen in your dream does not necessarily represent you but if you look up to your mother is could be her or another motherly figure in your life. If you are a woman and dream of becoming a queen it means that you wish you had people who admired you. You may want more power.

Queen of Hearts: Dreaming of the queen of hearts indicates your selfish and overconfident attitude. You may not have realized it but you hold the key to peoples hearts. Although you do not really care what happens in the end you should be a little bit selfless at times.

Quest: You are out on an adventure. This dream of being on a quest symbolizes your life quest and what you set out to do in life. The quest in your dream is a reminder to you that you will have trials and obstacles in your way but if you continue in the right direction you would reach the place you want to go.

Question: When questioning something in your dream it means that you are uncertain about things in your life. Who knows, you may find the answers in your dream! But you have to pay close attention. If you are being questioned by someone it means that you have secrets and data on something that they want to know about or that you should let others know.

Quicksand: Sinking or having the feeling that something is pulling you under and you cannot escape is an awful feeling, especially in a dream. This most likely is a lucid dream. Dreaming of quicksand suggests that you need to be more careful about who you trust and what positions you play. Your anxiety about a certain condition is probably true and you need to pay attention to how you deal with it or else it is going to pull you under.

Quiet: Are you in a place by yourself, no one around but you and your body, you cannot even talk? This dream means that you need time to yourself to reflect and keep yourself grounded and balanced. Try meditating a bit, it may help.

Quill: When you dream of seeing or writing with a quill it signifies a good reputation and people think highly of you. On the other hand, Freud said that quills are representative of an erect penis.

Quilts: Having a quilt in your dream means you are content and comfortable in your current situation. You should pay attention to the color and condition of the quilt. For example, if the quilt is patched from older quilts it could simply be memories of your past that you are holding on to.

Quiver: When you dream of a quiver it signifies that you have an aspiration but you must use whatever things you have in along with your aim to reach your ambition.

Quintuplets: Seeing quintuplets in your dream do not in fact symbolize children, it signifies your five senses. You are probably not using your senses properly, is there any deformity or problem with any of the quintuplets? It could also represent your worry about a certain sense.

Quota: Dreaming of meeting a quota signifies that you feel the stresses of life and other people weighing you down. For some reason you are worried and anxious about being unable to meet peoples expectations.

Quote: Giving a price quote represents your ability at analyzing others and knowing what you are worth. Quoting someone in your dream is actually a recommendation. Listen and pay attention to the message.

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