Dreams That Start With M


M : To Dream of the Letter M means that you are hiding something important that you need to tell somebody.

Macaroni: If you dream about macaroni means that you want inner peace with yourself and others around you. You want to go back in the past where you life was easy going.

Mace: If you ever have had a dream where somebody is spraying your face with Mace, suggest that you are bothering somebody in your life. You should be more focused on how you act around other people.

Machete: Whenever you dram about a Machete is not always the best dream symbol to have. If you are using the Machete in your dream suggest that you have a lot of anger in you and need to vent. If you are attacking a person with the Machete make sure you remember who it is cause it would have you understand who you have anger towards.  A machete is a very powerful cutting tool and it possible that it could represent your masculine power. If you are being attacked by a machete implies that you need to be careful with who you are dealing with.

Mad Dog: When we see a mad dog in our dreams suggest that you are being ganged up by people who you thought where your good friends. People are verbally attacking you in your presence. Make sure you choose your friends wisely.  This could be your own instincts backfiring on you.
If your the one that kills the “Mad Dog” means that you will tackle and defeat an on going issue in your life that has been dragging on for too long.

Madness: To dream that you are going mad or going crazy suggest that you have lost control with yourself. You need to come back down to reality and remember that things will eventually smooth out. In your walking life if you are stressed you will have dreams about going crazy. You need to take a break and time out too cool down.
If you see mad people or a crazy asylum represents darkness and despair. You need to think more positive and rid the negative thinking.

Madonna: Dreaming of any biblical figure represents the spiritual mother and the provider of life. Madonna comes to you to bring you love and security as well as female power. You need to make change in your life and now is the right time. You should pay very close attention to these dreams and remember as much as possible because it can be a message from above.

Mafia: If you have a dream about the Mafia make sure you didn’t watch a movie on it before you went to bed. If you randomly dreamt of the Mafia its means that there are people in your life that are controlling all your moves. You need to feel more independent.
If you are in the Mafia suggest that you can control others and use your power to get what you want. Though if you are in trouble with the mafia represents your greedy side. You need to come clean and move away from the bad people who influence you in life.

Maggots: Maggots are dirty and disgusting to look at in real life. We only see them either in dead bodies or on rotting things. You are thinking way too much about dying. You need to stop and enjoy the good things in life and understand we have a purpose instead of thinking you just rot in the ground.
You must remember that maggots eat away at your body, so something or someone in your walking life is eating away at you. Reflect on all the negative energies in your life and weed them out. Who is bugging you?

Magic: If you dream about doing magic in front of people means that you are good at tricking people. What type of magic or who is watching you in your dream? The people in the dream would suggest the people that your able to pull the wool over there eyes. Everybody love Magic so you might have some majestic qualities about your personality.

Black Magic: Dreaming of black magic suggest that you are not using the right methods in order to achieve what you want. Are you pulling strings in the wrong places? Usually when we dream of black magic means there is some evil lurking around you. If your are being affected by black magic in your dream, you should be careful of people who say they are your friends.

Magic Carpet: So your flying around on a carpet. These dreams fall under a “lucid dream”. Dreams of flying can be quite exhilarating, so just enjoy the rid as long as you can. This is a very positive dream symbol that suggest that you will overcome obstacles.

 Magicians suggests that somebody might be trying to fool you. Be aware of your surroundings and the tricksters in your life. If you are the magician implies that you are good at pulling the wool over peoples eyes.

 Magnets in life pull and are hard to separate. These types of dreams can have positive and negative connotations to it. If your dreaming of a magnet pulling suggest that you are being pulled into something you don’t want to be involved in. There is a strong force in your life. If you can find out somebody in your walking life that pulls you in against your will you can solve the problem. If the magnet doesn’t connect properly implies that there is somebody in your life that your having trouble working with.

Magnifying Glass: 
Why do we need a magnifying glass? This dream is self explanatory. You need to look close at the facts before you make a decision. There is something around you that you need to watch with a fine microscope. Pay attention to small details and don’t overlook anything for the next couple of days!

Magnolia: Magnolia in dreams are a nice positive symbol that represents happiness, joy and peace.

Maid: If you dream of a maid and never had one suggests you should clean up your act. You must become more responsible with your life. If you live a very unorganized life you will have a dream of a maid cleaning up.

Mail: Anytime you have a dream of mail you have to pay very close attention to it.  Mail represents communication with somebody you lost touch with. The person who sent you the mail could be looking for your help. It’s possible that they could be in danger. Try contacting them to see if everything is fine.
Many dream researchers suggest that “Mail” dreams are a sign from your unconscious mind giving you a very important message. It would help if you remember what was written on the letter. Try and get as much information from your dream. If you dream of loosing your mail means that your feeling neglected in life and need be noticed. Could it be a metaphor for male?

Mailbox: Seeing a mailbox in your dream suggest that in the next couple or days or week you will be getting a very important message. Your unconscious mind is hinting at a message that cant be overlooked. Get as much information about the mailbox or if you see a letter inside who is it from?

Mailman: When we dream about the mailman giving us messages means, you will be receive an important message. Either from your unconscious or a friend. Pay very close attention to this dream. If your are the mailman in your dream suggest that you are the one who give people messages. It’s possible that you have the ability to pass on secret information to one person.

Make Up: Usually when you dream of putting on makeup suggest that you are trying to cover something up. What part are you covering up on your body? This would help you figure out what flaw is bothering you on your body. You should be more confident in yourself.
We dream about makeup when we are insecure about our appearance. You should focus on what important to you in life and try not to sweat the small stuff.

Mall: When we dream about being in a mall suggest that we want to impress somebody. If you are too materialistic in life you would have a dream about being in a mall. What items stand out in the mall in your dream. This would help you get a handle on why you would have this dream.

Dreaming of a mango can have more than one meaning. Its possible that it could be a message for “Go – Man” or “Man-Go”. This could be a sign from your unconscious telling you to hurry up. A mango is a very exotic fruit. Maybe you want to spice up your sex life?

Manicure: If your dreaming about getting a manicure done on your hands means that your feeling good about yourself. Its possible that all your hard work is now paying off.

Mansion: Dreaming of a mansion suggest your drive to be successful. You have the opportunity to become whatever you want.

Manta Ray: If you are stung by a manta ray means that your careless actions have a consequence. If you keep up on the same track in life behaving the same to others you will get stung. If you are not afraid of the manta ray in the water means that you are good at controlling your emotions.

Map: Maps are good dream symbols that suggest that you have good direction in life. You will be successful in finding your way with organization and comfort.
If you loose your map or your lost with the map suggest that you need more guidance in life. You need help in finding yourself. The good news is that you are trying and will eventually get there, its just going to take a bit of time.

If you dream about running a marathon suggest that you feel that you are in a rat race. What place are you in? If you are in first place means that you are a head of game. If your in last place means that your lagging behind and need to catch up in life. If you are with tons of people means that your just going along in life like a sheep. Its time to change your ways.

Marijuana: Dreaming of smoking Marijuana means that you need to escape from the daily stresses of life. If you smoke weed in real life and dream about it suggest that you come to terms with your problems. If you smoke and its a bad feeling suggest that you are afraid of loosing control of your life. If you are selling weed in your dream means that you want to take the ease off people close to you.

Market: When we dream of a market suggest that you are lacking the basic needs in life. If you are lacking love and support we usually dream of being in a market.

Marriage: Marriage dreams are all relative to your particular situation you are experiencing in life. Are you getting married soon? If that is the case than you are just having normal anxieties about getting married. Majority of men tend to have these dreams when its getting close to tying the knot.
If you just get a random marriage dream suggest you are feeling restrained in some form or another. You are afraid to make a decision that might cost you a lot in the future.
Who are you getting married to? If you are at the alter with your ex girlfriend/boyfriend implies that you have learned qualities about that partner in the past and now its time to move on with the new partner. It doesn’t mean you want to get back with him or her.
Sometimes we dream about marriage when we are in a relationship with either our girlfriend or boyfriend. Are you getting pressure to get married. How did you feel in your dream? This will help determine if your ready or not to make the next move.
If you are having an arranged marriage done suggest that you are being forced into a situation that you don’t want to be in. Somebody is calling the shots for you. You need to stand up for yourself.

 To dream about being on Mars suggest that you are lost. You need to get out of space mode and come back down to earth.

Mask: When we dream of “Masks” in our dreams suggest that you are trying to cover up something. You have to ask yourself what in your life are you hiding. The people or items in your dream can help you understand what you might be covering up.
If you are wearing a mask in your dream means that you are not happy with your appearance and are very insecure. You need to be more confident with yourself. If somebody is wearing a mask in your dreams means that there are powerful forces around you that are going to trick you.

 Dreaming of any type of killing in large numbers doesn’t mean that your have a desire to kill. It simply means that you need to stop going along with the crowd or else its going to wear you down. You need be a leader and not a follower.

Masturbation: When we have dreams about masturbation means that we like to make things happen in life for your own pleasure. You don’t need anybody to give you what you want. Its possible that you can be sexually frustrated or need to spend more time to your own needs.
If you see others masturbating suggests that you are nervous about others taking a chance.

If you see matches in your dreams means that you need to light up something that been in the dark. If you dream of a struck match means that you need to rekindle and old flame.

Mattress: If you dream about being on your mattress means that you need time alone. You are over work and need a break.

Maze: Dreaming of a maze can mean different things depending on the dream. Where you lost in the maze. If you where lost and scared in the maze suggest that you feel trapped in your walking life. If you get out of the maze with ease implies that you will get out of a tough situation with out any trouble.

Measuring Tape: What are you measuring? Is that item too big or small for you. Dreaming of measuring tape represents that you are comparing yourself to others. You may feel a bit insecure and trying to “Measure Up” to somebody.

Medicine: If you dream of medicine suggest that you need some love in your life. You need someone who is going to help you go though the tough times. What time of medicine where you taking? This might help you out. If you are the one who is giving the medicine suggest that you are good at helping ease tough situations out. If you are handing out the wrong medicine implies you are not being honest with people.

Melting: What is melting in your dream? If you remember what was melting in your dream would help understand what need caring for. Something in your life is melting away and might disappear.

Menorah: If you are from Jewish faith and dream about a Menorah implies that gifts will be coming your way in the next 7 days. This is a very positive dream symbol that represents the earth, sun and sky.

Menstruation: If you dream about menstruation suggest that you have bottled up something for too long. You are going to release this stress involuntary. Make sure you think before you say the wrong things. There are tough time ahead but it will be over soon.
Usually women dream about there menstrual cycle when they are a couple days late. This is just hanging over you and its your unconscious letting you know. There have been many studies before women get pregnant they dream about their menstrual cycle.

Mentally Challenged: To see somebody who is handicapped or has a physical deformity means that you are feeling left out. You are afraid that people might not accept you in the next upcoming events.  Its possible that you have neglected somebody who used to be close to you in your life.

Mermaid:  They are connected with enchantment, entreating sailors with beguiling beauty, grace and mesmerizing melodies. A myth that has the ability to seduce and charming.  A male who dreams of a mermaid could be linked to the anima archetype that suggest the inner feminine in the male.  The female who dreams of a mermaid might be associated with her shadow, the repressed side of the dreamer.

Message: If you are sending a message in your dream you should find out who you where sending it to. Whoever it was you must communicate with them A.S.AP. Dream of either verbal or tangible message is your unconscious trying to give you a hint that is very important.

Metal Detector: When we dream of a metal detector means that we are searching for something. You are using the right tools to find out more about yourself. This is just the beginning to great things to come. If you lost something in your dream and use a metal detector to find it, means that you have lost something valuable and want it back.

Mice: If you have dreams of mice represents that you are focusing too much time on the little things in life that are not important. You need to elevate your mind and move forward. If you are afraid of a mouse suggest you don’t think too highly of yourself. If you are feeding a mouse suggest that you are letting the wrong people to take advantage of you.

Microscope: This is a great dream symbol that you should pay attention too. You unconscious is hinting that you should be looking at something with a fine microscope. Something so small could be causing you hell. Do you know what you where looking at?

Microwave: Microwaves in dreams mean that you want to get money fast. You are looking for a quick way to get money. You are looking for a fast way to heat up something that takes time. It could also be a play on words as what you are putting in might be small (micro).

Midget: If you are a midget in your dream, suggest that you feel insignificant in life. You need to make yourself known even if it takes going on your own.

Military: Military dreams are our way of telling us that we need some type of order in our lives. You need somebody to tell you what to do and give you direction. 

Milk: When you dream of milk it represents your mother instincts and protection. This is a good dream symbol that refers to your generosity. Though, depending on the contents of the dream it could mean somebody is “milking” you mentally of physically.  Milk as a symbol as always been veered within most cultural traditions to be linked to eternal life. Like the cow it connects us to fertility and abundance. The food of the gods, the first human diet, it flows freely in the “promised land of Canaan”.  Milk symbolizes the mother earth, it is deeply connected with life itself.  The ethernal mother as the the Tao is called the Great Mother: empty yet inexhaustible, it gives birth to infinite.
Drinking milk means that you are trying to nourish your body. Its possible that your unconscious mind is telling you that you have a lot of inner strength. If you spill your milk suggests that you have given up on your religious beliefs. If you remember the old saying “don’t cry over spilt milk” may help you understand you my be dwelling over something that cant be fixed.
If you are taking a bath in milk means that you are over thinking and need to take a break. Milk in a bath is different that water. The difference is that milk means that you are stronger and able to handle yourself in tough times.

Milking: If you dream that you are milking a cow in a farm means you could be milking somebody close to you. Was anybody around when you where milking the cow? That would help you understand who you need to ease up on. Milking can also represent that you are the one being milked! If you watch somebody else milk the cow means that you are the one being taken for a ride. Make sure you are careful of the ones that surround you.

Milkshake: If you see or drink a milkshake in your dream imply s that you are not very happy with the direction of your life. At this given moment your life feels shook up a bit. Somebody who is very close to you my be overwhelming at times.

Mill: If you ever dream about a mill means that you are improving with your social skills. Still remain mature and don’t let the small things get to you. A mill represents transformation so good things are ready to come your way, just be patient.

Millipede: Millipede dreams are horrible, but they represent your hidden fears. Something in your life is preventing you from moving forward. Who was in your dream when you dreamt of the Millipede. How did you react when you saw it? The reaction is very important to understand how you handle bad situations in your life. If the Millipede is crawling on your body means that you are feeling overwhelmed with stress. You need to take a quick break from all the confusion in your life.

Mirror – This dream has to do with inner reflection. What is it do you see and feel in the dream?  Dreams of this meaning can change depending on the context but for the most part symbolizes intellect.  To many dream experts they say it represents a magical meaning, almost like the knowing mirror.

Mockingbird – To see a mockingbird in your dream could imply cockiness, mocking or cleverness.  Do you have the same qualities as a mocking bird?

Mold –  Could somebody be molding you right now?  What is going on in the dream are you doing the molding or someone else?

Molested –  Dreams of this nature are signs that you are being taken advantage of by someone who is more powerful.  Do you feel violated in any shape or form in your life right now?  If you have been molested and you are dreaming about the experience then we think you should speak to a professional in the field.

Money –  Believe it or not dreams of this nature are usually not usually directed at financial issues.  According to dream experts these dreams relate to a sexual desire in your life.  Gold coins would imply attraction  in men and silver coins attraction in women.  Some say it has to do with energy. If you are finding money or losing it might suggest you need or have some.

Monkey –  These dreams can be both a positive and negative symbol depending the context in the dream.  Monkeys are swift the have the ability to communicate, cause trouble, protect what is theirs and  intuition. There need to explore and climb high to oversee any danger. Could it be a sign of curiosity, but can show self-indulgence and rebellion?  You  have to look at your own character and see any resemblance. Hear no evil, speak no evil and talk to evil could be a sign for you to take action.

Monster –  How do you describe this monster?  Could this monster be your fear built up over time you keep running from?  Monsters are classic signs of your shadow archetype, the unconscious repressed thoughts or feelings that you keep in the dark. The monster will only disappear once you shed light on the darkness; going deep in the unconscious. This is done by shadow work or soul integration.

Moon –  This dream could suggest the feminine and maternal instinct in your life.  Freud would like to say that it would mean the butt of someone, but a more in depth look at the moon as a symbol would be Jung and he said it was a dark place for souls.  He mentioned that he saw it as far away maybe our shadow that we over look.

Mop –  Are you trying to clean something up in your life?  What are you cleaning up and why?  These questions will help you understand want might need cleaning in your life right now.  The location or room might give you a hint on where to clean up. If you are cleaning your work desk might be a sign to clean up where you work.

Moor/Swamp – This could how you are emotionally feeling right now? Dreams like this are indications of the negativity in your life.

Moth –  Moths are very similar to butterfly’s and might hold the same translation of transforming. Many say it has to do with psychic abilities.  Moths are nocturnal insects that move towards the light and experience metamorphosis   Could this be a positive symbol where you might be looking for light in the darkness in your mind? This might connected to a transition that is taking place in your life right now.

Motorcycle –  Do you need a more exciting drive or freedom in your life right now? If not then its very possible that it might be a sexual dream as you sit on in between your legs. To see or ride a motorcycle in your dream symbolizes your desire for freedom and need for a thrill.  Alternatively, a motorcycle is symbolic of raw sexuality. Maybe you have a need for speed and excitement that is lacking in your life.

Mountains –  Dreaming of a mountain symbolizes working hard, overcoming situation, and rising above small, everyday quarrels. If you are climbing the mountain are you having difficulty or is it easy?  It takes great effort to climb a mountain and you may encounter many obstacles in your path. This might be linked to what is going on with you at the moment.  As you reach the top shows advancement.  Spiritually it might suggest a higher form of consciousness and energy level.

Mouse – Something might be pestering you right now.  Are you focusing on little things in life that are not important. You need to elevate your mind and move forward. If you are afraid of a mouse suggest you don’t think too highly of yourself. If you are feeding a mouse suggest that you are letting the wrong people to take advantage of you.

Mouth –  Dreams like this might have to do with how you talk.  Do you need to watch your mouth?  Some experts say it is sexual dream that suggests a female sexual organ.

Museum: Dreams being in a museum are might be connected to the collective unconscious of the dreamer.  Remember this is a place where we go to where historical items and other valuables are stored.  Way before our time we are looking at what used to be.

Murder –  Death and murder may not be all that bad as a dream symbol but maybe a good one.  If you where murdered maybe an old part of you has been killed and now its time for a new person.  Depending the context it can change so we think you should come to our forum and post your death dream so it can be analyzed.

Mushroom –  This is an interesting symbol that might imply something is growing out of the ground in a deep and dark place.  Symbolizes growth through intelligent speculations like the magic mushroom.  Picking them means prosperity and protection; eating them means improved status and social contacts. To eat them is a symbol of leadership.  Growing in the ground symbolize fertility or possible spiritual growth. Due to their phallus shape, it is generally the male fertility.  This can also be linked to religious and drug induced visions.

Muscle:  Dreaming of your muscles might be an indication of strength in ones life.

Mustache:  Could be a play on words “must stash” something.  For the most part this would be a symbol of creativity.

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