Dreams That Start With L


Label: When you are labeling things in your dream it indicates that you require things in our life to be systematic and arranged in ways you want. On the other hand it could mean that you are quick to judge and label others and things in your life.If you see labels in your dream it suggests that you have spilt some knowledge on something confidential and private. You know you did it but it was because you did not care to keep it a secret. If you read labels in your dream it represents your intrigue about learning new things. If something is not labelled corrected it implies that you need to change your approach and outlook to situations in your life.  If you realize that a product is not, but should be, labelled suggests that you cannot find out information about a person or something. Alternatively it denotes that you lost your way in life and you need to get back on the right path.

LaborEverything in life requires some sort of output if you would like an input. Hence if you would like to gain or profit from anything in life you would need to work on it. When you dream of doing labor it represents the tedious work you need to complete before you achieve what you want.  Otherwise, if you dream about you or your wife, being in labor, it symbolizes your wish of having children. It could also mean that you are afraid of becoming pregnant. On the other hand, if you are expecting a child then you are expressing your joy, anticipation and worry of having the child safely.

Laboratory: Being in a laboratory in your dream represents changes and transitioning but you want to test out things before you continue. You want to research different ways of living and figure out what you want to believe in and value in aspects of you or a relationship you are involved in.

Labyrinth: Dreaming that you are in a labyrinth or maze symbolizes you need to find the route of your problems. You feel like there is no escape but if you look around properly you would find your way to a solution.

Lace: Lace is a very sensual material. When you dream of it, it represents your desire to be more sexual and express your feminine side.

Lacrosse: Dreaming of the game lacrosse suggests how you operate with team work. The dream could also represent how you feel about sex and how you play would tell you more about your emotions.

Ladder: A ladder is a good symbol because it signifies success and accomplishment. Depending on where you are on the ladder would signify what level you are in achieving your goals. It does not need to be in work or school alone it could mean your reputation in society or your outlook of some sort. It simply means you are growing more aware and taking steps on your ladder. A ladder could also represent an increased level or closeness with your spirituality. If you are going down a ladder it indicates you are not heading in the right direction. You are looking for ways out and around things you need to get done. However this is only dragging you down and you would soon regret doing it. If you walk under a ladder in your dream it indicates misfortune in the future. Alternatively it means you are disappointed with things you have done.
If you dream someone held a ladder for you it signifies people have your back and would help you thrive and succeed in life.
If you fall from a ladder it suggests the possibility of failure and destitution in your comings and goings. If the ladder is broken it stands for unfruitful efforts in reaching your aims. If you escape from a bad situation on a ladder it means that even though things are looking down right now, you need to keep working and striving to conquer.

Ladle: A ladle symbolizes love. Pay attention to what you are ladling. Dreaming of a ladle represents feeling loved and cared for. If the ladle is broken it indicates depression, hurt and heartache due to love or lack of it.

Ladybug: A lady bug in a dream represents fortune, prosperity and attractiveness. On the other hand the dream could just be a metaphor about something annoying or bugging you.

Lagoon: Dreaming of a lagoon suggests confusion, uncertainty and miscommunication. However, a lagoon is commonly representative of inert feelings.

LakeA dream with a lake represents how you feel. You do not think that you could express your emotions. On the other hand the lake could mean a place where you can clear your mind and feel at ease. The clearer the lake, the clearer your mind and more at peace you are with yourself. If the lake is rough or dirty it indicates emotional distress.

Lamb: A lamb is not a good symbol; it indicates trickery, dishonesty or susceptibility because of how naive and guiltless you are. If you are holding a lamb, the lamb signifies sacrifices you’ve made in your life.

Lament: When you lament in your dream it means you are going through a grieving phase over something. Your unconscious is telling you to get the negativity out of you and stop feeling sorry for yourself. The quicker you overcome these obstacles and let go of the past, the quicker you move on and develop a happier and more content approach to life.

LampWhen you dream of a lamp it indicates enlightenment and motivation. Consider the lighting the lamp is giving off because it would indicate further details about your dream.
If the lamp has a dim light or was not lit it implies that you are overcome by feelings that are causing you some distress. Otherwise it means you cannot think clearly lately.
If you see a broken lamp it is a symbol because it stands for misfortune and not letting others help you with things that you clearly need them.

Lamppost: Dreaming of a lamppost suggests that whatever dark situation you are faced with needs to be brightened up a bit. The dream signifies that you are seeing some light in the darkness of your depressing tunnel.

Lampshade: Dreaming of a lampshade suggests you are covering or protecting your knowledge and power. Otherwise it signifies you are looking for protection from some a superior controlling force.

Lance: Dreaming of this weapon indicates you know what you want and you will find the right tools to fight for it. You are set on your ambitions and believe you can do it. If you are injured because of a lance it implies you went down the right path and have to deal with the penalties of your decision making.

Land: Dreaming of land symbolizes that you should be secured and cool about life situations. The dream could also be a pun on “landing” something like a promotion or good grade.

Land Mine: Seeing a land mine in your dream suggests being under some stressful situation which is causing your emotions to boil up. If the land mine blows up then it means your tension is going to get out of control so you should try and deal with the problem.

Landing: If you dream of anything landing it represents a situation that you thought was going crazy and out of your power, you now manage.

Landlord: When you dream of a landlord it means you feel you do not have control over an aspect of your life. If you actually have a landlord you should pay attention to what happens in the dream because it could represent their feelings towards you or your unconscious is warning you of things that may occur.

Landscape: When you dream of a variety of landscapes it signifies the stage in life that you reached. The view and how it relates to your life depends on how you view yourself and the world. The dream could represent a relationship or not being satisfied with your situation in life, pay attention to if you were by yourself and what your thoughts were. In Freudian terms, a landscape dream symbolizes the human body in the waking life. If the landscape is very dry and infertile it represents this about frustration and unhappiness with love or lack of it in your life. On the other hand, if the landscape is green and flowers are blossoming with trees everywhere it implies satisfaction and contentment with your life.
If the landscape keeps changing it signifies alterations and changes that you are going through in order to achieve goals you have set. It is a symbol for the phases in your life. Otherwise, if you have been looking at a situation from one point of view and not examining different approaches, your dream is telling you in order to overcome it or progress you must look from all angles.

Landslide: Dreams of a landslide are symbolic of repressed emotional turmoil and that soon would start flooding out to cause problems for you.

Lane: Changing lanes in your dream implies that you should change the way you handle different aspects of your life. You are rushing to get things done in a hasty manner which is not very safe.

Language: When you dream of learning a language it implies that you do not know how to get your ideas or expressions across. You are trying different approaches with new and strange things but soon you would get used to it.
If you communicate or hear any unfamiliar language it suggests that you are more exposed and open to new cultures. Also, someone could be trying to hint a message to you that you are not understanding in your waking life. Hearing foul language signifies an embarrassing occurrence.

Lantern: A lantern represents enlightenment and a lit spirit. These qualities are admired and are causing you to glow.

Lap: Dreaming of your own lap indicates a chance for you to excel. It could also refer to being too lazy to complete day to day tasks and communicate with others. If you see or sit on someone else lap it could signify you are lonely and need someone to help hold you up and keep you safe. If someone is sitting on your lap it represents your ability to care for others.

Lap Dance: Giving a lap dance in your dream denotes that you feel like you are unable to express…  your sexual wishes. On the other hand, receiving a lap dance or seeing one being performed suggests that you need to spice up your sex life. You want more excitement in intimacy.

Lapis:  This is a very powerful color that has been worshiped Thousands of years ago.  The stone Lapis Lazuli is one of the most sought after stones in use since man’s history began. Its deep, celestial blue remains the symbol of royalty and honor, gods and power, spirit and vision. It is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth.

Laptop: When you dream of a laptop it symbolizes that you should stop hiding, keep in touch with people. If your laptop is missing it means that you depend on others too much, you are not confident in yourself. Stop worrying, you do not need other people to help you move forward!

Laryngitis: Having laryngitis suggests that you have lost the ability to speak for yourself. For some reason you cannot communicate with others message.

Laser: A dream of laser symbolizes awareness and simplicity. You see things for what they are. On the other hand your dream indicates that you need to think about things clearly and focus on what needs to be done.

Lasso: Trying to rope something in? Pay attention to what exactly you are lassoing. The dream means the same thing in your life, you are trying to gain control and grasp on to something that you may have let loose.

Late: Dreaming that you are late represents your worry and anxiety about taking a different direction in your life. You are not confident in making the move which could be caused by a number of things. It could also mean that you are trying to get things done but you feel that you are running out of time. Otherwise, your unconscious is telling you that it is never too late to do the things you want in your life.

Laughing: When you dream that you are laughing in your dream it signifies that you need to be aware that you should unwind and stop being so serious. You should enjoy the things that make you smile and stop stressing.

If you are the cause of the laughter it suggests you have a lack of self confidence and it is causing you to feel everyone is judging you. If the laughter is evil it means you feel socially humiliated because of a situation which could have been caused by your own insecurities.

Launch: Witnessing anything taking off symbolizes some new venture of yours in your life that you have successfully launched.

If your attempts at trying to launch something are not working it suggests you are attempting things the wrong way in your waking life. Try taking a different approach to the situation.

Laundry: Cleaning your clothes in your dream symbolizes your image in your life. You are trying to portray yourself in a different light where you feel more accepted. If you are organizing your laundry this represents what you are trying to do with your thoughts and characteristics in your life.

Lawn: Dreaming of a lush green lawn signifies that you are headed in a progressive direction. However, if the lawn is full of weeds or dead flora it suggests lack of care for your well being.

Lawn Mower: Get rid of the old shrubs and weeds in your life. Dreaming of a lawn mower implies that you need to trim your rough edges and put yourself in a positive direction.

Lawsuits: If you find yourself in a lawsuit in a dream it represents your worry about being judged or prosecuted for your wrong doings.

Lawyer: When you dream of a lawyer it means you need to seek professional advice for something that is causing you distress. You should be a bit more humble and realize that you do not have to do everything on your own.

Laxative: A laxative gives you a cleansing. Dreaming of taking a laxative symbolizes your desire to get rid of certain feelings in side of you.

Leader: Being a leader in your dream signifies your character in your waking life. You are not a follower, you help guide people but you never let others lead you astray. Otherwise, if you are a passive person then the dream is telling you to take control and stop letting others rule you. You be your own ruler and mind!

Leak: A leak represents your feelings, whether they are repressed and slowly trickling out or they are rushing out without your control. On the other hand the dream could indicate that some information that you shared has “leaked” out or that you have leaked confidential information.

Leaning: Leaning represents dependability. If you are doing the leaning then it means you are relying too much on others or someone in particular. You should learn to support yourself because if they move you could fall flat on your face. If others are leaning on you it signifies the burden and duty you feel to help others out.

Leaping: In a dream suggests that you take a chance and reach for what you want. If you are leaping over something then this indicates there are obstacles in your way but leaping over them means you will reach your aim.

Leash: Holding a leash represents your lack of control. You need to gain control over things or else they would control you. If you are wearing a leash it means that you have already allowed people or a situation to take control of you. On the other hand, your sexual desires of being forced into submission are being brought out in your dream. Do not be afraid to let down your control for a bit and tell your partner you want him or her to take control.
If the leash in your dream is broken it suggests that your control has been lost or that you are free from being controlled.

Leaves: Dreaming of leaves symbolizes time. If the leaves are green and lush it indicates growth. If it is dead and withered it indicates regression and a downfall in progression.

Leave: Dreaming of people leaving you represents your feelings of denial. You should look at what was wrong and if it was the best thing for you. If you are leaving it means that you are ready to leave the past behind and move forward.

Lecture: Dreaming of a lecture indicates some form of enlightenment. If you are giving the lecture it means that you should share your knowledge with others. On the other hand, if you are listening to a lecture it signifies that you need to head what other people tell you and look at things in different perspectives in your life.

Ledge: Standing on the ledge in your dream could mean a number of things; you need to pay attention to what direction you are looking. You may be feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with life but do not take any extreme action because to every problem there is a solution. If you are looking up you could be feeling liberated and positive about life.

Left: Being left behind in your dream signifies your emotions about being neglected. You may feel that you are not good enough but if you truly are not good enough then find something where you could utilize your abilities better. If you let go of something or someone then it represents your move forward and letting go of the past.

Legislature: When you dream that you are a member of legislature it indicates that you will have trouble making progress. The dream serves as a push for you to try do better.

Lego: A dream where you play with legos suggests that you are able to make a strong foundation for yourself out of small pieces. If what you constructed fell apart then you need to construct a better foundation. On the other hand, lego could be a mix of the words, Let go. Perhaps your unconscious is telling you that you are holding on to something that is only suppressing your progression.

Legs: Legs hold you up and keep you grounded. When you dream of them it implies that you are good to stand on your own. The dream means that you are going to be successful in your processes in life. However, if your legs are not able to support you properly and are frail then you are experiencing inner turmoil. If you are crossing your legs in dream it suggests that you have your defence up, you are unable to listen and welcome new ideas.
If your legs are injured indicates that you are unable to be self-sufficient. You are dependent on others to get things done and you are not grounded strong enough. People will continue walking over you if you do not take a stand.
If you dream that you have two different length legs it implies that your life is not organised and you are focused on one thing. You need to prioritize everything in your life and make sure that you complete all the tasks at hand.
If you have more than two legs in your dream it suggests that you are trying to do too many things at once. Try completing one task at a time so you could get everything done to the best of your abilities.

Lending: A dream of loaning money symbolizes you are reliable and feel you have a responsibility to help people. The people in your life are grateful for what you do for then. On the other hand, it also suggests that you are too nice and people are taking advantage of your generosity.
If you are borrowing something it implies that you need to stop depending on others so much. Learn to do things on your own and get what you want without asking people to lend you.

Lens: Seeing lens in a dream represents that you need to look a situation more clearly and pay attention to the small details. Do not ignoring the little facts in your life and look closely at all the details.

Leprechaun: When you dream of a leprechaun it indicates you would soon have a lucky streak, you are going to get where you want very easily. Keep striving for what you want and do not worry it would pay off in the end.
If you are a leprechaun it means you have some witty ways about you but in the end you help others while doing things out of the norm. You have a bit of fun with people before you show the good side to the situation.

Lesbian: Are you a homosexual? If you are, then, the dream depicts your desires of what you want in your life. However, if you are not a lesbian but have a dream of being one it represents you are secure in your skin. You feel confident with who you are and what you are about. On the other hand, if you are not okay being a lesbian in your dream, you may have homophobic tendencies and the dream is trying to tell you to be more accepting and understanding of other people. You may be denying the fact that you are attracted to women you are afraid of what people would think.

Letter: Receiving a letter in a dream indicates that your unconscious is trying to tell you something. Head the advice in the letter and see how it may help you in your waking life. On the other hand, the letter could just be excitement about new chances in your life that you have come across. If you tear up a letter in your dream it suggests that you are regretful of your past. You know that you made slip-ups. Toss it in the garbage and start with a blank page. Seeing an unopened letter suggests that you are disregarding knowledge about a situation. You do not want to be informed about something.

Letters: Put the letters together and decode the dream to understand what your unconscious is trying to tell you.

Levitation: Levitating in a dream indicates that you are rising above a situation. On the other hand the dream signifies that you do not have a good foundation and cannot find your grounding. You are distant from the world and others around you. If someone else is levitating it suggests that you help lift others up. On the other hand the person represents someone you admire. Also, if you dream of levitating someone it signifies your helpful and assisting personality.

Library: Being in a library in your dream represents you are looking to understand and learn more information. What are you reading or looking for in the library? You could be trying to figure out why certain things are done, pay attention to what subject you are thirsting to understand in the library. If you find you are disoriented in the library it indicates that you are confused with all the information being fed to your brain. You are unable to process all the thoughts in your head. If you cannot find the book you are looking for or it has already been taken by someone it implies that you need to ask someone for help to understand things better.

Lice: Lice in a dream symbolize frustration and irritation. You feel that someone is sucking you dry. You feel used and abused in a situation. On the other hand you could be feeling liable about a bad situation and it is causing you to feel unclean. You may be feeling emotionally or physically unclean.

Lick: If you are licking something in a dream it indicates that you should be careful before moving forward into a new venture. If you dream that you are being licked, someone is looking for your admiration and love. Perhaps they need your help and guidance.

Lie: If someone is calling you a liar in your dream, you need to be careful because someone is going to use you then bring you down. If you are lying in your dream it implies that you are not using your instincts to think clearly, you are only misleading yourself in the end. If your dream of someone else being a liar it symbolizes your knowledge of deceit with someone or someone that person represents in your life. You have already decided in your mind that you cannot trust that person.

Lie Detector: Dreaming of a lie detector signifies you feel you are being judged. You have lost your faith in society.

Life Jacket: A dream with a life jacket suggests that you are looking for emotional support.

Lifeguard: When you dream of a lifeguard it denotes that you are able to control your emotions. Alternatively, you are helping people stay up their feelings and to be able to stay above their emotions.

Light: Seeing light in your dream could have a number of different connotations. Light could symbolize enlightenment or clarification. You are more aware about things now that the light has broken the darkness. If you find the light is extremely bright it suggests that you are ready to move on. It could mean in terms of moving on to the next level after death or just ready to experience more knowledge about life.
If the lights are not that bright it signifies feelings from your undiscovered unconscious mind. If you cannot find light or put get light in an area it suggests that you cannot find insight in a circumstance.

Light Bulb: Light bulbs in a dream represent your preparedness to confront the truth in your life. Alternatively you have a new idea that you are ready to put in place. If you see a burned out light bulb it suggests that you feel your thoughts are useless and unproductive.

Lightning: When you see lightning in a dream it symbolizes drastic change in things. If you are hit by lightning it indicates that you are going to be shaken by transformation in your life that is beyond your control.

Limousine: Dreaming of a limousine implies that you are making a mountain out of a molehill. You try to amaze people by making your life sound like it is more exciting that it really is.

Limping: Limping in a dream suggests that you are unable to make to ends meet half way. Some relationship or situation in your life is unfair.

Line: Seeing a line in a dream represents restrictions and barriers. If you are crossing a line it implies that you are going beyond your limits in life. If you are standing in line it indicates that you have a lack of tolerance. You find it hard to wait for things. You should understand that not everything in life happens when you want it to.

Lingerie: Oh la-la! Showing some skin in a dream suggests that you are finally letting your sensual side loose. You feel confident in your looks and ready to show it off. When one dreams of shopping for lingerie, the dream proposes that sexual feelings are being suppressed thus creating a void. On the other hand, you want to spice up your wardrobe a bit and give yourself a different look.

Lip Balm: A dream where you are applying lip balm indicates that you cannot express yourself properly. No matter how hard you try, it just wont come out the right way and people in your life cannot seem to understand you.

Lip Synching: Lip synching in a dream implies that you require a sense of identity and self worth. You are using other peoples ideas to get what you want. On the other hand, you have other people talking for you because you cannot communicate your own ideas.

Liposuction: You are very worried about how to look, your physic and body if you dream of having this surgery done. On the other hand, you are removing all the excess weight that is causing you extreme stress. If you actually want to do or doing liposuction, you may be afraid and nervous about the procedure.

Lips: Dreaming of lips is indicative to speech and intimacy. If your lips are sealed then you are not willing to communicate. Alternatively, if your lips are moving then, you want others to understand and listen to you.…  If you dream of black lips it implies that you are not uttering a word about what is going on. Your lips are sealed.

Listen: You need to heed other peoples words. When you dream that you are listening to something it suggests that you listen carefully to what is happening. On the other hand, the dream may be telling you to accept the advice that people are offering.

Litter: Littering in your dream stands for all you thoughts and problems that you throw aside and hope never to use again. On the other hand, your unconscious might be telling you to arrange your thoughts and decide what you want and do not want. Otherwise you would create a big mess in your life.

Liver: Dreaming of a liver implies that you need to pay more attention to your health. Be careful with how much alcoholic beverages you have.

Living Room: The living room symbolizes the relationship and barrier you have between your private life and your social life. The dream refers to how you carry about yourself and how you want people to perceive you. If you find items that should not be in the living, they signify your feelings of your private space being attacked by the public.

Lobotomy: Having a lobotomy in your dream suggests that you are trying to hinder your unconscious from getting information from your conscious. On the other hand, you are so overwhelmed that you wish someone could just saw open your head and figure out what is causing you so much stress in your life.

Lock: Dreaming of a lock represents that you cannot get what you desire. If you are locked out of something, first relate what you are looked out of to your life. Maybe you are concealing parts of yourself. You feel confused and locked out of society.
If the lock is shut around your wrist, even though it is by accident, in reality it denotes feelings of uncertainty about expressing your feelings. You probably feel like you cannot trust people with them, you may be right. However, it is a risk you should take if you want to be understood and accepted.

Locker: Lockers are symbolic of what you hold and keep inside of you. Look at the objects in the locker and relate it to your life. If you cannot open a locker in your dream, for whatever reason, it implies that you feel unsure about yourself. You cannot open up and let other people in to help either. If you are unable to locate your locker it signifies feelings of being lost and unable to find out where you belong in life. Some situation is making you lose a sense of who you are.  If someone is using your locker or you are sharing a locker, it indicates that you have let someone into your deepest being. On the other hand, the person could be trying to dig information about you.

Locket: If dream of a heart locket, consider the words “lock it.” The dream is advising you to lock your heart up or you would be hurt. If not, then relates the object inside the locket back to your life and see what you need to keep safe.

Locksmith: Being a locksmith in a dream implies that you are going to be in charge of whatever new mission have coming your way. You will be the crafter. On the other hand, the dream suggests that you are the only one who holds the key to unlock certain aspects of yourself.

Lollipop: A dream of a lollipop could have sexual connotations or something new venture that thrills your senses. Usually, licking a lollipop is symbolic of a male penis. Perhaps you need to discover what your sexual fantasies are.

Lose: When you dream of losing something, it suggests that you may have actually lost something or someone. You did not realise while you were conscious what happened. Alternatively it is a wakeup call for you to tidy up your life or else you won’t be able to find things. Furthermore, try and relate the lost item to a memory or person. Perhaps the dream represents lost feelings, chances and relationships.

Lost: Dreaming that you are lost indicates that you have lost your way in life. You need to get back on track. You are unsure where the right way to head is. If you are asking for help it means you realize that you cannot do things on your own and you want people to advise you. On the other hand, you might be places in a new situation that you are still trying to find your way around. If you dream of someone else being lost is suggests some problems you are having finding aspects of yourself. You have lost some aspect, you could notice in that person, which makes up your identity.

Lottery:  When you play the lottery in your dream in implies that you are not trying hard enough to get things done in your life. You are letting your life play on your luck. Stop being so lazy, make a goal and work towards it.
If you are given a lottery ticket in your dream it indicates that person trusts you with their life. If you see a lottery ticket then it suggests that you are trying too hard but you need to realise that sometimes we have to let destiny take its course.
If you win the lottery it signifies your actual desire to not have any more financial distress.

Loud: Are you hiding from something? Is something or someone calling your attention? A dream where you realise that there is an extra loud sound indicates that you should notice and be aware of what is going on around you in your waking life. Also take head, the sound could be your unconscious trying to relay a message to you.

Love: Love is an intense feeling, often confused with infatuation. When you dream of being in love it signifies how you feel towards someone in your waking life. You are happy with what and who you have in life. Otherwise, if you feel unloved in your life the dream is expressing your desire to be loved.
If your dream is that a friend is in love with you, your unconscious is trying to bring out the feelings in you that you are trying to suppress. You love your friend and need to let them know. He or she may die tomorrow and you would never forgive yourself for not finding out how they felt.  If you are making love with someone it corresponds to your yearning to complete some sexual desire. Perhaps you are not being truthful to yourself about how you feel. Do not be afraid to express your emotions about intimacy because worrying about it would only make you feel more trapped.

Love Note: Receiving a love not in a dream signifies that your current relationship is growing into a very strong love. On the other hand, you may be feeling that you are not loved and need someone or some form of guarantee that you are good enough to be loved. Who gave you the love note? You might have picked up on how the other person feels!

Lover: Dreaming of a lover means that you have come to terms with yourself and know that you are very valuable.If you are not happy with a relationship in your waking life then the dream represents this.
If you dream of a past relationship with someone your loves it either means you have not stopped loving that person, you miss them or that you two did not resolves everything. It could also indicate that you see similar problems you had in the past with your present relationship.

Love seat: Dreaming of a love seat represents you desire more attention and affection in your life. You feel lonely lately. On the other hand, if someone is sitting in the seat with you it indicates you need to be more expressive of your emotions.

Luck: Having good luck in your dream implies that you will have a turn of luck in your life.  If you dream of having bad luck it suggests that you pity your position in life. You seem to be passing the blame for your unfortunate mishaps but you should really pay attention to how things really happened.

Luggage: When you have luggage in your dream it signifies all the problems you are carrying around with you. Consider how heavy the luggage is, how much weight are you carrying around? You are putting a lot of demands on yourself, perhaps you need to weigh out what you need in your life and dont.  If you lose your luggage in your dream it indicates you have lost your sense of who you are. If you find your lost luggage, pay attention to how it affected you. If you are happy locating your luggage it denotes a new beginning and new personality for you. If you still feel disturbed then you feel misplaced and confused in your life.

Lullaby: If you sing a lullaby in your dream it symbolizes you ability to maintain a peaceful environment and help others to keep relaxed. On the other hand, if you hear a lullaby, your dream indicates that you are looking for a way to relax and escape the hectic and stifled things in life.

Lumber: Dreaming of lumber is representative of needing a new beginning and starting from scratch. You have to create a new and stronger foundation in your life.

Lumberjack: Having a dream of a lumberjack indicates strong attributes. Your unconscious is trying to tell you to use these qualities to conquer your troubles.

Lunatic: Do you feel like you do not belong? Seeing a lunatic in your dream signifies hidden parts of you. You sense that people are not taking you seriously.

Lunch: When you have or see lunch in your dream it indicates your body needs some form of nourishment and energy.

Lungs: Seeing lungs in your dream represents your feelings about a situation causing you to feel stifled. You need to relax a bit and get out of the problem for some fresh air. After you’ve taken a deep breath go back in and handle the dilemma.

Lust: When you dream of being controlled by lust it suggests your sense of being incomplete or unsatisfied with something in your life. On the other hand, when you lust over something in your dream, your unconscious is telling you that you need to control your desires.

Luxury: Dreaming of living luxuriously indicates you have a very extravagant lifestyle. If you have a habit of spending more money than you have, your dream is actually telling you to slow down and stop wasting your money.

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