Dreams Starting With P


Pacify: When you dream of pacifying or trying to pacify someone or something in your dream it signifies that you have a good way of dealing with things and know how to keep your composure. This is why people would trust you to keep them relaxed with a problem.

If you see a pacifier in your dream it means that you are looking for a way out of your routine tasks.

PackageA package in your dream symbolizes hidden or repressed aspects of you. Dreaming of receiving a package suggests you are beginning to recognize certain characteristics and emotions about yourself and your surroundings. If you are offering a package it indicates you like to give other people your responsibilities and burden them with your stresses rather than handling them on your own.

Packing: Dreaming that you are packing represents putting away your past and making adjustments in your life. On the hand, if you are packing something to transport it, it signifies that you are carrying a heavy weight.

If you are continuously packing and unpacking in your dream it denotes confusion and turmoil.… You have been taking on too much and just holding on to the past. It is time to let go and make peace with whatever unfinished or unsettled situation that has been bothering you.

Pagan: Dreaming of being a pagan suggests that you are not putting enough effort into doing the right thing.

Page: When you dream of a blank page it represents not being able to move forward or progress. You either keep procrastinating or you are just too lazy to try and lead a successful life. If you are reading a page in your dreaming you should pay attention to what the page says. Your unconscious may be trying to communicate with you. Otherwise writing on the page could just be a story of some memory which you were trying to hide or run away from. Something in your waking life triggered that memory and you should be cautious to what steps you are taking. If you are the page in your dream it is a sign of being unproductive because you are wasting your time away with leisure.

Pageant: Want to be the center of attention? Dreaming of being in a beauty pageant indicates that although you have insecurities you are conforming to the social pressures of what it means to be beautiful. You look at other people try to measure up to their standards so that people would recognize you.

Pager: When you see a pager it indicates someone is attempting to reach you. It could also mean that you think someone is pressuring you into listening to them.

Pail: Dreaming of carrying or seeing a pail suggests that you are going to make progress, just keep stepping up your game and soon you’d be where you want to be. Depending on the contents of the pail and whether it is full or empty would tell you more about in which situation you would improve. If the pail is full it has to do with money and affection. On the other hand if it is empty it signifies recovering from a defeat or failure.

Pain:  Depending where the pain is located in the dream can be used a metaphor to help decode the dream.  Lets say the pain would be in your heart might suggest a broken heart.  Sometimes when we dream of being in pain it represents that you are pushing yourself to your limits, give yourself a break. You do not have control over everything. If your body is hurting in a particular place try and relate it to your life, maybe it is actually in pain and you’ve been physically stressing out your body.

Paint: What color is the paint? Dreaming of paint represents your feelings.  In depth meaning of colors in dreams. Try to understand the color and how it relates to your emotions in your life. If you are mixing paint then you are learning to incorporate different characteristics into your personality. If you are painting something in your dream it signifies victory in a new venture or you should share your creativity. You are being rewarded for your originality and visions. The dream could also mean that you are renewing you’re the way others perceive you or your outlook on things.…  Or are you trying to hide and cover up your flaws? If someone else is painting for you it implies that person or someone they represent is hiding something from you. Now, if you’ve smeared your clothes from the paint it indicates you are very sensitive to dream that paint to condemnation by others whether it is positive criticism or not. If you see a painting, the dream implies you know you have a creative side but you need to express it.

Paintball: Having some fun but playing a game of paintball and trying to win in your dream means that you are having fun with things and enjoying whatever you are trying to accomplish in your waking life. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings though because people are out to attack! … If someone hits, you should pay attention to your emotion in relation to the color of the paint. The hit indicates that something is going to postpone you or stop you from reaching your goals. If your dream focuses on you chasing or being chased it suggests that you either confront, and handle, your obstacles or your position would soon be threatened by hidden enemies.

Pairs: What pair of objects is in your dream? Consider that and why you it is significant to stabilizing your life. The dream could simply represent your soul mate.

Palace: Dreaming of a palace represents you are headed on the right route for success. You are going to use all you have to see a rise in your status and finances.

Pall: A pall is a cover for a coffin. When you dream of it, it means something is coming to an end, this could mean a person’s life as well. If you lift the pall from a coffin it symbolizes you are releasing something that you have been covering up. Otherwise it means you are going to be finding out some disappointing and depressing information.

Palm:  The palm is a very powerful symbol in the Middle East that protects the evil eye, and is also used to heal energies in Reiki. Think of the saying “lend a helping hand.” Dreaming of your palm suggests that you are very helpful to others. If your palms are open it means that you are open to change and to accepting help. If your hands are closed it implies that you are trying to hold on to something or someone, whether it is an attachment or being protective. It could also mean that you are not open to other people and you are not ready to hold someone else’s hand.

Palm Reading: If someone is reading your palm it indicates how you actually want your life to be lived.

Palm Tree: A palm tree in your dream is symbolic of relaxation. It is time that you take that long well deserved vacation.

Pan: Is the pan hot or is it in the cupboard? If the pan is hot then it represents anger towards a situation. If it is not then it means that you are open to others giving their opinions about you whether it be good or bad.

Panic: Dreaming of being in this state means you are in the same condition in your waking life.  Regain control over your senses and know you can get it together.

Panties: Wearing or seeing panties in your dream symbolize your feminism. Taking it off indicates sexual desires.

Pants: Who wears the pants in the relationship? Dreaming of pants suggests power in some relationship.

Pantyhose: Pantyhose in your dream signifies you sexual feelings. You should pay attention to the color and state of the pantyhose for more significance. Black pantyhose mean you are ready to get out of your closet and enjoy your suppressed feelings of sex.  If it is a light, neutral color is represents your shyness and innocence in intimacy. On the other hand, wearing bright colors like red indicates that you are not afraid to express your pleasures in sex.

Paper: When you see a blank paper in your dream it indicates that you want to come clean and create a new beginning in your life. Alternatively, blank paper indicates that you need to work on being  more communicative. If it is a stack or there are many papers all over it indicates that you are stressed and overcome by the amount things you are trying to deal with. You should try doing less so that you can handle each thing properly.

Paper Bag: An empty folded paper bag signifies the female womb.  If the paper bag is filled then you need to consider what is inside it to understand the dream. The dream ultimately indicates that you would be shocked to find that your life or something in your life is somewhat fulfilled. If you find things in the bag that you consider enjoyable then you should not judge things on their appearance, take a closer look into situations in your life, you maybe shunning the best things in your life.

Paper Plates: Paper plates suggest that you are able to have something that would soon be blown away. You need to grab whatever is in your reach before it is gone.

Paparazzi: Do you have some crazy people running behind you in your dream? When you dream that paparazzi is hounding you down it means that others are invading your privacy. On the other hand, you may be craving some attention or some form of recognition.

Parachute: Dreaming that you are in a parachute signifies that you have a shield over you. Whether it be invisible or some energy that is unexplained something is keeping you safe. If your parachute is giving problems and cannot open then you feel that you cannot trust anyone and whoever you felt would keep you safe has left you on your own.

Parade: Watching a parade in your dream represents something or someone being a distraction in your life. Whatever it is, it is causing you to stray from your aspirations in life. You can even be the distraction because you are afraid that you would not be successful in your endeavors. On the other hand, the characters or people in the parade may have significance to you; try to relate them to your life. If you are part of the parade then your dream suggests that you are lost and just going with the flow of what everyone around you is doing.

Paralyzed: Many people who think they are dreaming about being Paralyzed are actually not.  If you wake up and cant move a muscle its called Sleep Paralysis.  This is a very scary feeling where people tend to hallucinate.  If this is not the case then the dream symbolizes your inability to control things in your life. You feel useless and weak in some situation.

Paramedics: Seeing or being in a hospital indicates that something needs your attention urgently. Whether it is a relationship or your job, you have not been paying attention to it.

Paranoia: Being paranoid in your dream represents how you feel in reality. You are worried about what you need to do in the future or how to deal with a situation. Perhaps you are feeling insecure in your current relationship?

Parents: When you dream of your parents it indicates strength, love, protection and guidance. Are you worried about your parents or becoming a parent?  You might hope to be like your parents when you become one or you are worried about losing your parents.If your parents die in your dream it suggests a change in your connection with your parents.

Park: Being at a park in your dream suggests that you use your dreams to escape for your conscious life.If you are lost in the park it represents a lack of direction in your life in relation to some situation. You may just be feeling alone and isolated from people.

Parking Lot: Being in a parking lot in your dream implies that you need to use your brakes a little bit. Slow down and think about things while enjoying life.If you cannot find a spot in the parking lot it symbolizes you cannot find time to do things in your life.

Parking Ticket A parking ticket is representative of how you feel. You think others are attacking you in your choices and decisions in life.

Parliament: Being a part of parliament in your dream signifies your ability or inability to be in charge. You may need to take charge and speak up about something that is happening.

Party: Are you enjoying the party? If you are having fun at a party in your dream it means that you need to get out and dance the night away. If the party is not good then you have problems expressing yourself in social situations.

Passageway: Dreaming that you find new and secret passageways suggests that you have new opportunities in your waking life.  If you wake up before fully exploring these passageways, then it suggests that you may not know how to take advantage of these opportunities or how to move forward with a relationship.

Passenger: Dreaming that you are a passenger represents you are unable to control things in your life, other people are doing it for you. If you dream of other passengers it implies that you are trying to satisfy everyone else and forgetting about what yourself.

Passport: A dream with your passport signifies finding yourself and a sense of individuality. Alternatively it means you have a new sense of independence.If you lose your passport then you have lost your identity and what you are about.

Password: The password in your dream symbolizes your ability to unlock your inner feelings. The words and letters in the password may be your unconscious trying to send you a message.

Past: Dreaming of a past situation implies that you have not yet learnt from your past and seem to be making the same mistakes. On the other hand, some problem in the past seems to be lingering still and is bothering you.

Path: A clear path in your dream indicates that you are heading in the right direction in your life. If it is a blocked path then it means that you should pay attention to where your life is heading.

Pavement: A dream of a pavement implies that you see your life or a situation exactly for what it is. You know what you have to do and you are going to stand firmly on it.

Pawnshop: A pawnshop in your dream indicates that you are not getting what you truly deserve for what you are giving. You seem to be giving your all for little or nothing in return. Be careful because if you give everything you may end up with nothing.  On the other hand, if something is bothering you and you are trying to get rid of it in the easiest way possible, the dream means that you are not doing it the right way.

Paycheck: You’ve been working hard and soon you would be rewarded for it! A paycheck in a dream represents that either your hard work is not going to go by unnoticed or it will. How much money did you make? If you are shocked and received more than you expected in your dream then it indicated that you are going to benefit from all that you are doing in your waking life. If not then your work is not being properly recognized and underrated. If you are having money problems and you dream of a paycheck then the dream serves as a release for your worries. Perhaps you need to work a little bit harder and reap the benefits of doing so.

Payphone: Payphones symbolize communication and information that you need to work for. Maybe some relationship you have or some form of communication is causing you stress.

If the pay phone is not working it suggests that you are being closed off. People are not allowing you to express yourself properly and you are finding it hard to communicate with others.

Peace: Being in a state of relaxation and peace in your dream implies that whatever was causing you distress in your life has come to an end. Alternatively,…  On the other hand, the dream may be a warning that you should enjoy the peace while you have it because soon everything is going to be hectic.

Peak: Being at the top, highest peak of a mountain suggests that you are going to reach your goals. You would do what you need to in life to excel and achieve what you want.

Peanuts: Peanuts in a dream are indicative of getting to know the truth about things. If are experiencing money troubles then your dream is expressing it with peanuts.

Pearl: Dreaming of pearls represents beauty and cleanliness. On the other hand if the pearl is shaped a certain way it suggests unhappiness. The color of the pearl plays a big part in the meaning of the dream as well. If it is a black pearl, your dream signifies misfortune.

Pebble: Pebbles in your dream suggest trivial problems and setbacks in your life. If you dream of pelting or tossing pebbles it indicated that gossip is getting to you. People are bringing you down by their little degrading comments.

Pedestal: Being on a pedestal signifies admiration.  You are being recognized and others are looking up to you. If you see a pedestal it means that you are looking up to someone or something.

Pedicure: Dreaming of getting a pedicure implies that you are confident and relaxed. You want to be taken care of and spoiled.

Pedophile: Dreaming of a pedophile symbolizes what you are afraid of in your waking life. Usually people who have experiences with pedophiles have reoccurring dreams of it because it is a very disturbing and painful experience.If you are the pedophile in the dream, do you feel that you are doing something wrong in reality? If you are in a relationship with someone a lot younger than you it might be causing you stress. Also you may have paedophilic tendencies. Otherwise, it represents changes in your life.

Peel: Peeling something in a dream is indicative of getting rid of the past and unwanted things in your life. Also if you find that you have a wall or appearance that you do not want, you are peeling it off slowly but surely.

Peephole: A peephole symbolizes your very constricted view of things. Alternatively, the dream signifies a non-reciprocating situation. Someone has the upper hand.

Peeping: Your lack of trust is evident in your dream. Who are you peeping on? When you dream that you are spying in someone it actually represents your own insecurities. On the other hand something is causing you to feel a bit uncertain. Perhaps you are afraid of committing to something or someone. If you notice someone peeping at you then you are feeling a bit unsafe. On the other hand, you feel as though every action you make is being criticized.

Pen: A pen can appear in your dream if you might be forgetting something that might be a bit important to you.  It can also appear in your dreams when there could be an issue with communication in  your life.  What are you writing down and why would it have significance to you in your life right now? You might want to think of the term coined “the pen is mightier than the sword” because dreams usually work in metaphors.

Pencil: What are you doing with the pencil?  If you are writing something down then what is it?  If you are erasing something you might be trying to remove or forget about something in your past.  If you are sharpening your pencil suggests that you need to ship up or shape out.  Need to stop being dull and get your life in order.

Penis: Dreaming of a penis can translate into many interpretations depending on who is having it and the context of the dream.  Though for the most part its a symbol of masculinity for the dreamer.

Penny: Are you having financial problems right now?  If not than a penny can translate to things like good luck, hidden talents and energy.  Money as a dream symbol represents energy, so depending on losing or gaining all relates to what was going on in your dream. Though it could mean that you are a good saver.

Personal Trainer: Dreams of people who are pushing you to achieve something better suggests that you need to wake up and get moving.…  This can be any aspect in your life from losing weight to working harder at your job.

Pets:  You dream might have something to do with nature or going back to your animistic side of things.  If you dreamt of a deceased pet suggest that you miss and haven’t forgot the love that you received from it.

Pharaoh: This is a very positive dream symbol that might be related to something mystical about you.  If you where acting out as the pharaoh in your dream suggests that you like power and authority.

Pheasant: Many people have their own views on what a “Pheasant” means in a dream.  This symbol can mean anything from balance, protection and creativity.  Though some say it could mean that you have a very indecisive nature.

Phone Number:  Remembering any numbers in dreams is a very difficult task.  Though, remembering a number in your dream can hold very deep significance that only you can figure out.
The person you are calling might need your help or vice versa. To dream that you are having trouble dialing a number suggests you lack confidence in your life.

Photo:  Photos in dreams means special events that happened in your past life.  Who and what was in the picture and why does it hold significance to you.  Do you have trouble letting go of the past?

Piano:  How are you playing?  Are you good or bad? This might help you figure out if you need to go back to your creative side. It could have to do with…  “key/keys or peeing”.

Picture: Seeing a picture all depends on the dreamer.  This might have something to do with how you picture your life to be?…  Think about who was in the picture the location and the time.  Picture dreams can also imply that you could be holding on to the past.  If you are taking a picture you might be trying to capture an important experience in your life that you don’t want to forget.  This can be some type of memory that you hold close to your heart.

Pie: Are you getting your piece of the pie?  This dream symbol acts as a metaphor if you are receiving more or little in your life right now.

Pig:  This could be linked to the term “greedy like a pig” before?  In today’s world pigs are referred to as dirty, greedy, stubborn.  Do you possess these qualities in your life right now.  If you do it might be time that you change your ways.  The symbolism of pigs in ancient times where not considered bad but good. They where considered to be symbols of fertility, strength and abundance.

Pill: What pill where you taking and for what?  Did you have trouble swallowing the pill?  Have you heard the term “its a hard pill to swallow” or “your a pill?  Pills can also symbolize truth and the search from truth in life.

This dream symbol has to do with control in your life.  Depending if you are flying or not suggest how much control you have over your direction right now.

Purse:  Seeing a purse in your dream symbolizes close and personal thoughts. Pay attention to what is in the purse and the condition of the purse which will represent your mental state.…  If the purse is empty you are emotional and unsure of yourself.If you lose your purse it implies that you have lost a sense of who you were once. On the other hand, finding a purse means that you have started a new chapter in your life.

Pursuit:  When you dream someone is pursuing you it signifies your refusal to accept other people’s thoughts. Alternatively it may indicate someone trying to make you conform to their ideals.If you are the one pursuing something or someone then it implies that you are being kept down and not able to take control. Perhaps you should try focusing your energy on something else.

Pus: Pus in a dream is symbolic of negative emotions. If the pus is barely coming out it means that you need to accept the feelings that you have been experiencing and let them out.…  If the pus is flowing freely it means that you are ridding yourself of all the negativity you have been feeling.

Push:  When you dream that you are pushing something it suggests that you are able to motivate not only others but yourself as well. You have new found aspirations. Just be sure not to be a “push over” nor make someone else into one.

Putty: Putty symbolizes your ability to shape and form situations and people. In other words, you can manipulate people and things easily.

Puzzle: A puzzle, jigsaw or crossword, in your dream signifies a psychological problem. You may not be putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. Also, if there are pieces missing then you are missing clues and facts that could help you piece together a problem in your life.

PajamasWearing or seeing pajamas in your dream indicates that you have been denying yourself any recreation but it is needed. If you wear the pyjamas in public it implies you are not paying attention to things that are right in front of you.

Pyramid: A pyramid in your dream suggests that you have laid your building blocks for success in a very good manner. If you are climbing the pyramid the dream is telling you not to give up. Keep striving and you would reach where you want in life.

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