Dreams Starting With K


Kaleidoscope: A dream of a kaleidoscope indicates different aspects of your personality. On the other hand it is a warning that things in your life may seem like they are falling apart. Wait a bit and they would all make sense.

Kangaroo: A kangaroo symbolizes parental shelter. You could be acting a bit too protective in a situation. If the kangaroo is hopping the dream indicates you have a tendency to jump all over the place, you cannot complete any one task without jumping to another.

Karaoke: Dreaming of karaoke could mean that you are either too confident in yourself or you doubt your talents.

Karate: Do you feel the need to protect yourself? If you dream of doing karate it implies that you know what you want but you just need to focus a bit more to get there.

Karma: Even if you do not believe in karma, the dream represents your relationship with others and whether its positive or negative.

Katydids: This insect in your dream implies that you are too lazy and laid back. This is going to make you lose a lot of chances to excel in life. If you hear the katydids it represents that you depend on people too much.

Kayak: Dreaming of a kayak signifies that you are grounded and stable in terms of your feelings. If not then it represents your perseverance and being able to get through things on your own!

Keepsake: A keepsake is an object used to remember the past. Dreaming of it suggests that you are looking back at the past and realizing what youve been through and how you got to the point you are at now. You have learnt to accept and show affection.

Keg: A keg is symbolic of problems and obstacles in your life in dealing with difficult times. If the keg is full it means you are heading in the right direction, if empty you need to switch up routes.

Kennel: Being in a kennel indicates constriction and being withheld. The dream represents that you feel put out and neglected.

Ketchup: The dream serves as a metaphor meaning you need to catch up. You are far behind and need to start paying more attention to what needs to be done in your life.

Kettle: A dream of a kettle represents life being a routine, dull and repetitive. You are not seeing or appreciating the things and people in your life that give it meaning. If the kettle is boiling water then it means you have arduous work ahead of you. If the water is finished boiling and the kettle is whistling this signifies your boiling point with your feelings. You need to cool off or there are going to be some serious repercussions.

Key: Keys are very important dream symbolizes. Think about what its use in the dream is and how it relates to your life. Ultimately a key represents the ability to open and discover a number of things. If you locate a key or keys it means you know how to resolve a situation. If you dream that the key it used to unlock something it means you have found your way to a new opportunity. It could also mean that you have let someone in on your secrets or gained knowledge about a situation or person. A ring of keys or holding the master key symbolizes authority over yourself and others. If you hold the golden key it signifies an open mind and you hold the key to anything you desire.
If you insert a key into a keyhole it could have a sensual meaning in which you are worried and anxious about not being unable to satisfy yourself or your partner. Losing or breaking your keys indicate you are afraid of your reputation and where you stand in the social class is being tarnished. It may simply mean that you did not take the chance when you had it and now you are going to let it slip right out of your hand. Similarly, when you dream of a rusty key it indicates unused or misused abilities. If you give someone your keys then you have let up your power and given someone else the ability to control things.  If you hear the sound of keys in your dream it is an excellent sign! You are going down the right route in life and you know precisely what you want, so keep heading that way.

Key Chain: You adapt to everything and everyone. You camouflage so people would respect you and treat you on like if you are one of them.

Key Maker: When you dream of a key maker it symbolizes your need for help to unlock and open up to problems and people. If the key maker is making a spare key, your unconscious is telling you not to worry because there are a number of ways and approaches to solve your problems.

Keyboard: Dreaming of using a computer keyboard suggests that you have a message that you need to relay to someone immediately but you cannot do it in person.

Keyhole: A dream where you cant seem to see things clearly and need to peep through a keyhole to see indicates you are eves dropping and finding yourself in other peoples things. On the other hand it just means that you cannot see things clearly and need to look at the entire perspective of a situation to understand it.
If someone is pepping through a keyhole to see you it means someone is spying on you! Watch your back because someone is definitely watching it.

Kick: Dreaming about kicking someone symbolizes you are kicking someone down which you may not realize in your life. You are attacking that persons reputation or you just feel frustrated with that person.

If you are being kicked then you are being attacked by someone or you are doing it to yourself. Your unconscious is trying to get you to stand up for yourself and build back your respect for yourself. On the other hand it could be getting a kick to do something. Sometimes we need a kick start to get motivation in order to get things done.

Kickball: Do you have control of the ball or is it going all over? Whatever happens to the ball in the dream is that state your mind and emotions are currently in. If you are simply enjoying the game then it suggests you are relaxed these days.

Kidnapper: Dreaming that you are a kidnapper indicates that you are stealing others ideas, time or just latching on to something that needs to be thrown out.
If you dream that you are being kidnapped suggests that you feel someone or some circumstance is in your way of attaining your ambitions. You cannot seem to get loose of the person or escape the situation.

If you dream that someone has been kidnapped it represents you are holding back different aspects of yourself, in your waking life, which you saw in the kidnapped person.

Killing: When you dream of a killing it symbolizes your feelings whether it is repressed anger or just wanting to get rid of some of them. If you kill someone it has to do with the anger you feel towards that person or something linked to them that you are trying to get rid of. It could be something they do, a characteristic or they represent someone who you are trying to cut off. You may not even know you feel that way in your waking life but your unconscious is bringing out those feelings. If you are the one being killed in your dream it denotes you are trying to get rid of things about yourself that you do not like. On another note, it could mean that you feel hurt and let down by others. Ultimately they killed your heart.

Killer: If you see a killer in your dream it represents an attack on yourself and your emotions and characteristics. You are forgetting what you are about in the rush of things. On the other hand it could be a good symbol of knowing what you want and getting rid of all the negative things that are hindering you from getting it.

Killer Whale: When you dream of a killer whale it means you need to let out your emotions in a very extreme way for people to hear you. You are very angry and any little thing would make you snap. Try understanding your emotions so that you wont turn into a killer whale again.

Kimono: Dream of this Japanese garment indicates you are liked in some way with the culture or have feelings for someone from the country.

Kindergarten: When you dream of revisiting your kindergarten days, you are reminiscing your past and, maybe, wishing you could go back to those days. Otherwise, it indicates knowledge and changes from immature into maturity.

King: Dreaming of seeing a king is a good sign. It represents power, control and achievement. It indicates that you are able to control your issues in life. The king may, on the other hand, signify a fatherly figure that you want in your life to hold you up.
If you dream of yourself being a king it means that you are using the power you have gained in too much of a forceful and controlling way.

Kissing: A kiss is symbolic of affection and liking of someone or someone or something they represent. Pay close attention to what body part you kiss in the dream. If your dream ends before you get to kiss someone then it suggests insecurity and uncertainty of feelings that person has for you. You want to pursue a relationship with them but do not know how to do it.
If you see other people kissing in your dream it implies you are caught up in other peoples business.
If you are kissing someone’s hand it represents that you think highly of that person. Kissing someones foot indicates more respect for that person and you are not afraid to bow down to others because of your modest character. While a kiss on the cheek by you or someone else denotes appreciation and companionship.
If you kiss someone else girlfriend or boyfriend in your dream it signifies jealousy or guilt over a situation that actually happened. You may be attracted to your friends girlfriend or boyfriend and not fully aware of it but you should try and distant yourself a bit.
If you are kiss someone close to you it suggests your appreciation for that person in your life. It could represent a desire to want more than a friendship with them. It could simply mean that you are lacking intimacy in your life.
If you kiss or are kissed by a stranger symbolizes acceptance of your character. The stranger represents hidden or repressed traits of you. The kiss indicates you are content with yourself and recognize you need to be who you really are. If you are being forced to kiss the stranger then it means you are rejecting aspects of yourself.
If someone is obliging you to kiss them, the dream indicates you are being forced to do things in life that you do not want to do. If you kiss an enemy it represents a friend that would soon no longer be your friend because they are going to turn their back on you.

Kitchen: Whats cooking? A dream of a kitchen represents motherly feelings.If you cannot complete the meal, the dream is a metaphor of not being able to handle the heat and you need to get out of a situation. On the other hand cooking in the kitchen indicates changes in your life.

Kite: Kite dreams symbolize aspirations that seem to far fetched but you always seem to put your kite out there and persevere through the tough winds. You know what you want and you would keep your feet grounded in order to let your goals fly.
If you have problems getting your kite to fly it suggests that whatever you are trying to attempt is implausible. You should try something more realistic and in your reach. Otherwise, if your kite gets up after a while then the dream indicates you should not give up, keep at your current situation and you would get by in life.
If you are not flying the kite then the dream means that your ambitions in life are being controlled by others and the possibility of you succeeding would rely on the strings attached.

Kitten: A dream of a kitten is symbolic of change and taking steps towards being on your own. On the other hand a kitten represents virtuous qualities.

Kiwi: Kiwi is a fruit therefore dreaming of it indicates your need to pick yourself up and gain strength in yourself. It could be emotional or physical strength but you need to feed yourself so you can get up and get moving.

Kleenex:  A dream of Kleenex suggests that you need to move on and stop weeping over something that is happening or has already happened. Maybe its a symbol for you to “clean” up an aspect in your life.

Knapsack: When you dream of a knapsack it symbolizes the feelings and wishes which you have been carrying around for sometime. They are somewhat secret to you because you see at as your own baggage that you want to deal with on your own. If your knapsack is too heavy for you to carry it denotes emotions of feelings too overwhelmed with problems.

Knee: A dream of your knees represents your need for help from others. You do not have enough confidence in your abilities and feel unable to complete your tasks. Ultimately the dream indicates you need emotional support to get by since you are not able to see the strength and abilities you have.

Kneeling: Kneeling in your dream indicates that you are open to the ideas of others. You are also not a selfish person and have a very humble personality.

Knife: A knife is symbolic of frustration, rage and negative feelings. The dream means that you need to separate yourself and cut away from things in your life that is causing you distress. It could be a relationship, negative situation or a bad habit that you need to cut out of your life. If you are cut by a knife it is a negative dream symbol. Did anyone cut you or did you cut yourself? Dreaming of being cut means that you are going to be harmed in some way and depending on who cut you represents who is going to do the harming. If the knife is dull, then it signifies all your efforts to succeed would be unfruitful and serve no purpose in the end. Alternatively it indicates that you are unable to cut off whatever you are trying to get rid of in your life because you are not being harsh enough.

Knight: Dreaming of a knight indicates you have an admirable reputation. You look out for others and make sure people you care about are safe. If you are helping out a girlfriend or boyfriend it is a metaphor of being their knight in shining armor. If you dream of becoming a knight it represent your new gained trust and respect from others.

Knitting: Knitting symbolizes tranquility and time to oneself to keep the mind at ease. The dream could just be telling you to relax and take time for yourself by using your creativity. Otherwise it may be a reminder of someone who you know that knits.
If you just see the needles it indicates that you are maneuvering around something in order to get what you want out of it.

Knob: A dream of a knob denotes that you are able to twist and control problems and situations that arise around you.

Knock: Dreaming of someone knocking is a metaphor of chances and opportunities that are knocking at your door. On the other hand it could mean that you need someone to offer help to you. A knocker is also a bad prophecy which symbolizes death and a fearful future. If you are hearing knocking then your unconscious wants to warn you or inform you of some part of you or your life. You might be knocking someone, offending them, and the dream is telling you to stop.

Knots: Dreaming of knots indicates you are feeling constricted and unable to solve problems in your life. If you are tying the knot it represents a unification of two people.

Koala: A koala is a symbol of connectivity between you and the different energies and realms which exist. It also represents feminine characteristics that you are probably showing lately. Otherwise you just want to be cared for and not care for others or things in life. You wish you could be a child again

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