Dreams Starting With J


Jab: Dreaming of jabbing someone signifies you are jabbing your own confidence. You need to be confident in yourself.

Jack in the box: A dream involving a jack in the box represents a good shock, a surprise that would be pleasing to you.

Jack O’ Lantern: A Jack O Lantern present in your dream indicates some form of protection that you have. If you are carving a Jack O’ Lantern, your dream signifies a fake tough exterior.

Jackal: Jackals are often referred to as scavengers. Dreaming of this animal represents your ways exploiting others to meet your wants and needs.

Jackdaw: A jackdaw is a type of crow. If you dream of this bird it symbolizes death, not always of a person but a situation.

Jacket: Wearing or seeing a jacket in a dream suggests you are covering up your emotions and protecting yourself from being hurt. How you feel is dependent on the jackets condition and look. For example if the jacket is dingy and dark it indicates feelings of depression and being used.

Jackhammer: Dreaming of a jackhammer indicates your need to shatter your past in order to devlop a strong present.

Jackpot: You are having a lucky streak lately, to see or win a jackpot represents you are very spontaneous you need to be careful with what you are chancing but soon you will benefit.

Jacuzzi: The dream of a jacuzzi symbolizes your sex life and means you need to get rid of whatever is causing you discomfort in that area.

Jade: Jade is a great dream symbol. It represents peace, development and progress of you and your character.

JailGuilty as charged! Dreaming of being in jail indicates that someone has caught you doing wrong. Otherwise it means that you feel trapped in a situation in your life.

Jailer: If you are a jailer in your dream it represents you like to be in charge of people. If you see a jailer it implies you feel as if someone or something is trying to control you.

Jam: Dreaming of jam represents you are caught in a situation. Its a metaphor for jam, and something is jamming you per say. If you are spreading jam then it has to do with you and how you are giving of yourself for others, remember you need time for yourself or youd be stuck where you are forever.

Janitor: A janitor cleans therefore dreaming of one is your unconscious way of telling you that your life is in a mess so get cleaning!

Jar: The dream signifies your emotions of being taken aback by someone or a situation. Otherwise it indicates your need for security and shelter.

Jasmine: Jasmine dreams symbolize satisfaction and happiness that wont last long. At least you are experiencing love and pure bliss but enjoy it while it lasts.

Jaundice: Are you seeing yellow or are you yellow? If you cannot see clearly in your dream because of the disease it indicates you cannot think properly. If your skin is yellow it represents your joyful and cheerful personality. Like the sun, you like to shine around others.

Javelin: If you dream you are stabbed by a javelin, your unconscious is warning you that something is a threat to your safety.

JawThe jaw of an animal in your dream represents confusion and misinterpretation. On the other hand it implies that someone or something is taking a lot out of you. If you dream your own jaw it suggests that you need to be strong and have more self-discipline and drive. If you dream your jaws are tense it signifies repressed anger or emotions. If you dream that you damage or fracture your jaw it means you are trying to find yourself and by doing so battling with your morals and values.

Jawbreaker: Something looks nice and fascinating but the surface is too hard to crack and manage. However, if you manage to crack it then you are able to overcome obstacles in your life.

Jaybird: You seem to think you are king or queen and you can do whatever you please. Dreaming of a jaybird represents egotistical and conceited attitude.

Jealousy: Dreams of jealousy indicate precisely the same feelings in your waking life. You do not realize it but you are actual jealous of someone and the dream is releasing it. You have some problem in believing in yourself and loving who you are. The dream could also be telling you that you are allowing this negativity to affect intimacy.

Jeans: Wearing jeans in your dream may simply be a reflection of your waking Self and bear no additional significance. However, if there is a particular focus to the jeans, then the dream means that you need to take a more relaxed approach to some situation. If you are wearing or buying designer jeans in your dream, then it indicates that you have a relaxed attitude about money and other financial matters. If you are just trying on jeans and having problems finding the right one it suggests that you are finding difficulty fitting in. If your jeans are too tight it indicates you feel suffocated in a situation, you need some space to move.
If your jeans are ripped denotes being out of place in a situation or problem and it is causing you to fall apart.

Jekyll and Hyde: You seem to be two faced at the moment, you cannot decide between what is right and wrong. A dream of you being Jekyll and Hyde indicates the duality of your character between good and bad.

Jedi: Dreaming of being a Jedi mean you need to be confident in your mental state, you are in tune with your spirituality and mind. If you see a Jedi it signifies your search for harmony and organization in your life.

JeepDoes a jeep mean anything to you? If not the dream is just telling you to be a bit more exciting and daring with your life even with sex.

JellyEating or seeing jelly in your dream means that you are learning about something that you were trying to understand before.

Jellyfish: Dreaming of a jellyfish signifies bad memories that your unconscious is resurfacing in your unconscious because of a hidden negative emotion in your current situation in your waking life.

Jester: What a joker! To see a jester in your dream indicates that trivial matters and silly pastimes will divert your attention from more important issues. Alternatively, a jester represents embarrassment in some situation.

Jesus: A dream of Jesus represents your spirituality or lack of. The dream indicates that you know Jesus is present in your life but if you are not connected with your spirituality your unconscious is telling you to be more in tuned. On the other hand, Jesus could just be symbol of your desires and aims in life that you would soon understand. If you communicate or pray with Him it indicates blessing within you that contributes to pure bliss in your life.

Jet: A jet symbolizes you are going to fast in your life or your life is flying ahead of you.

Jet Ski: Dreaming of being of a jet ski suggests you are discovering new characteristics in yourself and your subconscious. On the other hand it indicates your quest for intimacy in partners or a relationship.

Jewelry: When you dream of jewelry it means you know you are valuable and proud of yourself. You know your self-worth and what good traits you hold. If you dream of a piece of jewelry you should relate it to your life and what it means to you. If you dream of receiving jewelry, you should pay attention to the piece of jewelry. The dream is telling you that you need to be more confident in your abilities. If the jewelry is damaged it represents inability to attain things you want in life. Ultimately the dream is advising you to shape up because you are going nowhere.
If you’ve got too much bling on you it suggests you are attempting way too hard to amaze people.

Jewelry Box: When are you going to show off your jewelry? A jewelry box symbolizes hidden treasures of you. You are concealing your talents and storing them.

Jewels: Wearing or seeing jewels in your dream is similar to the meaning of jewelry. It represents a sense of worth of yourself or people close with you. What jewel was in your dream? Each jewel has a significant meaning, so, to further understand your dream, understand the meaning of the jewel. If you find the jewels it indicates your climbing the ladder of success quite quickly.

Jigsaw Puzzle: A jigsaw puzzle in your dream suggests that your mind is all over the place and you need to put the pieces together to work out your problems and see the bigger picture. If pieces to the puzzle are missing so is information for you to understand what is going on.

Job: You current situation in life seems to be causing you distress and you want to escape. Dreaming of looking for a job means you are at a point in your life where you want to advance and you feel what you are doing now is not going to help you do so. If you are applying to a number of jobs then you are not sure what you want in life. You need to gain focus and head down the right path. If you dream about your current job it indicates you need to try harder and put more effort in the things you do at work. Otherwise the dream is just telling you that you are working too much and you need to slow down a little bit. Take a vacation and relax or you will overwork yourself.If you you lose your job it represents a fear you have of becoming unable to cope with your situation in life. If you dream you have a job, but you are unemployed at the moment, suggests that you keep up the hard work, you will find a job soon.

Jockey: You have been confident in yourself lately and the dream represents you have reached a high point in life.

Jockstrap: Dreaming of a jockstrap suggests your position of susceptibility in a sexual circumstance. On the other hand it means that you are guarding yourself from any hurt that could be caused from a relationship.

Jogging: If you dream that you are jogging it indicates you are making progress but at a continuing sturdy pace. If you try hard you’d reach where you want faster.

Joint: To feel or notice your joints in your dream, represent flexibility. It refers to a give and take situation and the need to work together as a team. To dream that you are having joint problems, suggest that things are not coming together the way you want it to. You are experiencing difficulties in your progress.

Joke: A dream of you telling a joke represents how people perceive you but you want them to take you seriously. Alternatively you could be the one who cannot stop fooling around and take your responsibilities seriously. If you hear a joke it means you are doing things that serve no purpose. Otherwise if you are overwhelmed lately then the dream is trying to give you an escape and make you laugh a bit.

Joker: Dreaming of the joker card suggests your opportunities are never ending. The joker could be related to your persona (mask) that you cover up in life, not being true to yourself.   Aspects of your personality that tricks you in behaving immature.

Journal: Look at what is written in the journal and see how it relates to your waking life. If you write or read a journal it symbolizes that you wish you could go back in history and alter things so you could do better. On the other hand the dream could just mean that you are reminiscing.
If someone else is reading your journal without your permission then you are afraid someone finds out your secrets because you cannot relate well with others. If you let someone read your journal it indicates you have let someone into your personal life which not many people know.

Journey: Someone’s a bit adventurous lately! Dreaming of a journey implies growth and understanding of you. Whatever your journey, your unconscious is telling you what to expect and to persevere.
If you go on a journey with your friends it represents social change. It could also mean that those friends are going to help you along your way of discovering what is in store for you.

Jousting: Jousting has a very sexual connotation in your dream. On the other hand it means you need to confront a problem head on and strengthen your will power.

Joy: A dream of being in a joyous state signifies blissful and peaceful relations with people you care about in your waking life.

Jubilee: Dreaming of a jubilee represents happiness in new beginnings.

Judge: Have you done something that is causing you to feel guilty, are you afraid someone catches you? Dreaming of a judge is your subconscious trying to guide you to do something to get out of that situation. If you are in an actual legal matter the dream is just depicting your feelings of the matter. Otherwise it represents your worries about society judging you.

Judgment: You want approval from others in order for you to progress. The judgment in your dream is one which is required in your life.

Jug: How do you see the jug, empty or full? Depending on how you view life and what exactly is in the jug would let you understand your dream better. For example, if the jug is half filled with sand but you see it as half empty then your dream means you look at negativity. However, if the jug is empty then it means something is missing in your life.

Juggling: Are you able to juggle the balls without any falling? If so then the dream means that although you are taking on a lot you are able to balance whats going on in your life. If the balls fell then you need to try doing fewer things.

Jukebox: Listen to what music is playing and how it related to your life. Ultimately, dreaming of a jukebox indicates that you are not trying your best.

Jumping: Take the challenge and jump for the stars. Your dream suggests that you jump for things as they come because you are capable of dealing with the hindrance in your way to success. Otherwise it could mean that you are moving too fast and “jumping the gun.” Slow down a bit and let things take its course.
If you are afraid to make the jump or fail at it suggests that you are afraid of change or not being able to do well in life.

Jumping Jacks: A dream of doing jumping jacks symbolizes how you deal with things and you need to learn how to make steady pace for your life to be more organized.

Jump Rope: Jumping rope in your dream represents your ability to maneuver through life obstacles as they come swinging at you.

Jungle: Finding yourself lost in a jungle in your dream indicates a pessimistic attitude in life is going to get you nowhere. If you learn to understand your jungle you would find your way out. If you are just wandering the jungle it implies your personality and characteristics that you cannot seem to release.

Junk: If you dream of junk it represents the necessity of tossing out the bad and old things in your lifestyle.

Junk Mail: Dreaming of junk mail suggests that minor problems in life would go away once you deal with them so stop worrying about them so much.

Junkyard: Dreaming of a junkyard represents your minds trash. All your hidden emotions, old traditions and habits are all tossed in that junkyard. The dream is just telling you to dump those old ways and move on to new things.

Jupiter: If you dream of Jupiter it either symbolizes your creative and feminine energy. Also it suggests you want to venture off and broaden your outlook on life.

Jury: Do you feel like people are watching your every move? The dream represents feelings of being evaluated by others. This is because you constantly are worried about what people think of you.
If you dream of being part of a jury then you have a tendency to look at peoples actions and scrutinize them.

Justice: If you dream of being treated justly then you feel that you are not being treated as such in your waking life.

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