Dreams Starting With I


Ibis: Dreaming of an ibis represents your ability to strive for your ambitions in life.  The ancient Egyptians considered the Ibis sacred and is depicted in many ancient Egyptian wall murals and sculptures. It is also found as mummified specimens at many burial sites and played a significant religious role. The ibis represented the god Thoth. This was the god of wisdom, knowledge and writing, and was considered the herald of the flood.

Ice: Ice is frozen water and so dreaming of ice symbolizes frozen emotions, your emotions have not changed towards something or someoneDreaming of walking on ice signifies you are in control of your emotions but you feel that any moment you are going to fall in. It could also mean that you are emotionally stable at the moment. You need to be cautious and not where your emotions on your sleeve. If ice is falling on you then you are having an emotional attack. If you fall on ice then you are experiencing a low confidence level.

Ice CreamA dream about ice cream could be a pun on the words like “I scream”.  Your unconscious might be hinting at something where you might need to let out something, depending the context. Also, eating or seeing ice cream in your dream represents being satisfied and content with things that are happening in your life whether it is love, work or just your luck lately. If you eat the ice cream and realize it has gone bad suggests bad things in your life and something or someone that appears to be good is really bad and you would not realize until you get trapped in deception. If you see the ice cream melting in your dream it symbolizes dreams and goals that you would not be able to attain.

Ice Cream Truck: An ice cream truck represents your emotions and opportunities. If you find yourself chasing the truck then you are trying to grab the chances as they pass you. If the ice cream truck drives too fast for you it means you are missing out on things in life, you need to speed up a little bit.

Ice Cube: Dreams of ice cubes signify cold emotions that you have been storing up.

Ice Pick: A dream of an ice pick is symbolic of cold feelings towards sex or just repression of your anger.

Ice Sculpture: Pay close attention to how the sculpture in your dream is shaped and apply it to how and what it could stand for in your life. The dream means that you cannot progress with your current emotional state.

Ice Skating: Dreaming of ice skating signifies your need to take precautions if you want to be successful in your current situation.

Iceberg: When you dream of an iceberg it symbolizes a sense of not looking past what you see in front of you. An iceberg usually is covered by water and does not look dangerous but you should investigate things before you find yourself in danger.

Icicles: Icicles represent turmoil and hardship in your life. If you see the icicles melting in your dream it suggests that they would go away soon. On the other hand if the icicles are forming it is a warning that there will be tough times ahead.

IcingA dream of icing represents your attitude and how to portray yourself, you seem to be doing well on the outside but when people get to know you, they know something is wrong. On the other hand, it could simply mean that you have almost reached where you want to be in life and you are just adding the finishing touches.

Identification: When you dream of losing your id it symbolizes you losing yourself and who you are. If you see your id then you’ve found out what you want and what you expect in life. You are confident in yourself!

Idiot: Dreaming of seeing an idiot or being one suggests that you are over thinking something where not necessary.

Idle: If you are bored, it signifies you are bored in your life but it is because you are not applying yourself to do what needs to be done.

Idols: A dream of devotion to idols suggests false and wrong steps in your life. You are not doing anything to make progress in your life.

Igloo: When you dream of yourself in an igloo it represents how you portray yourself to others. You appear to have a cold attitude but you are really caring and have a warm heart. If someone else is in the igloo, you should stop judging someone and get to know them, dont judge a book by its cover!

IgnitionAre you trying to light something? A dream of lighting up something signifies a light bulb of thoughts! If you do not have problem igniting it then you are going to be successful with your idea. If it gives problems igniting then you are going to be unfruitful with the idea.

Ignorance: Being ignored is always a very horrible feeling but if you are the one doing the ignoring then you need to slow down with that ignorant attitude. A dream of being ignorant represents ignorance towards aspects of yourself or of others. However, if you dream that you are being ignored signifies you are feeling neglected in your waking life.

Iguana:  Since this is a cold blooded creature it might be linked to your cold emotions.  You feel bad about giving someone the cold shoulder or someone has been hurting you lately.  The Iguana has a visible 3rd eye that might be linked to higher consciousness.

IllnessIf you are dreaming of being sick might be a metaphor for you being sick of something.  Depending the illness it will have a metaphor to what area needs attention in your life as something is slowing your down. If you have cancer for example it might suggest something is eating your up inside.   Having fears of becoming sick or possible predicting what might come in the future is also a possibility.

Illumination: You have finally seen the light! Dreaming of seeing something illuminated indicates that you have finally understood and discovered something that you had problems with before.

Imitation: Imitation is annoying but it is a form of admiration. If you dream of someone imitating you it signifies that they or someone they represent looks up to you. You are making a good impression on people, keep up the good work. If you dream that you are imitating someone it means that you are trying to be someone you are not. It could also signify your respect for them.

Immaculate Conception: Dreams of the Immaculate Conception pertains to your spirituality and your close connection with God.

Immobile: Immobility dreams represent your feelings of being stuck and unable to move forward.

ImmortalYou feel that you are invincible and nothing can harm you! Sorry to break it to you, you are human! Dreaming of immortality signifies you unwillingness to adapt and change.

ImpaleIf you dream that your skin is being pierced with something then you need to notice which body part is being impaled and how it relates to your life. It signifies sentiments of unhappiness with your psyche and impaling it releases these thoughts. It could also represent sexual tension so consider the object piercing your skin and how it makes you feel.

Impeach: A dream of impeaching represents your zeal to control and take advantage of authority. You are confident in yourself and you would do what needs to be done for others to know you are powerful.

Imposter: Dreaming of being an imposter symbolizes your feelings of being an outsider who is welcoming themselves in places and situations. If you dream of having an imposter in your house then consider their personality because you although you have been acting a certain way you feel like those attributes are not part of your characteristic.

Impotence: Being impotent in your dream suggests that you are worried of being able to perform properly or ways that people expect of you in your waking life. It could be in a sexual situation, work or in school where there are high expectation that you feel you cannot match.

ImprisonmentDreams of being imprisoned suggest feelings of being trapped and confined in a place or situation where you feel there is no escape. Is a relationship in your life causing you to feel like if you’ve lost your freedom?

Inauguration: You hard work is paying off and people have realized that you are worthy of praise. The dream signifies your personal development and rise in position in society.

Incense: Incense could be used for spiritual connectivity, meditation or just a relaxing scent. If you dream of burning incense it indicates your strengthened spirituality. Alternatively it suggests that you are at peace with yourself.

Incest: Not to worry as this dream it could refer to you and different aspects of yourself being united. It could be just you maturing and developing sexual desires or your feminine and masculine characteristics merging. This could also be linked to the animus or anima projection, the feminine in the male or vice versa. If you are very close with a family member it could manifest into sexual feelings and you are trying to suppress it and so the fears of it happening it represented in your dream. It could also simply mean that you are in a relationship with someone who reminds you of a family member.

Incoherent: If you find yourself unable to gather your thoughts in your dream it signifies anxiety and anticipation of a situation. It could also mean that you feel unable to control your own actions and others have the power to do it. Dreams like that indicate that you lack of self worth.

Income: Unfortunately money is the root of all evil! Dreaming about your income represents you are stressed about what is going on with your financial situation. It does not matter if you are wealthy and seem to be comfortable in your waking life, you have issues with money. It could just mean something at work is causing you to be worried that things would not be profitable for you.

Incompetent: Dreaming of being incompetent symbolizes your feelings of not being able to match what is needed or expected of you. You think you are incapable of completing what you started.

Incubus: An incubus is a sexual demon. When present in your dream it represents fears you have in your life. If you cannot reach or see it properly it indicates uncertainty with your erotic feelings. However if you make contact with it then you have overcome your negativity.

Independent: Dreaming that you are independent could represent your feeling of wanting to be free and on your own. Alternatively, your unconscious could be warning you to stand your ground before people leave or hurt you because of your dependent nature.

Indian: If you are an Indian in your dream it suggests that you want to go back to your roots and connect more with nature or become more intuitive.

Indigestion: A dream of having indigestion suggests that something is causing you to be uneasy. There is an issue that is causing you to be uncomfortable in your life.

Infant: An infant represents a fresh start and innocence. When you dream of an infant you want have a new beginning with new opportunities.

Infection: Where did you dream of having an infection? Dreams of having an infection represent bad things that you keep to yourself but they are harming you.

Infertile: Dreaming of being infertile could but does not necessarily signify you unable to have a baby, it may be you are worried that you would not be able to carry or care for or a baby. On the other hand it signifies inability to be productive.

Infidelity: Dreams of infidelity indicate dissatisfaction in your current relationship. You feel alone and you need something more sensual and satisfying. If you have been unfaithful then the guilt of your actions are coming out in your dream.

Inflate: Inflating something in a dream indicates more strength and understanding of things in your life.

Inheritance: You seem to get what you want from your family! The dream indicates that you have a number of chances to make things happen in your life that would be beneficial to you.

Initials: Dreaming of initials symbolize someones name in your waking life. Otherwise, it could also be a pun on words that mean something to you.

Initiation: Dreaming of being initiated signifies changes and new beginnings in your life.

InjectionAn injection in your dream symbolizes that you need something injected into you because you feel like you are lacking something. It could be energy, love or just an emotional uplift. If it is an injection for medical purposes then you are worried about getting a disease. If someone is injecting you it suggests that someone is being forceful and you are being taken advantage of which could be present in a sexual relationship.

Injury: What body part is injured? The dream signifies you are hurting in some way and you need time to heal.

Ink: Dreaming of ink is symbolic of visions that you have. You could want to get a tattoo or want to work on your ambitions. If the ink spills then you feel something has caused a stain and you need to clean up the mess or else you cannot advance.

In-LawThe dream could be a pun in law. Has someone been avoiding the law lately and needs their unconscious to tell them be careful? On the other hand it could just represent your relationship with you in laws or what you want to have in the future. Maybe you are ready to settle down and have in laws.

Inn: Dreaming of an inn represents your need to temporarily escape from reality and relax for a bit.

Inner Tube: A dream seeing your intestines or inside parts tangled suggest that you need to rewire your brain because you are an emotional tied up wreck lately.

Inquisition: If you dream of being investigated it means you feel like you have to prove yourself because you feel guilty about a situation. If you are investigating someone it suggests that you do not trust someone and need them to show you who they really are.

Insanity: Are you going insane in your waking life? Do you feel lost? The dream signifies you are overwhelmed with things that are going on in your life. Otherwise you or someone you know is actually experiencing insanity.

Inscription: Pay attention to what is inscribed and where it is. An inscription is your unconscious telling or warning you about something.

Insects: A dream of insects indicates that someone or something is bothering you and causing you to have problems in your life. It is a pun on bugging therefore whatever is hindering you from moving forward, the attack would soon be over.

Inside: Inside where? Look at your surroundings and what it represents to you. It means that you have to pay attention to what is going on at home. Others the dream means that you need to look within yourself and figure out who you really are.

Inside OutSomeone like to go against the norm! Dreaming of your clothes being work inside out indicates how you feel in society and how you have a free spirited and rebellious attitude. If you are turning your clothes inside out in your dream it represents you are trying to something out of the ordinary to protect yourself.

Insomnia: If you dream of having insomnia you need to watch out for the things causing you to be so stressed because it could actually cause insomnia.

Instant Message: A dream of receiving an instant message could be coming from your unconscious so take head. If you are sending an instant message it signifies your interactions in life. Consider who you are sending the instant message to and relate it to your life.

Instructions: Following instructions in your dream could mean a number of things, you need to analyze the dream and why you are following or reading instructions. Ultimately, instructions symbolize you needing to get advice in order to progress. If you fail to follow the instructions properly then you would end up failing at completing the task at hand.

Instruments: First you need to figure out what type of instrument you are using in order to understand your dream. If you dream of a musical instrument it signifies excitement and sexual pleasures. You are ready to adventure and live life as if each day is your last. What type of musical instrument are you using, is it shaped as a genital that you are attracted to? If you then it represents your sexuality. If not then the musical instrument in your dream indicates that you are enjoying life in every way possible. If you see any other tools in your dream it suggests that you need to work on things before you make a move in your life. Be very cautious about your movements and do things properly or else your project will fall apart.

Insulation: Insulation is representative of security, affection and warmth. You feel safe in your current situation.

Insult: Being insulted in a dream represents your own insecurities about yourself. If you insult someone in your dream it suggests that you have repressed feelings of negativity towards that person or someone they represent.

Insurance: Are you insecure? Dreaming of insurance indicates that you need something to prove to you that you are safe in the situation you are presently facing.

IntercomAn intercom in your dream represents your relationships with others and how well you listen and help people.

Interest: A dream like this is telling you to keep working hard and show that you care because it would pay off in the end.

Internet: The internet is the most amazing invention, humanity cannot live without it! It is a form of socializing and being informed about anything in the world. Therefore dreaming of the internet is a message from your unconscious telling you to become more in tuned with technology to understand things better.

Interpreter: Your unconscious is telling you that you need to find someone to aid you in your understanding of yourself and life because you currently do not understand where you are now.

Interrogation: When you dream that you are being interrogate it suggests that someone in your life is causing you worry because they are making you feel that you need to prove yourself in every way.

InterruptBeing interrupted in your dream signifies distraction in your life that is holding you back from progressing.

Intersection: An intersection represents a crossroad in your life. Youve reached a point in your waking life where you dont know what direction to go down. Depending on your confidence level on going down a road would explain if you made a good choice or not.

Interview: Dreaming of an interview where you are the interviewee signifies your worries of being criticized by people. If you are the one interviewing then you feel like to have to question people in order to trust them.

Intoxicated: Dreams of intoxication signify your inability to have control over your actions or situations in your life.

Intravenous Drip: A dream with the drip indicates that someone is supplying you with the means for you to survive. On the other hand it could indicate that you are recovering from something.

Intruder: Your unconscious makes your dreams so if you see and intruder, your unconscious brought them in. This dream means that you have new and unfamiliar emotions that have been worrying you. Otherwise it could mean that you want to meet new people.

Invalid: Dreaming of and invalid symbolizes you feel weak and useless lately which makes you rely on others.

InvasionDreaming of an invasion signifies that you feel that people are invading your space and thoughts, kick them out!

Inventor: If you are an inventor in your dream, look at your inventions and notice that you are capable of creating things.

Inventory: Dreaming about taking inventory represents you evaluating your life and what you have, want or need.

Investment: You are ready, set and ready to go in making commitments for your future.

Invincible: Stop being so full of yourself, all human beings have a weakness! Dreams of being invincible means that you are too confident in yourself but you have to realize no one is perfect.

Invisible: Walking around and shouting at people in your dream but no one seems to know that you exist! This signifies thoughts of loneliness and rejected by others. Being invisible in your dream means your feel things you do go by unnoticed and you just need a little bit of recognition.

Invitation: Who is the invitation from? Someone is probably trying to reach out to you, allow them to prove themselves to you. If you respond to the invitation it means that you are a social person.

Ipod: An ipod could be representative of a message, pay close attention to what song you are listening to.

IQ Test: Is someone testing you or do you need to prove something for yourself? When you dream of an IQ test you feel like if you are not meeting expectations, not even for yourself.

Iris: Dreaming of iris is a good symbol. It represents courage, harmony and insight. The dream is telling you to open your eyes and help out because you have the power to do so.

Iron: Iron is strong and powerful to see it in a dream signifies frustration with your life. If the iron is hot then your temper is at its peak. If you see iron stands firm and someone is trying to break it then someone is attacking you but you are strong and know how to with stand the pressure. If the iron is frail and breaks it indicates weakness and dissatisfaction for you.

Ironing: A dream of ironing symbolizes happiness at home. It could also mean that you need to organize your life and get rid of all the creases and bad things in your life. If you burn your hands or clothes while ironing suggests that you are only worsening whatever situation you are trying to help.

Irrigate: Dreaming of watering plants signifies growth emotionally and spiritually.

IrritationIf you are feeling irritates when being conscious but try to hide these emotions, it comes out in your dreams.

Island: Having a dream with you on an island relaxing indicates your simplicity and leisure in life.Your unconscious is telling you to take a break and kick back for a bit because you are overwhelmed from your life. Alternatively, a dream of being stranded on an island represents you being too relaxed and away from reality. You need to face your struggles and organize your life.

Itch: Dreaming of an itch signifies your itching to do something you always wanted to do. It could pertain to sex of just an adventure that you have to build the gusts up for. On the other hand it could represent someone in your life who is irritating you.

Ivy: Ivy represents closeness and relationships. It may mean that you are too dependent on someone. If the ivy is dyeing someone who you are close with wou

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