Dreams Starting With G


Gag: When you dream about throwing up this signifies that you cannot communicate properly about your feelings in an aspect of your life. On the other hand the dream could be telling you that you are giving out too much information without realizing it and you would pay for it eventually if you do not stop.

GalaIf you are at a festival, carnival or party in your dream it indicates your freedom and festivity in life. You have an optimistic view and enjoying everything life is throwing your way.

GalaxyA dream about the galaxy indicates your ideas and views on creation. It means that you are open to other thoughts and you look at the entire and bigger picture.

Gale: The win is too strong for you to hold on no matter what you grab and try to hold on to. The dream represents the chaos around you that seems to be going by and you have no way of keeping track of anything. Things are in a mess and you have no power over what is going on.

GamblingAre you a gambler in your waking life? If not then to dream of gambling suggests that you be a bit more adventurous and take some chances in life. You only have one life to live so lighten up a bit and enjoy things without worrying too much about the consequences. If you are a gambler then your unconscious is telling you to slow down a bit and take a look at what you are doing, stop being so careless and letting your luck take you places in life. Eventually you would start gambling with your life.

Gaming Show: When you dram of a game show you should pay attention to the name of it and what you are trying to win. Use this information and see what it means to you in your life. Usually dreams like this indicate that you need to make some alterations and trying and figure out why you are so worried about your future.

Game playing: A dream about having fun and enjoying games signifies that you should relax a bit and kick back, have some fun in your life and stop stressing so much.

GangTo see yourself being part of a gang in a dream symbolizes your desire to be more powerful and threatening in order to get what you want. If you battle with a gang or a gang wants to face you then you are stressed with things in life.  Do you want to be part of a group? Do you need protection?

Gap: A gap means a lost or missing space in something. When you dream of a gap it symbolizes precisely the same thing in your waking life. You may feel like if you are missing something or simply missing the point of a specific case.

Garage: Things left in a garage are neglected and put aside because they are not being used. When you dream of being in a garage it means that you are not applying yourself to the best of your abilities and because of this, you are not heading the right way in life. You need to stop being lazy and go out and be productive. If you are opening the garage or entering a garage then you are sure about something. You know what you want and  decided to take the right steps in order to get where you want to go. Otherwise if the door is closing then you are holding yourself back and being indecisive. Remember friends would carry astray and never bring you back. Stop playing around and helping others; be a bit selfish if you want to get ahead in life.

Garage Sale: Having a garage sale in your dream symbolizes that you are getting rid of the old you. Whether it is past experiences, old toys or a job that you are fed up of you have used these things and learnt from them so that you have developed the abilities and experiences you wanted from them.

GarbageIs it your trash or someone else? If you find yourself throwing away things in your dream then you are trying to get rid of things that you do not like about yourself. You are ultimately throwing out unwanted qualities that you no longer desire to be part of your personality. Perhaps you need to be more responsible and stop leaving things aside to pile up and create a clutter.If you dream of going through someone else garbage can and find something precious this represents your outlook on things. You should realize that you do not need to follow other people, change the way you look at your life. Things that mean nothing to other people could be valuable to you if you look closer. If you own garbage can is empty then you should think about things you need out of your life. Your unconscious is telling you it is time to let go of the past or even of some idea that is not working well for you. Get rid of the garbage in your life.

Garden: Are you planting in a garden, is it barren or fruitful? If you dream of a fruitful garden then whatever idea you have executed in your walking life is working well for you and you are going to go far with it. If you are planting something in a garden then you are either burying your past or ready to see if your plans would work out. If your garden is full of flowers this is symbolic of peace and love. If your garden is barren and full of weeds this represents your ignorance to your life and what has been happening around you. You are bringing yourself down.

Garden of Eden: Depending on your dream you may not realize where you are. If you think about enough and realize that a snake or an apple is related to the Garden of Eden then this symbolizes your sexual desires. It could also mean that you are regretting decisions that you’ve made and you want to regain your innocence that was lost in your disobedience or poor decision making.

Garter: A garter is a very sexy garment and to dream of wearing or purchasing one indicates you want to be sexier, less innocent and more daring when it comes to sex.

Gasoline: When you dream of gasoline it is representative of your energy levels. If your car is running low on gas or you see or smell it then this means you need time to relax and think about for yourself for a bit. You should have a better handle on your health and situations that you are dealing with in your life.
To find yourself or someone else in a gas chamber represents some situation that is bringing you down and causing you to suffer.
If you are being protected from the gas by wearing a gas mask indicates your ability to know what is good for you and what is not. You are conscious of the fact that people are not giving you all the information they have.

GateDreaming of a gate that is opened symbolizes chances to do things in your life. The gate means that you are venturing out into new fields in your life.
If the gate is closed that means you do not know how to cross bridges and move on to new things in life. Whatever problem you are facing is not going to go away on its own; you need to do something about it and the gate would open for you.

GatheringWhat is the gathering about? Is it a bunch of people or are you gathering your things? When you dream about trying to gather your things and put things together it suggests that you are trying to organize the things in your life. If you dream of people gathering together then pay attention to different traits in them because your unconscious is suggesting that you are trying to use these in your personality.

Gear: Driving a manual car and switching gears in your dream represents your ability to move forward at a steady pace. It could also mean you know how to handle situations and have a good control over things in your life.

Gel: If you dream about putting gel in your hair it means that you are trying to hold things together in your life. You feel as if everything is falling apart but the gel symbolizes that things are going to be sorted out soon.

Gems: A gem is hard to find and valuable. When you dream of a gem this means that you have high expectations or you’ve found something of great importance to you. If you give someone a gem it represents your feeling of giving someone an important part of you.

Gender: If you have dream about yourself being another gender, do not be afraid your unconscious is telling you to incorporate some of these qualities into your personality. On the other hand it could mean that you are having a gender issue, you do not know what sex you feel more comfortable with. It could also mean that you are feeling sexual frustration in your waking life and you may dream of yourself being another gender but with a different personality, your dream indicates that you are attracted to someone that could have similar qualities as you.

Generator: You may have been a bit out of it for a while but the generator signifies you are going to power yourself up to get what you need done. It could also mean that you want to help give someone a power up; they seem to be in the dark lately.

Genie: A genie is able to help others and grant their wishes. If you are the genie in your dream then you are trying to help someone out with what they desire in life. Otherwise if you see a genie then you want someone to tend to your wishes. You are probably feeling neglected and want some attention.

Genitals: Genitals symbolizes your emotions towards intimacy and your sexual preferences. If you dream of your own genitals it signifies your worries about something that you think is wrong with you. You could be afraid that you are unable to please your partner in bed. If you dream of the opposite sex’s genital, pay attention to your reaction to it. Are you comfortable, afraid or not attracted to it? Dreams of this kind would let you know your sexuality and if you are afraid of sex or you crave it. It could also indicate your feelings towards commitment and whether you don’t want to settle down. If you see a number of genitals of whatever sex you are attracted to then it probably means you cannot settle for one partner, you are a wild one!

Genius: Dreaming of being a genius represents your knowledge in a specific situation. On the other hand you could be feeling as if you are not applying your full potential or you wish you could be better at what you are trying to accomplish.

German shepherd: Dogs on the whole are very good dream symbols. Now when you dream of a German shepherd it represents your loyalty, friendliness, defensiveness and alertness to a situation. If you are training one then this means you can easily persuade someone or vice verse.

Germs: A dream about germs all over indicates your frustration or anxiety about getting sick. Something is bothering you when you are conscious and you feel somewhat not like yourself and a bit weak. You could also feel like if something or someone is being too dirty around you.

Ghetto: Have you been hit with a financial crisis? You are worried since things at work are not doing too well and you fear that you won’t make enough money to live comfortably. It could mean that you feel neglected and unsupported. If you actually live in a place that looks similar then you are just dreaming of being home, if you pay attention to your emotions in the dream it could mean that you are content with your lifestyle or that you wish you could go somewhere else.

GhostDreams of this sort symbolize something or someone that resurfaced or was born again after they were considered dead. It could be deceased person or just a thought you buried.
If you communicate with a ghost in your dream and are not intimidated by it, this could be a very powerful symbol. It could mean someone has come from the spirit world to give you a message or warn you about something. On the other hand it could just mean that you are missing some quality or aspect of someone that died and was close with you. If you know for sure it is someone you knew then you may be trying to make resolution with something that was done when they were alive. Alternatively is could mean that the person just wants to tell you something that they never got to say before they died.
Otherwise if you feel afraid when the ghost is present then you regret whatever you did in the past and it is coming back to haunt you. Your unconscious is trying to help you get rid of the guiltiness that has been lingering in your memory.
If you dream of someone who is still alive as a ghost then someone is attracted to you and you feel uneasy about it. They haven’t told you about but your unconscious is picking up on it.
If you dream of a young ghost then you should pay close attention to its attitude and what is going it. You may be feeling a bit old and wishing you could go back in time. It could also just be you are reminiscing when you were younger in your waking life.

Ghost Town: A dream where you wander through a town with no one in sight is a common one. First you need to analyze your surrounding and see if you have any memories there or it serves any purpose of your past. If so then you need stop living in those days and move on. If not it could just mean that you feel lonely and you find yourself trying to get away from people.

Giant: If you dream of a giant or being a giant then you feel inferior to someone.

GiftGifts are always nice and they make you feel cared for and loved. If you are giving a gift then you like to care for others. You have a kind heart and  like to see people smile. On the other hand, the gift could mean trying to help or express yourself to someone that needs care in communicating it to them. It could also mean that you are trying to feel accepted by someone. If you are receiving a gift then someone knows that you are a good person and they want to show you that you deserve to be treated nicely.

Gift Wrap: To see gift wrap in your dream, suggests that there is something that you are trying to cover up or hide. You are trying to present something unpleasant in a more inviting or cheerful manner. Consider what you are wrapping, as well as the color, pattern and occasion of the wrapping paper for additional significance. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes celebration and happiness. You are acknowledging a special occasion.

Gig: Dreaming about being part of a gig indicates your desire to have the spotlight on you. You want your independence and to let loose but you want the attention too.

Giraffe: A dream about you being a giraffe or seeing one represents the fact that you need to look at your life on a whole. You are taking care of someone way too much and forgetting about yourself. Your neck may stretch long but pretty soon its going to hurt so take a look at the direction of your life.

Girdle: Wearing a girdle in a dream is symbolic of holding back who you really are in society or being held back so that you can aid people. You are aware of the fact that you cannot do everything you want to do because of your commitments.

Girl Scout: Dreaming that you are a girl scout indicates that you need to apply more of your feminine traits. Characteristics like understanding and compassionate would help you reach your goals.

Girls: When you dream about a girl that you just met and felt attracted to, is your unconscious telling you what your conscious did not pick up on and whether to continue trying to develop a relationship or you should forget her because she was just messing with you.
If the girl is just a random girl that appeared in your dream then it represents your feminine traits. If you are a woman then you are looking back your youth and what things used to be like. If you dream of your girlfriend, see friend for the meaning.

GivingWhen you are able to give stuff to others it represents your aspiration of being isolated from the way society is run with a materialistic outlook on everything. It could also mean that you need to give a bit to feel accepted.…

GlassIf you dream of being surrounded or covered by glass then you are trying to defend yourself in a situation, sort of like putting up a glass wall. If you find the glass is not transparent and something seems to be hindering you from seeing clearly through the glass then your views about something are not clear. If you are looking through the glass it means you are trying to find a way to let someone in without being hurt. Alternatively, you know the saying sometime we put up a wall to see who would climb over it?

If the glass is broken then you seem to be facing troubles in your life. Something is has broken into pieces and you cannot put the pieces back together. You would feel like your life is shattered to pieces but you should learn from it and make some positive changes in your life. If you walk on the broken glass then you are not going to let pain stop you from going further in your life, you are going continue walking.
If you are eating glass then you seem to be putting yourself in situations where you are left helpless. You are swallowing the hurtful things and hiding the pain from others.
If you are drinking from it glass then this is symbol of good luck.

GlitterWe love to try and live a life full of glamour. To see glitter or throw glitter in your dream means that you want some attention in your life and to get it, you need to put yourself out there. If you see something is shiny or glittery then you should be weary of things that appear pretty because the glitter is just dust. Something or someone in your life could be trying to get your attention but it really is not good for you.

GlobeA globe in your dream symbolizes travel and control. Whether it is to take a trip in your own life and look at things from different views or simply try to experience new things because you never know whats out there for you. You seem to be in control of your life unless the globe does not stop spinning no matter how hard you try to stop it.

Gloomy: Is everything grey and depressing in your dream? You seem to be facing the same atmosphere in your waking life. Your unconscious is telling you that something or someone is not doing you good.

GlovesWhen you dream of gloves you need to look at the context of the dream and how you use it.
If you are wearing the gloves then you are protecting yourself in a situation. You know how to manage the problems in your life and you have a good hold on the things going on. It represents control therefore taking them off would indicate lack of it in your life.
If you take off your gloves and hand them over to someone else this suggests you value the person and their thoughts. On the other hand, if you throw the gloves on the floor after taking them off then you are frustrated with something and you are giving up.

GlowA dream about seeing a glowing light on something then some new information has intrigued you. If it is on someone or something that serves purpose in your life then your unconscious is telling you to pay attention to them in your waking life.

GlueWhen you dream about glue or being glued then you feel stuck and held in a situation or relationship that you no longer want to stay in. You could be afraid of being too committed to a person or a job.
If you are gluing things together then you are trying to put pieces of yourself together. If you are gluing things to yourself it suggests you do not know how to let go of stuff or of relationships, you have problems letting go.

Goal: Trying to score some goals in your dream? If you finally get make the goal it indicates you’re headed the right way in life and soon going to be victorious in reaching for your goals. If you try and try again but continue to miss then you need to take a new path in life, the current one is not working for you.

Goat: Goat dreams symbolize vulnerability and sexuality. Someone is going to deceive you in your conscious life and make you pay for the blame. Otherwise you may need to take steps to achieve some sexual desire.

God: When we as humans think of God, we think of something that is perfect and intangible. Therefore a dream with God of some unexplained force or presence indicates your feelings about attaining perfection. It could also be a higher power trying to relay a message to you through your subconscious, pay attention to the message. If you are God in your dream then you think you are better than others and you believe you have the ability to control their actions.
If you are trying to talk to God or get him to speak to you this indicates your feelings of trying to ask forgiveness for whatever you’ve done wrong.

Goddess: A dream about a Goddess represents a powerful female presence. If you are guy and dream of a Goddess then you are afraid of feminine control or being more powerful than you.

Godzilla: A dream with Godzilla represents the irrepressible urges and actions. Your mind is unable to make sense of a problem that is getting worse and you cannot handle it.

Goggles: Are you looking at something that is hurting you at a closer view or are you shielding yourself from it? Wearing goggles or seeing them in your dream indicates feelings of hurt that you are trying to avoid or pay closer attention to.

Gold: You’ve discovered something extremely precious and important about yourself or a new discovery that would bring you wealth has unfolded for you. Dreaming of gold means self discovery whether it be good or bad.
If you find gold in your dream it suggests that you found out about some personal trait that would do you well.
If you hide or bury gold then you do not want others to find out what you discovered about yourself. You are being very selfish and ignorant about your new discovery.

Golden Retriever: A golden retriever in your dream is a pun. It suggests that you find out your hidden qualities. Retrieve gold, refer to gold to understand further. You could also look at the meaning of dog.

Goldfish: Goldfish are very common pets for us. As a pet it stays in the jar and watches on in peace and protected from interference. If you look at the goldfish in your dream with the same context, you could understand that your dream means that in your waking life you feel at ease and free from stresses and intervention from the outside world.

Golf: When you dream of golf you want to have some peace and relax a bit in your waking life. If you keep hitting the golf ball until you finally make the putt then you do not give up. You do what you need to do to make a hole in one.

GoodbyeDreaming of a goodbye whether you tell someone, something or it is said to you, does not mean that things are going to be ending badly. Do not be worried because it symbolizes a new beginning in your life.

Goose: When you dream of a goose or geese, it could be a pun on mother goose or going on a wild goose chase. Look at the context of the dream and see how it relates to your life. If you are the goose and you are running after things in your dream and not finding what you are looking for then you are chasing things in your life. If you are being overprotective of your eggs this represents that you feel a responsibility of trying to be a motherly figure for others in your life. You need to learn to lay your eggs and let them hatch on their own accord.

Goosebumps: Are you hairs standing on edge and you are speechless? A dream like this suggests that youve found out something in your life that is making you very anxious.

Gorilla: A dream of a gorilla is representative of either your sexuality or being too aggressive in a situation.

Gossip: When you dream about hearing gossip it indicates that you are listening to others and not using your own discretion. Just note that gossip is not always accurate. Alternatively, if you are contributing towards the gossip this means that you are bringing down other people or you have a problem with someone and you are going about it the wrong way.

Government: The government in a dream indicates control over things in your life. It represents your views of society and how you think things operate. Look at the government, do you dream of a positive and honest government or is everything full of corruption? You may want to see things in your life run the way it happens in your dream.

Gown: When you dream of wearing a gown, you dream of how you are trying to appear to others. If others think you are very wealthy and extravagant with your life then you would dream of an elaborate evening gown. If the gown is very old and rugged then society looks at you as a cheap and stingy person.

GPS: Are you looking for the right route to reach your ambitions? When you dream of a GPS it suggests that you are searching for the right path to take to reach where you want to go in life.

GraduationA dream of graduating symbolizes your transition to better things and another step in life. You have successfully completed some goals and are ready to go on to other more challenging ones.
If you are looking on as other people or friends graduate, this indicates that you want to move forward in life but you have not done what you need to do. Try harder this time around and do not give up!

GrandchildDo you have grandchildren in your life? If you dream of your own grandchild then you see like qualities in them or you are missing them. Whether you have grandchildren or not you could also be remembering your past and wishing you were a youngster again.

Grandfather Clock: Dreaming of a grandfather clock is symbolic of time that has passed. It could also mean you are holding on to old habits and ways that have become outdated. Get with the time!

Grandparents: Dreams involving your grandparents represent the relationship and love you share with them. When you dream about something bad happening to your grandparents it indicates that you fear they’re going to die soon. Sometimes these dreams are premonitions so you should probably try getting in touch with them to see how they are doing. If they have already died then you are missing them or you feel they went too soon without you saying a proper goodbye. It could also mean that your grandparent who appears in your dream wants to tell you something.

Grandfather: When you dream of a grandfather then you simply admire the characteristics of elderly people or on the other hand feel sorry for him and you dread reaching that state.

GrandmotherA grandmother is very caring and loving. Any grandmother you know that cannot cook? Dreaming of a grandmother represents your admiration and care you have for her. It could simply mean that you just feel for some good home cooked food from your grandma!

GrapefruitA grapefruit signifies your faith and doing good things. It means that you will soon prosper after all that you have done for yourself and others.

GrapesGrape vines are symbolic of opportunity and prosperity. If you have grape vines growing in your dream and people are picking from them this means that you are a generous person and you offer help to others. On the other hand, if you are picking grapes then you would soon reap what you have sown. All your time and effort into a particular matter would pay off!

GrassA dream about grass represents your successes. If you dream you are admiring someone else’s grass then you are being envious of that persons achievements. If you dream of planting or watching your own grass then you know how to achieve what you want in life and know that your endeavors would pay off.

Grasshopper: As the saying goes, Patience young grasshopper! Dreaming of a grasshopper indicates that you are still learning how to deal with an obstacle in your life. However soon you would be liberated and dedicated to the tasks you have to complete in order to fulfill your duties in life.

Grave: When you dream of a grave it is similar to dreaming of death. You need to pay close attention to your dream and what is seriously bothering you. It could be something bothering you from the past that you try to hide in your waking life or it could just mean that you are missing something that you buried. If you are digging a grave then you are trying to bury your problems. If you are digging deeper into a grave that has already been created, you feel stuck and the deeper you go the more worried you get about something that is bothering you in your life.

Graveyard: What exactly is in the graveyard? Do you recognize any of the names on the headstone? The graveyard could just be your buried feelings or people you have gotten rid of in your life. It could also mean that you wish to see someone who was close to you that has died.

Gravity: Gravity is what keeps us grounded. If you dream of gravity pulling you or forcing you down then something is causing you distress. If you dream you are in space or floating in the air where there is no gravity then you feel free from stress and problems. Nothing is going to hold you down, you are relaxed and at a comfortable place in your waking life.

Greeting Card: When you dream of a greeting card it has something to do with a relationship or getting in contact with someone. If you receive a greeting card then something or someone is going to surprise you. You may need to get in contact with the sender. If you are giving a greeting card, your unconscious is telling you that you need to get in contact with whomever you are sending the card.

Grenade: Seeing a grenade in your dream suggests that something is going to blow up in your face. Some problem that you thought running away from would solve it is going to come back and haunt you in a big way!

Grindstone: A grindstone is a good symbol. Whatever you dream of doing with the grindstone represents your actions which are going to lead you to advance in your waking life. If you are using the grindstone to sharpen something this indicates that you have people in your life that have proven useful to you.

Groans: When you hear groans in your dream it means that someone needs your help because they are hurt. It could also mean sexual groaning where you may be having problems or holding back on letting it out in your conscious life and so your unconscious is telling you to let loose and enjoy your sex life.

Groceries: What exactly are you shopping for? Are you missing something in your life of your diet? Try and relate the grocery item to your life. The item could be a pun on someone�s name that you may be connected with in some way or it could just mean that you need to start eating more of it!

GroomIf you dream of a groom, whether you are a woman or a man, it means that you are ready to settle down and be in a committed relationship. It could also represent your zeal to care more about someone in a serious way and not just for fun.

GroundA ground is like a barrier or wall between your subconscious and your waking life. It is what separates your two states of mind. A ground is what allows you to have a base. Therefore when you dream of it then it means you have a strong foundation and you are well-grounded. It could also mean that you have an open mind and understanding of your unconscious.

If the ground is bumpy, uphill or downhill it represents obstacles that you are going through or that your subconscious is warning you is about to happen.

GrowlIf you dream that you are growling in your dream then you need to let go of unwanted negative emotions. You seem to be holding back these feelings in your waking life but your unconscious is trying to tell you that it is going to bother you until you release your frustration. If you hear a growl then you need to be careful because you are being warned by your unconscious that you or someone you know is in peril.

Guard: Guards are a form of protection. When you dream of a guard it could mean a number of things for you in your waking life. If you dream of a guard trying to guard you but is having problems, it means that you need to put up your protective layers a bit.
If you dream of a guard protecting you then it represents the fact that your guard is up and you may need to let it down just a bit.

Guest: When you dream of yourself being a guest this indicates your awkwardness in a situation. You feel new and uneasy about a few something in your life. If you dream of welcoming a guest then someone new or a new situation or adventure is going to come your way and you are ready to welcome it with open arms.

Guillotine: As the saying goes, You got your head on your shoulders. Well in this case it looks as though someones head has left their shoulders! To dream of a guillotine symbolizes your lack of thinking clearly and using your head. Think over things before you act.

GuiltDreams of feeling guilty represent your feelings that you have suppressed in your waking life. You do not let these emotions out when you are conscious and so your unconscious has to release them.

GuitarA dream of a guitar is symbolic of love and sexuality. Are your strings broken or perfectly strung? The meaning of the dream depends on the condition of the guitar. If you have broken strings then your heart may be broken and if the guitar is perfectly strung then you are probably in love.

GumWhen you dream of gum it indicates feelings of being trapped and susceptible. You seem to be stuck in a situation in your life. If you cannot get rid of the gum, whether it sticks to your hand or your mouth, you are upset by your inability to get away from the problem.

GunDreaming of a gun is symbolic of either a male genital or control and temperance.
If you are loading a gun it represents your anger and how you are handling things in your life. Be careful not the fill the gun up n let things get messy. Control your temper or it would control you. If you dream that the gun is not working and you cannot shoot, for whatever reason, this signifies something is going wrong in your life because of thoughts about lack of power. It could be sexual problems or just that you feel unable to control a situation in your life.
Dreaming of shooting someone of someone shooting you means you have a problem with someone or your feel someone has a problem with you. If you are the one attacking then you do not like someone and your annoyed by them. Shooting them would indicate that you do not want them in your life. On the other hand, if someone is shooting at you this signifies your feelings of being attacked by someone. Do you feel that someone is trying to harm you in your waking life? If not, it could also mean that you feel someone is taking advantage of you sexual.

Gunpowder: A dream of gunpowder is similar to dreaming of loading a gun. You are getting ready to blow things up with the path you have been on lately. Your unconscious is telling you that you need to slow down and think before you act.

Gutter: Is it an empty gutter or is there something there that is valuable? Dreaming of a gutter symbolizes depression and low spirits but if you find something in it then you need to look in places where you least expect to find what you want to make you happy. It could also simply mean that the precious things in life could be found in the places that you would not usually look.

GymnasiumShape up or ship out! Dreams with a gym signify your need to work on yourself whether it be in fact exercise or to practice what you learn in life.

Gynecologist: When you dream of a gynecologist it signifies worry of your genital or your partners genital. You could be afraid of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. If you are a woman you could be experiencing problems with your vaginal area and nervous about the outcome but you know that you need to see a specialist about the problem.

Gypsy: Do you feel confined and trapped and you just want to let loose and go where you please? Dream of being a gypsy represents your feelings to be free from responsibility and travel when you feel.

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