Dreams Starting With F


Face: Dreaming of admiring your face indicates your strength and confidence in yourself. If you are touching your face it could mean that you are looking at yourself and trying to understand how the world perceives you. You are not facing the problems you have in your life but you are hiding from the reality of things.A disfigured or blemished face whether it be your own or someone else means a false persona. If it is your face, you are trying to hide your appearance or someone is trying to bring you down. If it is somebody face then they are not being straight with you. Similarly, if you or someone has two faced it indicates a double sided personality. In the golden days, they used to say that a bloated face means that you are going to have an economic gain. If you are cleaning your face it represents you want to come out and express your true self and wash the dirt off your reputation.

Faceless: A face depicts peoples emotions and personality, without a face we are almost senseless. If you see yourself without a face then you do not understand yourself properly and you may have lost your sense of your own identity. On the other hand, when you see a faceless character in your dream it represents your lack of ability to understand others.

Face lift: Dreams with any form of plastic surgery are because of insecurities with your appearance and body image. You have a dream of a face lift when your confidence level goes up a bit and the insecurities die down for a while.

Failure: Dreaming of failure is representative of your fear and worry of actually being unable to meet the standards of society of that you have made for yourself based on the pressures of society to excel. If you are not confident in your potential then you will have many dreams of failing. Failing in front of others is plain and simple about your appearance to society.
A common dream that almost everyone has had is failing in school. This does not mean that you are going to fail, but it does represent your anxiety about overlooking something. To dream that you go out of business or you are unsuccessful at doing your job is a sign of your fears of not being trained enough.
Dreaming of having a relationship that is not doing too well because of you is a warning that you need to step up and do something or else the relationship is going to fail in your waking life.

Fainting: When you faint in a dream it means that you are not prepared for something. If you faint after seeing someone it means that you are not quite prepared to confront that person in reality. Fainting on your own symbolizes your unpreparedness for a situation.

Fairy: A fairy is symbolizes a messenger in your dream. When you dream of a fairy it means you need some advice and your unconscious takes the chance to give it to you because you wont accept it from anyone else when you are conscious. When a fairy is calling you to look at something, follow it because theres a message waiting for you. Fairies are also miserable and like to play jokes on you if they manage to play games with you that you cannot seem to figure out it means that are doing this to yourself. You are not being straightforward with yourself, stop tricking your instincts. However, at the end of the day fairies are lucky characters and are sent to grant wishes. If you get a wish granted it means that you should be in high spirits because you have the ability to do well in your life.

Fall: Think of yourself as a caterpillar going into its cocoon ready to turn into a butterfly. To dream of this season means that you are finally paying off for all your hard work and you will have a new beginning.

Falling: A dream about falling is one of the most common dreams. Its one of those dreams where you jump up in bed wondering what the hell just happened. If you are free falling, maybe falling through the clouds, and enjoying it means that you are not afraid of changes and are ready to embrace the beauty of it. If it is in water the dream suggests that you have very strong feelings for someone. As the saying goes, You have falling for someone. You could either enjoy the swim or struggle to resurface which means you do not want to go under, you want to reject these emotions.If you fall anywhere and you are overcome by fear it signifies insecurity and anxiety about a situation. You may have failed at doing something in your walking life and the dream is letting out your feelings about doing badly. Falling down in a house in a dream indicates you have problems with family life. Falling off a building signifies problems at work. If you dream of falling off of a rock or mountain it means you need to find out who you are because you do not quite understand yourself.

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Family: Some people are not close with their family and so have friends who they consider family. Family is very important the second most important aspect of a human life as Maslow explained in his hierarchy of needs. Family should provide safety, security and love.
Dreaming of a happy experience with your family represents your actual relationship with your family. You have a good relationship with them in which you feel safe and cared for. If you dream your family is in danger and you are needed, you feel like you are responsible for them. If you have an argument in your dream with someone in your family it means that you are trying to suppress some quality you have from them.  Dreams of having a different family than your actual family means you feel more accepted and secure with another set of people.

Farm: A dream of you working on a farm suggests that you want to go further with your skills, you know what you are about and you want to put them into play. If you just see a farm then you want to get more connected with Mother Nature. Otherwise if you cannot handle the farm and you feel uncomfortable it means you need to me more comfortable with yourself.

Farmer: A farmer works hard day in and out to yield good crops. When you dream of being a farmer it means that you should work a bit harder and you would be more fruitful in life.

Farsighted: We as humans often tend to forget the small things in life and run for the grand prize. When you dream of being farsighted your unconscious is telling you to stop ignoring the small things and you would find what you are looking for.

Fast Food: To dream of eating fast food represents your lack of care with your body. It could be that you are not giving yourself the chance to indulge a bit because of your fear of becoming fat or that you have been over indulging and your body is suffering from it.

Fat: Do you a desire to get rid of extra weight? Could this mean you need to cut down on your carbs for your health. A dream about being fat is similar to your dreams about fast food. It indicates that you are conscious of your weight and you feel like you been putting on a few pounds. Getting rid of extra weight or trying to might be a metaphor to get rid of access stuff that is heavy on your body. When you dream of someone else being fat it means you are going to be more successful and a bit of luck is going to be heading your way because you are going to profit in some aspect of your life.

Father: A dream about your father suggests authority and security problems or acceptance. It could be anyone in y our life who is trying to be in charge or tell you what to do. You may also be similar to your father so take a look at his character in the dream and see if you have a similar quality that you may not like and trying to deny it in your waking life. This might also be a symbol of the shadow archetype for males or the animus projection for females. The shadow would be any repressed emotion or feeling that is dormant with in the psyche of that individual. For a women to dream of their father might represent the unknown masculine within the feminine. When you argue with your father in your dream it means that you are trying to rebel or you are doing so. Your dream may be your only way of letting your anger out about not being able to be in charge of your own life. If you hit your father in the disagreement it actually symbolizes a desire you having a better relationship with him. You feel rejected in some aspect of his life and you are trying to get him to listen and be closer with you.If you have a dream with intimacy with your father it indicates that you try to handle your problems with authority or to get above or ahead people who are in charge of you, whether it be a principle or boss, you use sexual seduction methods. Alternatively a dream of having a good conversation and open relationship with your father means you have accepted authority figures in your life.

Faucet: When you dream of water it is representative of feelings and emotions. A faucet controls when water could be used and so a faucet symbolizes your control over your feelings. Depending on the temperature of the water it would tell you what sort of feelings you are having about a situation in your life.
If the faucet it leaking it mentions your emotions have been going non stop and you cannot stop it, you feel exhausted from it. It could also hint towards sexual frustration. If the faucet is unable to turn on or it keeps turning but no water is coming out signifies your inability to express yourself. You may try to but you hide what you really feel because you are afraid of what others would think or you could have trust issues.

Fax Machine: A fax machine acts is like text messaging in reality, it is you unconscious way of communicating messages to you that you do not notice in your waking life. If you receive a message, pay close attention to it because someone is trying to reach you. If you are sending a fax but it is not going through because of whatever malfunction it means you are looking for a way to send a message to someone but you are fearful of the response or you are not using the right method of expressing yourself. If it is not sending because of no paper it means you are fed up because you do not know what else to say in a situation.

Fear: If you are stressed in your waking life, look out for the images and symbols that is causing you fear in your dreams because that could be your answer to your problems with stress. Fearful dreams are a sign of stress and you are overloading your brain so try managing your problems, stress could cause many problems in life.

Feather: If you dream of a feather it means you need to ease up a bit. Stop being so harsh with things and enjoy life for a bit. If you dream of bird or chicken feathers it indicates you want to get away from a situation which is causing you to be agitated. If the feathers are falling on you from above especially from an eagle be prepared to go further and farther in life because it represents advancement.

Feet: To see you feet in a dream is representative of your base and what supports you and your movements. If you are looking at them and paying close attention to flaws you are pondering on your life and what steps to take. Indian people consider the feet to be the most sacred part of the body and so dreaming of the feet are seen as a sign of one of the Gods gracing upon you or giving you like abilities. If your feet are hurt it means that something important to you is going to be damaged or a fault will be found in it. The washing of feet whether it is your own or someone else is a dream that stands for humility and absolution. Someone may be giving you problems or may have walked over you and you are forgiving them.
If you are playing footsie with someone or just tickling their feet it means that a new discovered relationship is going to be very fruitful. You have found a great companion for amazing intimacy and have a similar direction in life.

Fence: A fence in a dream represents the same thing in your waking life, a barrier! Are you climbing over or hiding behind it? There is an obstacle in your path and you are either going to ignore it and excel or stand down and stay where you are. It could also mean that there is a barrier protecting you from harm or something or someone that is trying to bring you down. The fence is a symbol of getting away from the world and being in YOUR OWN WORLD away from everyone else.

Ferret: A dream of seeing a ferret is not as good sign. It signifies your lack of trust in others. If someone is talking to you about a ferret, if you decode the word into something that is meaningful in your life then try and figure out what it means to you.

Ferris wheel: A ferris wheel goes around in circles and is not supposed to stop while you are in it. If you enjoy your ride in it then you are happy with your direction in life. If the ferris wheel is moving to fast then you feel time is too short and your life seems to be going past you too fast. Life is not perfect, we have to go through good and bad. A ferris wheel is symbolic of that going up and down. If you get stuck on the ferris wheel, which direction are you facing? Your life seems to be heading in the same direction.

Ferry: A ferry is a method of transporting you from one place to another in a timely manner and it represents precisely this in your waking life. You want to make transformations in your life which could be mental or physical but you want things to happen quickly. You may want to slow down a bit and analyze how you are going to step up in life.

Fetus: A fetus is an idea or new development in your life has been conceived but not yet completed or finished. If you give birth to the child prematurely or the fetus being aborted before it is born it means that the development has been terminated and can no longer go any further. If the fetus is trying to get out but is not this means that something is hindering or postponing the birth. If it is born in normal procedure it means the idea was successful put into to play.

Fever: When someone has fever, the body gets very hot. The same thing happens when you become anger, hot tempered or sexually attracted to another individual. Thus to dream of having a fever indicates an attraction to another individual or a suppression of your feelings of anger. If you get angry easily and you’ve been having dream of being feverish it means you need to find a way to clear your mind. On the other hand, if their is someone in your life that makes your head turn their way whenever they pass you, you should get your courage level up and let them know. If someone is taking care of you when you are sick it suggests that theirs something you need help with because you do not feel comfortable doing it on your own.

Fighting: When you dream of fighting in your dreams it signifies fury and frustration because you cannot release the energy you have in you. It represents an inner conflict that you have in your waking life. If you are hurt from fighting it indicates a fear you have of being hurt if you face a situation or a person that is causing you stress or anger. To watch a fight that you don’t participate in not even to help someone suggests that you feel safe and out of a problem that is going to happen.

Film: Are you feeling excited to develop your film or agitation and looking to dump the evidence? If you are trying to burn or throw out the film you have regrets about something you’ve done in your life. Alternatively, developing the film means that you are looking back on things you’ve done and you want to see how it is going to help you with new developments in your present life to have a better future. You are ready to see benefits and learning from the pain you have experienced.

Finding an object: Did you search long enough to find treasure, gold or just something you lost? You might have finally found the solution to your problems and are ready for change! Finding something you lost means you are going to overcome obstacles while hitting treasure indicates the right road to victory.

Finger: Pointing fingers in your dream is symbolic of guilt, pay attention to who is pointing the finger! If someone is pointing fingers at you it means you have done something wrong and although people may not know about it you feel guilty about doing it. On the other hand if you are pointing fingers you are trying to pass the responsibility of your consequences on to someone else. If you are using your fingers to do hands on work it means that you have great ability. If you use your finger to curse someone it means someone is causing you to be annoyed and powerless with something.
If your fingers are not working properly and you cut fingers off it means you want to get rid of the things that are bringing you down or making you do poorly in life.

Fingernails: To see your fingernails in a dream means that you are looking at how society views you and depending on the condition of your nails will tell you what it going in with your image and reaction to these images. To have dirty nails this signifies a bad image or you may be working on something that is too difficult for you to handle. If you are cleaning your nails it means you are trying to get rid of bad qualities and improve on what people think of you. If you break your nail you have gotten rid of the personality that is not really you, you are now yourself even though you had to painfully get rid of your fake persona. When your nails are clean and polished it means that you are seen that way in society and people respect you because of your character.

Fingerprints: Have you ever had that dream where an officer is staring at you while you place your finger in the ink and hesitantly place it on the area for your fingerprint? A dream like that means you feel guilty about something. If you are taking someone else finger print indicates that you think that person is guilty and needs to be blamed for a situation.

Fire: Fire could be representative of a number of things. However, lighting a fire yourself it not usually a good sign, you may not realize it but you are injuring yourself with inner turmoil.If you dream of getting burnt by fire you are battling with new adjustments in your life. You may be playing with fire and the journey you are going on is not working for you. If you dream of your house being on fire it stands for transformation of your household.
If you see someone on fire it means you are trying to get rid of that person in your life and burn those relationships. It could also be a sign that you need to pay attention to your relationships because they would end if you continue to neglect them. If you put out the fire in your dream this indicates the ending of struggles and battles.

Firecracker: A firecracker could be good and bad when in your dream. If you light one it means that you have control over your anger and bad vibes. You can now look at life in a different perspective. On the other hand, when you see a firecracker it is symbolic of uncontrollable rage. You do not know how to stop your anger.

To be laid off from work: When you dream of being fired from your job it actually means you want to escape from a situation that is holding you back. If you are saddened by it then you are nervous about not being worthy and unable to perform your tasks at work. If you are firing someone else it represents a relationship with someone that you no longer want to see or communicate with.

Firefighter: When you are a firefighter in your dream, you are needed in a problem that is burning up. You need to be the hero and step in and out the flame before it gets worse. IF you see a firefighter then you need someone to be your hero. Your unconscious may have picked up on someone who is trying to help you already.

Firefly: A firefly acts as a messenger. When you dream of a firefly talking to you it means that a spirit of someone who has died is trying to communicate with you.

Fireman Pole: A pole stands firm and a fireman helps people. Therefore to dream of the pole or sliding down it represents protection and the fact that you know you could rely on someone or something to assist you.

Fireplace: A fireplace is symbolic of family life. To light a fireplace in you dream represents a desire for you to be loved and secure. If you see a fireplace it represents your longing to be appreciated by your family. If the fireplace has no fire or it blows out you need to be very careful in your relationships with your family because it may look like you are ignoring things at home.

Fireworks: Fireworks are fun and exciting bursts of lights. If you think about it, when you dream about fireworks bursting it is like a bunch of light bulbs going off in the sky. If you see fireworks it means that you have sparked your creativity and you’ve found out things that have made you very smart in a situation. If you’ve lit the fireworks yourself then you are going to watch as your hard work becomes successful for you. If someone else is there with you, your new romantic adventure is going to be thrilling and full of fervor.

Fish: Dreams of fish are symbolic of feelings and depending on what level or depth the fish is at in water is how deep those feelings are hidden.
If the fish is swimming it means your feelings may be looking for a way to surface or going deeper depending on the direction the fish is swimming.
If you are fearful of a fish attacking you this stands for an emotion that you feel is able to become too powerful for you to handle.
If you are cleaning fish then you are cleaning up your emotions and being true to others about how you feel.
If you are cooking fish then you are getting rid of the emotions and taking new steps to understand your brain and spirituality better.
If you eat the fish then you are feeling sorry for someone who has confided in you with their difficulty at this time.

Fisherman: Are you trying to catch the right one? Being a fisherman in your dream does not symbolizes anything but your desire to achieve something.

Fishing: Dreaming of fishing represents you desire of something more challenging and meaningful in your life. It represents your readiness to step up and overcome the obstacle that has been causing to suppress your feelings. If you catch a fish it means that you have finally figured something out or met the right person for you. It could also mean you feel neglected and you want someone to shower you with some praises.

Fishing Rod: To dream of a fishing rod symbolizes your need to understand and venture through your unconscious mind. You are prepared to uncover mysteries and feelings that you do not know you hold in your mind.

Fixing: To dream of this means that you are putting it to play in your waking life. A relationship or something at work need some putting back into the right path for it to function like it used to.

Flag: To see your national flag in your dream is symbolic of patriotism. If you are waving the flag it means you feel you have to help your country. If you are saluting the flag then you are proud of your country and what it stands for. To burn your flag means you are against your country or government. To see a white flag whether you or someone else is waving it symbolizes peace and retreat.

Fleas: When you dream of fleas being in your house then something that will bug you has occupied your home. If you find fleas on your body then you are neglecting your health or you feel someone is attacking you.

Flexibility: You have a talent and a great personality that allows you to adapt to people and situations you are placed in. The ability to be flexible in your dream stands for your openness and bendable character. You should be careful though because although it is an amazing quality, you do not want to change who you are for others.

Flies: Flies are representative of grime and nasty things. A fly could also represent someone or some situation that is annoying you. If you dream of having flies in your house then things have gotten bad at home. You’ve been ignorant of your responsibilities at home and now things are uncontrollable. If flies are in your food then you are not paying attention to your health.
If flies are following you everywhere you go no matter how many times you try hitting them with your hand it means you have made a bad name for yourself because of immoral decisions you made. If you want to cleanup your act then you may have a dream about killing or exterminating flies.

Flirting: Are you lacking love or closeness in your life? A dream about someone flirting with you or flirting with someone means you want a relationship or you have some sexual tension. If you are flirting with someone you actually are attracting to and ashamed to communicate with them, you are practicing in your dream so that when you finally build up the confidence you would actually flirt with them when you are conscious. When you flirt with someone who you do not necessarily know you just want to build a relationship which may be friendly or professional.

Floating: A dream about floating on water means you have finally surfaced your feelings and learnt how to control them. If you are floating on air it represents content and pure bliss. Nothing is bothering you or bringing you down! However, if you are floating, in water or on air, but cannot move it means that you do not want to move forward because you are not sure about your abilities.

Flood: When your house is submerged by water, it means that feelings about your home and family have been very powerful. You feel like the responsibilities keep piling up and you are not getting anywhere. When you feel you need to save someone else from the flood then your responsibility as a caretaker is overwhelming. If materialistic things get destroyed in the flood then your subconscious is trying to tell you to let go of those things, there are more important things in life that money cannot buy! If everything around you like your street or school floods then you feel overwhelmed with things in your life and you just want everything to end so you could make a new beginning. If you find yourself fighting with the water and feeling like you are going under, stop being so stubborn and proud, you need help with your problems!

Floor: A dream of a floor is similar to your feet, it holds you up. If your foundation is strong and put together well, you have no problems. If your floor is cracked or shacking then you are going to face some obstacles and challenges in your life. If your floor is polished it represents your unconscious and you do not want you unconscious to be in control so you manage to keep it under.

Flower: To dream of flowers implies passion and beauty. Consider the type of flower and the stage that the flower is at, like just seeing a flower bud could represent the human gentile. If you dream of a budding flower or a flower bud then you are learning more about your abilities and experiencing a new start, or puppy love. If the flower is opening it means that a new opportunity or someone is opening up to you whether it is literal where someone is ready to be intimate with you. If you are receiving flowers then someone is admiring you or so you think and if you give flowers then you are attracted to the person or someone they represent. Dreaming of dead flowers symbolize the end to love or a relationship where you thought passion was present. You could also be feeling down knowing that something bad is about to happen.

Flying: (See Flying Dreams)

Fog: Fog conceals things so that your vision is blurred. To dream of fog indicates uncertainty of not knowing which way to go in life.

Food: To dream of food represents your mind and feelings depending on the food. Generally fruit means physical while frozen food indicates your heartless ways. Depending on your attitude towards the food, you can tell what is going on.
If you are enjoying the food you are eating then you are happy with the world and the bodily image society has.
If you feel guilty about consuming food then you are not satisfying your body.
If you cannot have the food you want then it represents a person that you are attracted to but for some reason you cannot develop an intimate relationship with them. If you do not want to eat the food in front of you then you have reached a good place in life, the world looks perfect to you.
If the food is gone bad then so has something in your life. Otherwise, it could have just been a disappointing experience because you thought it would have been something better.

Food Poisoning: When you get food poisoning, your body is drained mentally and physically, you become sick and weak! If you dream of food poisoning, your subconscious is trying to tell you that are not heading in the right direction, you are doing things that are wrong and immoral which you would pay for in the end.

Food Processor: A dream about a food processor suggests that you need to learn a new method of conducting your emotions. Be aware of how to process them so that it would be easier for your mind to operate.

Football: When you dream about being a footballer you like to be a team player and you watch out for others. You also like to be competitive and something may not be challenging you enough in your life or on the other hand something is overwhelming you because you cannot win in the situation.
If you dream of watching football then you have a good hold on things, you know how to cooperate with others and this would lead you to higher positions in work.

Foreign Language: To dream of hearing or speaking a foreign language indicates mystery to you, you are very curious to learn about things you do not understand. If you are trying to learn a foreign language and getting nowhere or everyone around you speaks in a language you cannot understand it means you are going to counter an unknown and strange situation that you will have problems with at first.

Foreigner: If you meet a foreigner in your dream it means something unusual is going to happen. If you are the foreigner then you may having feelings and abilities that you choose to hide and or you do not know about. It could also mean you that you feel uneasy where you are at in life now.

Forest: This dream signifies uncertainty and bewilderment in your life. If you find yourself misplaced in the forest without knowing which route to take then you do not know what direction you need to take in your life, you are confused. On the other hand, if you find the forest exciting and you easily find your way through it this indicates your enjoyment in adventures life has to offer. If you hear voices coming from animals or they are calling you to show you something then heed their advice they are trying to help you.

Forgetting: What have you been forgetting in you dream? Look at the object, person or event that your dream is throwing at you! If it is something that you were supposed to attend before, you may feel guilty for not going to the function. If it is someone you are forgetting this means that you feel responsible of that person or someone they represent. It could also be your subconscious telling you to forget something and move on!

Forgiving: To dream of forgiving someone does not necessarily mean you need to forgive that person, it could even mean that you need to forgive yourself and accept your life. If you have been holding on to a grudge you need to let it go and forgive the person!

Fork: A fork is representative of thoughts that would help you excel in your life. To dream a fork means you are going in the right direction. If you are being attacked with a fork or see someone else holding the fork then you need to accept help people are offering you with their ideas on how to do better in life.

Fork In The Road:  To see a fork in the road in your dream, represents an important decision that you need to make. It may indicate your choices or ambivalence about some situation. Alternatively, a fork symbolizes the union of opposites. Opposing views/aspects are coming together.
To see an oak tree at the fork in the road, signifies a life-changing decision.

Fortune Telling: A dream of someone telling you your fortune indicates your longing to foretell your future. You are anxious to know what is going to happen or you already sense what is coming ahead of you and you just need someone to confirm it. Your unconscious would help you with what to do.

Fossils: When you dream of fossils it represents knowledge of history or old ways. You need to pay attention to what fossil is in your dream and relate it to your life, see whats old and need updating.

Fountain: Dreaming of a fountain represents a burst of emotions. If the fountain is shooting high and nicely it means that you are being open with your emotions and you are going to strengthen your relationships. It could also correspond to your feelings towards sex and you finally feel comfortable enough to reach your climax.
If the fountain is empty with no water then you have a wall up and you do not know or understand how to communicate your emotions.

Four-leaf clover: To dream of a four leaf clover is an opportunity for you to do whatever you like because you will be experiencing good luck in all aspects of your life. Use it wisely, dont wait till you’re out of luck.

Free stuff: Its always nice to get or find something you like for free; too bad its in your dreams! Your dream may be an escape from that sticky situation with your sticky situation with money problems. Otherwise it is just a dream indicating that you are enjoying the materialistic things and possibilities that life is throwing at you.

Freezer: A freezer is symbolic of feelings. Whats in the freezer? If the freezer is full of food then you have many emotions and all the things you need. If theres one thing or something that represents someone in the freezer then you may be losing feelings for someone or you no longer care to have that thing in your life. It could also mean that you are holding in thought and emotions for the future.

Friend: As the saying goes friends are the siblings that we choose and sometimes we are closer with them than our actual family. If you dream of being happy with your friend and having a good time then you are comfortable with your friends and enjoy their company. If you dream that you have problems with your friend then you feel that the relationship is doing badly or that you have lost touch with them. Also dreaming of friends that you do not actually have signifies your not happy with the amount of friends you have right now, you want to feel accepted by others.When you dream that your friends are pressuring you to do something then you are uncomfortable with a situation. Peer pressure is the worst thing in society, those are friends you want to keep.If you dream about a friend betraying you then are not being honest with your emotions with yourself. You need to feel more comfortable with the person and get to know them better so they can be trust worthy in your books before you let them know all your business. If you dream about a particular person then you feel you need to be a bit closer with that person or your relationship with them has become very strong. If the relationship leads to intimacy then you feel attracted to a friend.

Frog: To dream of a frog could be a good or bad thing. The frog could signify a prince that needs a kiss to be let loose and so symbolize changes or unpleasant things. I you dreaming of a leaping frog then you are reaching for your goals keep jumping till you reach high enough. If you eat the frog then you have a task ahead of you that your are not going to enjoy.

Fruit: If you are enjoying a bowl of fruits or just chomping down on an apple this signifies your desire to be healthier or to reach your sexual climax.

Full: Have you had enough food? If you have satisfied your stomach in your dream then this means you have accomplished all that you wanted in life and you are content with things at this point. IF your meal does not full you then you need more things in your life, you are never satisfied with what you have. You always crave further. On the other hand if it has nothing to do with you being full but rather something being full and you see a container or jar full then it means you do not need anything else, you may be overdoing it. You are perfect just the way you are, be confident in yourself and stop thinking you need to change things!

Funeral: Usually but not all the time, when you dream of a funeral it means someone close to you or someone they know is going to die, if it hasn’t happened already. Otherwise it signifies your recent ignorant treatment towards someone you care about and you feel guilty and sorry about it because your relationship might never be the same with that person. It could also mean that you are ready to move on from something in your life but in order to do so you need to grieve over what has ended. To dream of a furnace is representative of family life. If the furnace is running properly and burning nicely then your home is full of joy and you content with your life with your family. If you see problems with the flame or the furnace is broken and not running properly this indicates issues in the household.

Furniture: A dream of furniture is symbolic of relationships and the way you are living your life. If you are moving around furniture then you are bored of where you are now, you want to travel or move somewhere more exciting.
Buying or selling furniture represents comfort. If you buy furniture it means you are more at ease in your life. If you sell furniture it represents your ability of how easily and commonly you calm others. If the furniture it old or damaged you have forgotten about the simpler things in life that you need and now look forward only to materialistic and enjoyable things.

Future: To see the future in your dream could be a precognitive dream. It could also mean that you are anxious and fear certain aspects of your future. If you like the dream of your future and it is positive then so will be the changes you would make for your future.

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