Dreams Starting With E


Ear: When you dream of ears it has something to do with communication and relationships with others. Ears are representative of your ability or inability to hear and listen, when you see one in your dream it indicates that you need to pay more attention to others and how you relate to them.  If you are having trouble with your ear or its hurting you, it means you need to listen to other people and stop being stubborn when someone is trying to help you. It could also mean that someone is trying to harm you with words and if you are touching it means you need to get a mind of your own and think for yourself not others.If you have ear wax or you are trying to get it out, it suggests that you are unwilling to compromise or playing deaf to a situation.If someone is whispering in your ear means that you are receiving an important message in order for you to grow as an individual.

Earthquake: Any dream to do with an earthquake suggests that there will be a major change for good or bad in your walking life. This is a dream that you should pay close attention to and if you handle the earthquake in a good way it means you are going to overcome the obstacle. Being injured in the earthquake symbolizes that you would be shaken up in your life. The location and people in your dream would represent who would be affected by the changes in your life.

Earwig: Dreaming of an earwig symbolizes bad news and not being able to handle it well. Someone or something is bugging you and will affect you until you get rid of it. It also suggests that you will not take constructive criticism wisely.

EasterA dream about Easter is a spiritual dream about happiness and a rebirth. You will turn a new chapter in your life and make good changes.

EatingTo dream that you are eating represents how you feel the world perceives you. Eating is a very important symbol that has many means depending on the context of the dream. To dream that you are enjoying your food suggests a positive coming of events that will keep you satisfied. To eat healthy foods such as salads means that you like to take care of your health and body. To dream that you have eaten to much suggests that you are over indulging in life pleasures. Dreaming of eating alone means that you are becoming greedy or feeling lonely and depressed as of late.

Echo: Dreaming of hearing an echo suggests that you should pay close attention to what the echo is saying because it could be a voice from your unconscious; it is a message being sent to you possibly from higher powers. To hear your very own echo in the dream symbolizes your efforts in helping other but not moving forward. It could also mean that you are remembering past events that you haven’t overcome as yet.Hearing somebody echo in your dream means that you and that person, or someone that person represents, have great communication together. It also means that you want your voice to be heard and you feel like you need to repeat yourself for others to listen to you.

Eclipse: An eclipse indicates a short spurt of darkness in your life that you will quickly overcome. Pay close attention to new random encounters in your waking life. If you dream of a solar eclipse, it means that you have doubts about your talents and what you can do in your life but stay strong, you will get rid of those doubting thoughts. If you dream of a lunar eclipse it could mean that you are undergoing menstruation or menopause. Dreaming that the eclipse has finished suggests that you are experiencing some sort of enlightenment.

Ecstasy: To dream of ecstasy is very good for your mind and soul, it leave you feeling happy all day. In the past, dream philosophers have said that this feeling is a taste of the afterlife.

EggsEggs are important symbols that you do not want to forget. They are symbolic of fertility and the artistic side to you. It is common for women to dream of eggs before they find out they are pregnant.
To dream of an egg hatching represents giving birth to a new idea and innovation.
To dream of your house being egged means that you are not well liked and you have trouble getting along with others.
To dream of cooking eggs indicates that you will be frying up a new idea or scheme that will work for you.
To see eggs in a nest represents good money management and potential money gain in the future.
To dream of rotten eggs is pretty much self explanatory, watch out for things that are not good in your environment. You need to throw out the garbage in your life.

ElbowsDreaming of an elbow is a great dream symbol that shows you have the ability to be flexible during tough times. If you notice that your elbow is damaged, it means that people are taking advantage of you and you need to stand your ground. It could also mean that you cannot adapt to your current situation in life, you need to find a way to work around things and stretch to meet your needs.

Election: To dream of an election signifies an important decision that you must make and will affect your future. Voting in an election it symbolizes your choice that you’ve already made. There’s no need to ponder on about it, you’ve already chosen what road you want to go down. If you are a candidate in the election, you want to move on to bigger and better things in life. You feel like you’ve worked hard enough and you need to be recognized for it whether it be at work or in your love life.Winning in an election means that you are know what you are about and soon your talents and abilities would be recognized. However, losing an election symbolizes the doubts you have in yourself, we all worry that we would make the same mistakes like in the past but try to move on and learn from it.

Electric GuitarAn electric guitar represents your itching desire to let loose and rebel. To play one in your dream means that you are able to express yourself to people.

Electrocution: If you are being electrocuted in a dream, think of yourself as a bulb that has just been light up. Whatever your new initiative, put it into action! It could change your life in many ways. Witnessing someone else being electrocuted suggests that you are worried about your actions. You feel insecure in your surroundings.

ElephantAn elephant is symbolic of holding on to memories or something that is uncontrollable. To dream that you are looking and admiring elephants means you are looking back at your life and how your past has affected you and made you the person you are today. To see a white elephant in your dream represents royalty or your personality of being powerful and honored.  Dreaming of an elephant coming towards you at an unstoppable speed means that you are going to face a situation that you cannot control. You have to let things be and wish that it will all work out in the end.
If you are riding the elephant, you have a good handle on things. Nothing will get you down because you know your mind and how to deal with problems. Dreaming of being strong and intelligent creature could also mean that you want to be heard. You want people to see who you are so be strong shout out to the world.

Elevator:  An elevator is a very powerful symbol that can suggest a positive or negative symbol in your life.  It could have a sexual undertone or could just represent a situation in your life. When you dream of an elevator shooting up uncontrollably or dropping so fast that your hair is flying all over it means that you are worried about a certain situation and you have no control over it. No one is around its just you and your thoughts about the situation which you feel scared and powerless with. If you take the elevator to a higher floor, it represents your transforming for the better. It could be a promotion at work or just simply doing better for yourself but you are moving upwards. Dreaming that the elevator has come to a halt, stopped working or stuck between two floors symbolizes that you feel caught in a situation and you are not going anywhere in some aspect of your life. You could be caught in responsibilities, a relationship or a career that you do not want. Similarly if the elevator is moving sideways instead of down or up it means that you are not progressing or moving up or down in aspects of your life no matter how hard you try.

Elopement: To dream of eloping means you are trying to hide from some difficulties you will been faced with. You do not want to conclude things so you think hiding for the moment would help make things easier. If your elopement is stopped, it means you might be caught and you need to rethink recent decisions and be certain its what you want to do.

EmailWhen you dream of an email message to you or from you is represents that you need to reach out to someone who is distant at times. It could also mean that you are not too close with the person; you keep a distance in your relationship with them. If you receive an email, someone is trying to communicate with you when you are conscious.  Who is sending your the email? You might receive a new message soon, be on the look out.

Embarrassment: Embarrassment in your dream is symbolic of your insecurities about yourself. A common dream of embarrassment is being naked in public. This dream could mean that you have been exposed whether it is your sexuality or you finally see how people see you.

Emotional: To dream of your emotions means that you are trying to hold back your emotions in your waking life but you cannot control them in your dreams. So your dreams act as a release for these feelings that you are suppressing. If you are emotionless in your dream it indicates that you are the same way in reality, you are neglecting your feelings and need to let them loose.

Emptiness: An empty object in your dream symbolizes something is ending and soon would be lost. An empty container could be a hopeful sign to you if you haven’t used all you have as yet. If you are throwing out things to make a space or an object empty it means you need to clear your mind and start new. If you dream of your car and the gas is running low, it means you are running on low fuel as well. You need to give yourself some spiritual guidance or start eating properly so you can be powerful and give full performance. If you feel empty you need to pay attention to your body and yourself to fill up that empty void.

End: To dream the end to something indicates that you need to hurry up and act because time is of importance and you are anxious about that certain situation. If you dream the end of the world where the world blows up or the sky is coming closer and closer to the ground it is only your fear of the change that is about to come. It could also mean that you are craving a new thrill in your life, you want a new journey.

EnemyAs the saying goes, you are your worst enemy. Your dream could be telling you that you are being too harsh on yourself, take it easy and treat yourself once in a while. If you see someone else as your enemy it could mean different personalities or just simply theirs a disagreement and disliking towards or from that person. It could also mean resolving problems you are having with yourself.

Engine: When you dream of an engine it is important you remember the condition of the engine when you wake up. Whatever is the condition of the engine is the condition of your force and drive to get things done in your life. Dreaming of an engine that needs a service and does not start it means that theirs something holding you back to reach your aspiration. When you dream that the engine is smoky or on fire because it blew up means someone has deceived you or your past ways of acting are coming back to haunt you.

Epidemic: An epidemic in your dream represents your fear about a recent task. If you dream that you are causing the epidemic or involved in it you are afraid that your actions at the moment are going to hurt people. If you are not part of the epidemic and unaffected signifies your fear that the bad things in your life may become uncontrollable.

ErectionYou do not need to be a man to dream of an erection nor does it have to relate to your sexuality. When you dream you have an erection it symbolizes your control and authority. To dream of someone erection which pleasures you appeals to your sexual craving. If you are sickened by the erection it means that you are angry about someone else rising up and being in control of things. If you are a man dreaming of an erection is could mean that you are worried about having erectile dysfunction.

EscalatorAn escalator is similar to an elevator but not as important and symbolic. You are moving through different levels of your consciousness. Going up on the escalator means that you are moving forward in life and challenging yourself to reach higher goals. Whether it is deeper in tune with your spirituality or being promoted at work, going up an escalator is a very good sign. Even if you are looking down while going up it means that you will look at things from a prospective to allow you to excel in the situation. If you are going down the escalator it symbolizes you are getting to the bottom of things and going further down into memories and thoughts of your unconscious. If the escalator has stopped moving it means you will be facing an obstacle.

Escape: Having a dream where you escape from some sort of imprisonment is symbolic to a situation that has you feeling held back and tied up but you want to flee. A dream about escaping from someone who has kidnapped you is your desire to get rid of that relationship that is holding you down or controlling you. If you are chained, handcuffed or tied up in anyway and you escape it means you are going to work out difficulties.If you escape from the law in some way it means you are afraid of being blamed for something that you did not do. If someone escapes from you it indicates you are afraid to lose someone that you care about and means a lot to you.

EspressoYour unconscious uses images to relate things. When you dream of an espresso you are actually being told to act quickly and take the express on life. It could also mean express yourself and act on your desire to be more sociable.

EvacuationDreaming of evacuating symbolizes your neglect and void with your feelings and encounters. If you are very scared when evacuating it means you are running away from a bad situation that is making you anxious. If you feel safe during the evacuation, it was difficult to escape your troubles but you have a resolution. If you are in a group of town of people evacuating and you are being left behind or you are unable to move in the crowd, you feel neglected.

EvictionTo dream that you are being evicted indicated that someone is pushing you out of their life. You are no longer wanted in a specific aspect of your life. If you dream that you are evicting someone it means that someone or some situation in your life is giving you problems and you choose to no longer participate or put up with the person.

EvilIf you feel bad about doing something or taking part in something you enjoy because of spiritual or ethical issues it comes out in your dream in the form of evil. Dreaming of evil represents inner conflicts with feelings or actions that you keep trying to suppress because you believe them to be wrong or dangerous to others.

Ex: Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Do not worry, dreaming of your ex does not necessarily mean you miss them or you want them back. If this is the first time you are dreaming of an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend or ex-spouse it means that you have finally gotten over them, if it is a recurring dream it means that you have not yet resolved things with them. However if you are disturbed and upset after or while speaking with your ex it means that the problems you had in the relationship are still bothering you and you have not made truce with them.Dreaming that you meet up with your ex and you get back into a relationship indicates that someone if your life now has similar qualities or is bringing out similar emotions you had in the past relationship. The dream is simply telling you to learn from your past and do not make the same mistakes in the present. If you dream that your ex is thinking about you and missing you it means that you miss the good things about the relationship. When your ex dies in your dream it means that they are no longer going to bother you with thoughts of the past, you are ready to move on. To see your present boyfriend/girlfriend or spouses ex in your dream is a message from your unconscious telling you to avoid the problems that caused their relationship to fail.

ExerciseIn the society we live in today everyone tries in some way to fit in. Dreaming about exercising is your expression of trying to fit in with the image that society tries to embed in us. It could also mean that you need to work things out with someone or in some situation, do not let people walk over you use your power.

Exhibition: To exhibit yourself in a dream suggests that you are too concerned with your body or alternatively you are actually very confident in your appearance. It could also mean that you need to look at your life a little closer. If you dream of watching an exhibitionist or being intimate with someone in public means you feel you are putting yourself out a bit too much. Someone knows too much about you and you feel susceptible to scrutiny or you know too much about someone.

Exit: If you dream of an exit or an exit sign in your dream it means it is time to move on and walk out of a situation in your life.  Where are you walking out of? This could be a good symbol of new beginning in your life.

Explosion: To dream of being in an explosion represents something that is going to blow up in your face and come to an end. It would bring about change that is going to cause you mixed emotions but it is going to help you understand your feelings and build a better structure for yourself. If you are in flames in the explosion it represents your anger over a current situation because you have been violated by someone else. If you set of explosion by yourself it symbolizes your readiness for change and transformation that you are going to bring about for yourself. Dreaming of your face being tarnished or smoky because of the explosion means that precisely this will happen to your name and cause you to suffer because of something you did not do.

EyeglassesDreaming of wearing glasses indicates your need to give something or a situation a closer look. If the glasses are scratched or damaged in some way it means you have an impaired or wrong view of a situation or things.

EyesSeeing your own eye in your dream refers to you need to pay closer attention to things that are going on with you or look inside yourself for the strength and perseverance because you are the answer to your problems. To dream of your eyes rolling back so that your view is now of your brain it means that you have become more enlightened and knowledgeable of situations in your life. The dream is to tell you to trust yourself and know that your perceptions of things are correct. Dreaming that something wrong with your eye or something is in your eye suggests that there’s something blocking you from seeing things clearly. If you are cross eyed, you are not looking at the facts properly; you seem to be mixing things up. If your eyes are in pain, bleeding or unable to open it means you are battling with hurt and emotions for a while now and you are turning a blind eye to things.To dream that you are looking into someone else’s eyes is your tendency of looking at other peoples mistakes or that you have a deep relationship with someone. Dreaming of a third eye is a powerful dream. It means you have very powerful abilities that you need to be aware of. It represents an insight into things that not many people can see or understand, if you have had visions or foretold before, it is a symbol of your psychic ability.

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