Dreams Starting With C


Cab – When we dream that we are in a cab, donates that somebody in your walking life is using you. If you hail a cab it means that you need others to help you in your ventures.

Cage – When ever we dream of cages it has everything to do with being trapped in your walking life. If you so happen to see somebody you know in a cage, symbolizes that you have put this person in a bad position. If you dream of putting an animal in a cage, suggests that you will conquer your fears. It’s also possible that your controlling your temper. When you that a cage is empty, this would mean that you have broken free and now on your own.

Camera – In our life’s camera play a big role in capturing the past. When you dream of a camera its suggest that you are holding on to the past. You might need to let go to that person in the dream. When your camera doesn’t work it represents that your not looking at the whole picture. When you look at a picture through the lends it suggests that you are fully aware of something you didnt notice in the past.

Candle – This dream symbol is very positive that imply intellect and hidden talents.  A burning candle might represent the symbol of life.

Cancer – To dream that you are diagnosed with cancer represents your internal factors in your life. The emotions you feel are worthless, sad and self pity. You need to find out what causing you to feel this way and nip it in the bud before it spreads. If somebody you love has cancer, symbolizes that you don’t want to let that person go. If you are cured and cancer free in your dream represents a new beginning in your life. You might want to reflect whats in your life that has the same qualities as cancer. Is someone or something eating away at you or making you hurt? Are you worried about your health?

Car –  (Click to find out more) A car in your dream is a very important symbol that you want to pay close attention too. When we dream of being in a car you must remember every detail about it. Where you driving? Was somebody driving you? What were the conditions of the road and the weather? If you answer these questions it would help you understand more about yourself and the position your in at this giving time. Dreams of cars represents our drive in life, and the direction we are taking.Driving a car could either be a good or bad symbol depending the context of your dream.  If you are enjoying driving a car in your dream, symbolizes you are in a very comfortable position in life and worry free. If you are driving in tough conditions represents that its going to be a bumpy road ahead of you. If you have a dream of being in the back seat, symbolizes that you have lost your drive and others are making decisions for you. The person driving will help you better understand who might be controlling your direction. If you are in the passenger side in the car means that you are content being in second.Was your car stolen in your dream? When we dream of someone taking our car it represents a fear of loosing your character. You fear somebody is going to take whats important away from you. You may be afraid of loosing your job or relationship.Dreaming of your car losing control has everything to do with you!…  At this stage of your life you may feel that you are off track and need to get back on the road to keep going. What has you sidetracked? Did you loose control with someone you know in the car? You might have to get them back on track. You car doesn’t work in your dream? Most of the time we dream of our car overheating on the side of the road. When we get dreams like this it represents that we are working way to hard and we are going to get burned out. You might need to take some time off to relax. If your car is parked in your dream means that you are stagnant in your life at this giving time. You need to get moving! It’s possible that you need to stop and enjoy the important things in your life that you have been neglecting.

Cards – What are you’re cards? What do the cards mean to you? The cards could symbolize aspects or characteristics about yourself. Could the cards be how you play in life? Let us know and tell us you’re dream at our forum above.

Carpet – What is under the rug? Are you covering something up? Could this be a female sexual organ?

Casket – Who is in the casket in you’re dream? If the person is alive it could be you seeing a rebirth in the person. If you are in the casket then it could suggest the womb.

Car Accident – Dreaming of car accidents are horrible and have us shaken up in the morning. Dreaming of a car in our dream represents our drive and ambition in our life’s. Once we get in a car accident in our dreams symbolize our stress and anxiety levels. You are having trouble dealing with your problems in your walking life, so dreams of this nature help you sort things out unconsciously. If you came out of the accident with out trouble it represents that you will be fine getting over the hump.

Cat – Detailed Cat Symbolism Click Here : When we dream of cats in our dreams it represents our independent and mysterious nature. What ever problem going on right now in your walking life you are the only one who can figure it out. Women usually dream of cats when they or somebody else is way too catty. Sometimes cats in our dreams represents bad luck or somebody wishes you ill will. Did you notice the color of the cat? If the cat was black it means that you are not using your full psychic potential. Did the black cat cross your path? In our walking life we sometime refer to a “black cat” as evil and and bad luck. When we see a white cat in our dreams symbolizes tough time ahead. If a cat is attacking you means that you are being selfish. You might have the same qualities as the cat?

Ceiling – When ever we dream of a ceiling it represents how high we can currently go in your walking life. You have finally reached the top. This is a good dream symbol and represent achieving your goal. Now it is time to set your new goals higher.

Cell Phone – Are you having trouble dialing? If this is the case then you might be having communication problems with the person you might be trying to contact.

Cemetery – Cemetery dreams are usually a good symbol that means “death” to old habits. You may have fully killed off some of your bad ways and now it’s time to move forward. If you are visiting a plot of a loved one in your dream represents that you haven’t finished grieving over them.

Chair – When we dream of a chair in our dream symbolizes our need to take it easy. You need to take a break from you busy schedule and rest. You are working yourself to the bone and this dream is your unconscious tell you to calm down. If somebody gives you a chair to sit down on symbolizes that you need to listen to others give you advice.

Cheating – When we cheat in our dreams it has everything to do with guilt we hold in our walking life. When you dream of cheating on your spouse it suggests that its on your mind but will never do it. It’s possible that you haven’t been completely honest with you spouse and this is a way of your unconscious mind letting you know you feel bad about it. If you dream that your spouse is the one doing the cheating it represents your own insecurities about your relationship. It’s possible that your unconscious is hinting at signs that your spouse is not being 100% faithful in your relationship. Cheating dreams can sometimes imply that you have a boring sex life. You might what to try and spice things up a bit to make it more interesting!

Chalkboard – What is on the board and why are you using it? Could this be a dream symbol of your childhood classroom experiences that you are repressing?

Chase Dreams – (more information) Very common dreams that hold a very significant meaning. Dreaming of being chased can imply one of many things. If you are being chased by a monster or an unknown person it might reflect your own inner fears. These are unconscious thoughts and feelings that eventually manifest into a zombie or a masked man because we are not paying attention to what needs to be fixed. If you are chasing after something then you might need to look after what you are after and if you can catch it. Are you always in a rush? Do you feel as if you are trying to chase something you can never get?

Cheating Dreams: (click for in depth analysis) Cheating dreams are usually not what they are made out to be. Most of the time when we dream of our spouse cheating it means something else.  Dreams of this nature point to connections with the person, the anima and animas, confidence and insecurity. For a more in depth analysis to understand your cheating dream better.

Check – Any type of dreams with a check might be a metaphor to check something that you might be overlooking. Who was around you when you had or saw the check? Remembering as much detail helps you figure out what you might need to investigate.

Chess – How is the game being played? Are you winning or losing? To see a chess board could be how you should be moving in life. Moving in live is similar to playing chess you have to think 10 steps ahead of people.

Children – Do you have childlike behaviors? Do you need to take a break from being an adult and start to go back to a more playful enjoyable life?

Chimney – If the house is a representation of your psyche then a chimney would be a release of something burning, something hot.

Choking – These dreams symbols imply some sort of smothering in you’re life right now. Who is choking you in the dream? The person who is choking you might be a hint you need to move away from that person, they could be taking away your air. If you are choking somebody then you have anger towards that person you are unable to express in your walking life. If you are choking on something than the problem might be focus internally. What are you doing that is causing you to suffer in life?

Christmas Tree – This dream would imply family celebrations, gatherings, and relationships.

Church – Are you questioning you’re existence in life? Do you feel like you a have sinned and need to confess. According to Freud he said it symbolizes a woman.  It could be very possible that you are having a stronger connection to the “Self” or “God”.  Have you neglected the spiritual side of yourself and now trying to connect to it?  Depending the type of church or religion could alter the meaning of the dream.

Cigarette – Do you need a break in life or you have an addiction that you need to kick the habit?

Circle – This is a positive dream symbol that suggest wholeness, perfection, completeness and possibly immortality. According to Jung he said that it was the path of completion into yourself, or could be a representation of the sun. Depending the context if you are going around in circles its quite self explanatory about your life style.

Classroom – Are you back in you’re old classroom? Many people have recurring dreams of doing test/exams but depending the context of you’re dream can change the meaning. What is going on in the classroom? Do you have unfinished business a long time ago? Are you wanting to learn more, maybe stuff you missed out when you where young?

Cleaning – What objects are you cleaning in you’re dream? Do you need to clean up your act? Do you feel dirty or negative in your walking life? Do you have old habits that you need to change and in the mood for self improvement?

Cliff – Depending of the context of you’re dream the meaning of a cliff can drastically change. If you are looking over a cliff and it is positive then it suggests personal achievements that you have over come. If you are hanging off a cliff that suggests that you might not be totally secure in your life at the moment and need a firmer grip.

Climb – How are you climbing? This dream relates to your current life’s movements. Weather you are struggling or making it up easy suggest how you are going by on life.

Clock – Some would say it has to do with the female menstrual cycle. Do you have a deadline with any tasks in life that you are taking your time with?

Closet –What is in the closet? Are you hiding something that you have kept hidden from people?

Clothing – Are you trying to cover up aspects of your true person? What type of clothing are you wearing and what are you trying to cover up?… How did your clothes fit you? If you’re clothes are too tight than that could represent some restriction or movement in your life. If you are missing clothes than that could suggest you are not comfortable showing your bare side.… Could you feel naked in life and need protection?

Clown –  Wanting your inner child to come out or confronting your shadow archetype? Find out moreClown dreams.

Colors – Colors hold different meanings depending the context, location and feeling in your dream. Click for more in depth detail of color dreams.

Red implies excitement, energy, passion, love, desire, speed, strength, power, heat, aggression, danger, fire, blood, war, violence. Red is one of the most common dream colors that should never be overlooked.

Pink symbolizes love and romance, caring, tenderness, acceptance and calm wanting to love.

Yellow could represent joy, happiness, betrayal sunshine, summer, dishonesty, cowardice, jealousy

Blue might suggest Peace, tranquility, cold, calm, stability, harmony and unity in dreams.

Green might represent envy and lust.

Gray could be the mood you might be feeling in your walking life.

Black could represent strength,power, sexuality, sophistication, formality, elegance, wealth, mystery,

Coma – You might be dreaming in life while it passes you by. You need to wake up and come back to earth so you can start getting your life back on track.

Court – Why are you in court and do you feel guilty or innocent? Do you feel that you might have to stand trial with somebody you know in your life? If you are sent to prison than that means the future might be restrictive to you. Do you feel that you are being judged by yourself or other people?

Crab – Crabs are known for being deep under the depths of the water that might be linked to your emotional state of mind. Maybe something is crabby or snappy that is now conscious. The crab can move both on land and in the water. It has the ability to bury itself in sand and holes. When the crab appears you might want to watch your mood and see if there might be a direct link.

Crash – Crashing in your dream might suggest that you might come to a sudden stop in your life that may cause some disturbance. What did you crash into and who where you with. If you where in your car when you crashed than that could imply a stop in your current drive in life. Usually when you crash you are in a car. The car is a symbol of your life path and journey. A crash might signify a need for you to slow down and change direction.

Crossroads – This dream symbol might imply your feelings in life, you might be at a crossroad and not sure what way to go. This symbol is self explanatory but depending the content it can help you understand where you might be in your life right now. Where did you end up going?

Crying – You might be releasing some emotions that you are incapable of releasing in your walking life. These are good dreams that usually has the dreamer waking up feeling good.  If you have unconscious emotions that are pent up sometimes it get released in our dreams because we are unable to do in our walking life.

Cutting – Who and what are you cutting. This could imply you may want to move away from that person or situation.

Cyst – There might be a part of you that is been on you for a while and need to get it taken away. What happened in the dream? If the cyst came off it is a good symbol but if you found it then it suggests you need to deal with an issue that is building up for a while.

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