Dreams Starting With B


Baby – Baby dreams usually have more than one meaning depending on the context of the dream. Babies usually represents our nurturing side. For the ones that don’t know their pregnant usually end up having a dream of a “baby” in 9 months. Most women dream of having a baby due their biological clock or when they’re maternal instinct kicks in. If you have a wanted desire of a baby you would probably end up having dreams of this nature.If you are not pregnant then it’s possible that a baby dream suggests that you are off to a “new start” or a “new beginning” in life. If you dream of more than one baby it reflects your innocent side. If you dream you have lost or left a baby means your doing your best to mask up your insecurities. It’s also possible that you pushed somebody close to you away.Nightmare of your unborn baby are natural when you are pregnant. It is very normal and a common occurrence for women who are months pregnant. This is just your anxiety of having a baby. If you see a sick or dying baby means you have let go of some of your genuine qualities in yourself.If you notice a crying baby in your dreams it represents neglected qualities that you have ignored for too long. You need to reflect on what aspects of yourself have deprived, ex. career, family, uncompleted goals etc. To dream of a dead or dying baby suggests a final ending that has been a big part of your life. You have now over come that obstacle and now its time to move on.

Baby Carriage – To push or see a baby carriage in your dream suggest your desire in wanting a family. If you pushing an empty baby carriage in your dream means that you have missed an opportunity that you regret now. Though they say it’s possible that your missing your inner child.

Bachelor – Men who dream of being a bachelor represents stress in his relationship. You may feel trapped and need some more space for your significant other. Men who dream of being a bachelor when they are married represents a need of freedom. You may be feeling trapped and cant escape. Talking to your wife might help these dreams from stopping. On the other hand when women dreams about a bachelor symbolizes the male aspects of herself.

Back – Dreaming of your back can mean more than one thing. If something hanging off your back means your carrying a load that you cant seem to handle. Your answer is right on your back. If your back is injured it means that somebody you know is out to get you.
To dream of a naked back represents holding back information from your friends or family. If somebody in your dream turns their back to you it suggests that you should be careful of deceitful people in your life. Envy might be lurking around the corner. If you have a bad dream about your back it might have to do with loaning money. You might want to be careful in who you give money too.

Backpack – Seeing or carrying a backpack represents you have the right tools to make the right moves in your life. If the backpack is heavy than you may feel that your carrying a load on your back in your walking life. If your backpack happens to be empty, means that your not ready to move forward. If you walk with ease suggest that you are confident to make a move.

Backseat – Dreaming of being in the back seat of somebody car, symbolizes that you have lost control. Who is driving the car? The person driving the car may have control over your decisions. You need to get your act together and be stronger in your walking life.

Backward – Walking backward in your dreams means you are talking steps back with your life and not advancing. You may want to reflect on your current moves that you are making in your life. Do you know where you where when you where walking backwards? Who was with you? These questions will help you answer what your unconscious mind is hinting at.
It’s very possible that walking backwards means you need to take a couple of steps back in a situation. Are you too involved in a awkward situation right now? Going in reverse in a car means you are going back to fix the mistakes you have you did in your past.

Bad – Dreaming that you feeling really bad represents that you feel somewhat guilty of a move you made. You may feel that your not needed in life. If you so happen to be acting bad in your dreams, symbolize your need to lighten up in life. If your committing a crime or inflicting pain on others, represents a fear of going past your boundaries.

Bag – Dreaming of a bag means that your weighing yourself down. If your bag is damaged or ripped, means that you are getting hit from every angle in your life and need to relax. A strong firm bag represents how you carry yourself around others. If you are a women and you dream of a bag or bags represents getting old.

Baggage – When ever we are being held down in any form in our life we dream of baggage. Its possible somebody in your life is weighing you down. You might need to get rid of that “Baggage” that you have been carrying for a long time. Try and reflect on the people in your life that you have trouble dealing with. The person in your dream who is with you suggests that the person is responsible for bringing you down.

Bait – Dreaming of bait can mean that you are going to catch something unexpected. You may use your manipulate skills to get what you want. Its possible that you may be “Fishing” for work you have done and want recognition. It is also possible that you might be the one who is “Bait”. If your dream was pleasant or bad confirms whether you are the bate or not.

Balcony – Being out on your balcony means that you need to be recognized or seen. Usually when your on a clean and rich balcony symbolizes that people admire you. If you notice that its in bad condition, means you need to do some maintenance on yourself.
If your looking over the balcony means that you need to achieve the goal you want. Looking down off the balcony means your in more control of a situation that has caused you distress.

Baldness – To dream of going bald has everything to do with appearance. You may feel that you are getting to a stage of your life where your not as young as you used to be. Is possible that you may be worried about people knowing whats on your mind.
When your happy being bald in your dream, represents that your not afraid of being yourself. When you notice your hair falling out means that you have lost contact with somebody close to you. If you dream that somebody is bald symbolizes your strength over that person. You may know what they think before they do.

Ball – To see a ball or balls in your dream, represents being “On The Ball” with a situation. If you so happen to see a ball in movement, symbolizes that your on the move. Depending the type of ball dream, having balls in your dream suggest that your a tough person. Sort of like a play on words “You Got Balls”.

Balloon – When we dream of balloons it usually has one or more meaning. Balloons can represent your love life or hopes and dreams. If you are holding a balloon and let it go symbolizes that you “let go” of your goals that you worked hard at.… If your balloon pops it represents your stress level. You might feel that your ready to explode in your walking life. If you so happen to be holding on to a bunch of balloons means that you are very proud of your achievements. If you are in the sky in a hot air balloon, suggests that you should snap out of the mood your in. You need to come back down to reality and stop living live in a depressed state.

Bananas – One of the best phallic symbols you can get in a dream. To dream of a banana represents the penis and the sexual urges that are behind it. Was the banana rotten? Did you eat the banana? Were you disgusted by it? All of these questions you should ask yourself to better understand your feeling towards it issue. If you are in a relationship the type of dream can indicate issues that you have with your partner.

Bank – Seems like you can’t escape the bank even in your dreams. Most of the time the reason why we dream about a “Bank” symbolizes how you feel about money. Money plays a role in every body’s life but you may feel that you crave finical security. If you dream that your taking out your money from an ATM, suggest that you need to calm down on your spending. People who dream that their bank account is empty, symbolizes your spending way too much money on pointless things in your life you don’t need.
If you are holding up the bank in your dream it represents being indecisive about an important decision you have to make. It’s possible that you are waiting for money that belongs to you.

Bankrupt – Where did all my money go? Bankrupt dreams can make you feel awful. People who dream of being bankrupt have concerns about their money management. You may want to save and be careful with your money in your account. Others who dream of being bankrupt represents the persons emotions state. Are you feeling overworked in life? You might want to take it easy and slow down.

Basement – Dreaming of a basement is a very important dream symbol that you should pay close attention too. A basement represents your deep unconscious mind and instinct. You have to remember every detail about the basement because it reflects the condition of your unconscious state. Is the basement dirty? How do you feel in the basement? Who was in the basement with you?
If the basement is clean and organized it means that your very secure about yourself. If the basement is dirty and messy, symbolizes that you need to filter out the junk that clogging up your mind. If the basement is scary or eerie looking it means that you are afraid of some aspect of yourself. Basements should never be overlooked as it gives you hints about yourself that you may have ignored in your life. The theme of the basement dream will all appear in metaphors so it might take sometime to decode. According to Jung this is the place where you lose your soul and rediscover it. The darkest parts that we represses within our self’s are found in the basement.

Bathroom – Dreaming of bathrooms, represents how we feel about ourselves inside and our instinctual urges. If you see a filthy bathroom, represents that you are behaving badly and need to correct it. You have to change your ways because people are noticing. You may want to look at ways you can clean up your act. If your bathroom so happens to be tidy and clean it symbolizes that you are classy person that is heading in the right path. You are very organized and don’t need any help from others.
If you have trouble finding the bathroom it suggests that you building up your emotions and can’t release it. If you end up in the wrong washroom, signifies that you have went to far in a situation and it was noticed.If you are in the stall and people can see you represents your insecurities. We tend to get these dreams if we did something in the past we are not happy about, or we are just unhappy about who you are. When you are actually going to the washroom whether a #1 or #2 it symbolizes letting go of somebody that was causing unwanted stress in your life. This is a good dream symbol that let’s you know that you got rid of a bad situation. Basically you finally found a “release”.

Bats – Bats in the modern world have a negative connotation around them. Usually bat dreams are scary, but don’t be alarmed. Bats usually represent your hidden fears that you haven’t successfully overcome in your walking life. You need to change your direction and stop living in the past by making new goals. It could be possible that someone could be sucking all of your energy dry.
If you remember the color of the bat this will help you understand more about your dream. A black bat represents bad luck that might come your way to teach you a lesson.
Some say dreaming of a white bat symbolizes a death of somebody really close to you or somebody in your family. When a bat is either biting you or attacking you represents your fears are getting the best of you. If you so happen to see a bat and are not afraid of it means that you are able to see things for what they are worth. To see bats hovering over you head, symbolizes that you recognize your troubles but they haven’t got the best of you yet. Its possible that seeing a bat in your dream is a metaphor of being “bat crazy”.

Beach – When we dream of a beach its is a very important dream symbol that shouldn’t be ignored. We know that water represents our emotions state of mind. It is important to remember what was the state of the water? If you remember it being rough or dangerous represents you are worried about a sudden change in your life. When the water is calm and clear this symbolizes that you are at peace with yourself. If you are on the beach and looking at the ocean suggests a major change that is currently happening in your life. If you are in the water and looking at the beach, indicates that you need to come back to reality. Sometimes we just need some R & R. Dreaming of relaxing on a beach might be the unconscious mind telling you that you need a break from your daily activities.

Sand on a beach also plays a significant role as well. Sand represents your calm and collective nature. If you are playing in the sand means that you are comfortable being the way you are. If you are covered from head to toe in sand means that you are guarding yourself in your walking life. If somebody is covering your whole body, states that you are being protected by that person. If you are on a beach chair and just enjoying your time on the beach, represents easy sailing ahead in the future. Understand that your surroundings and how you act on a beach in your dream sums up how your feel in your walking life.

Bedroom – Different parts of a house have totally different meanings to them. Dreaming about being in your bedroom represents your secretive side and creative side. Your bedroom is a private place that you just don’t disclose to just anybody. Do you remember who was in the bedroom with you? People in your bedroom represents your relationship with that person. What ever events that took place in your dream should be decoded and brought to that persons attention.

If you are just laying in your bed relaxed signifies that you are content with your current state. If you making love on the bed means that you are very creative and have a stronger connection than you did before. If you have a nightmare in your bedroom represents that you are upset with your current partner. If your door happens to be locked means that you are not wiling to let that person in just yet!

Bees – Dreaming of bees in your dreams is a pleasant dream symbol. In the future you will see money come your way. Bees represent very hard and efficient work that you have been doing in your walking life. If you see a bunch of bees buzzing around symbolizes tons of activity in your life and people are talking.
If you get stung by a bee in your dream, means that somebody has “Stung” you verbally. If you see somebody being stung, represents that your actions will hurt somebody else.

Berries – Berries in dreams is a good dream symbol to get. If you eat or look at berries donates that you will be involved in a passionate relationship soon. If you are on the hunt for berries symbolizes your journey for ease and comfort. If you eat poisonous berries means that somebody will impact our view in a negative manner. Be careful of negativity in your life and don’t let it influence you.

Bike – Bikes in dreams symbolizes our own personal drive and direction in life. We tend to dream of bikes when we are trying to create a normal balance in our walking life. If you are on a bike and its smooth sailing, donates that you are in control and going to make the right moves to achieve your goal. How are the roads? If you are having trouble riding the bike or fall off, represents you will be held back from a current venture. If your bike is damaged or cant ride it, means that you are feeling helpless. If you are able to fix the bike means that you will be ready to take off to the next step. If your are in a bike race and win, symbolizes that you will come out on top with the competition in your life.

Birds – Dreaming of birds can mean a whole bunch of things. You may want to break it down into detail to better understand the true meaning of what the dream means. Bird dreams all vary on the color, size, mass and your feeling in the dream. Usually when we see birds in our dreams mean breaking away and being free. You are at a point of your life where your able to make positive changes and not reflect on the past.
A flock of birds scoring over you donates total freedom. Remembering the color of the bird helps you to figure out more about yourself. If you see a “White Bird” it represents generosity and well being. When we see “Black Birds” usually means that you will hear good or bad news soon. If you follow a “Blue Bird” look to see where it is going because it will lead you to the right direction. Red Birds describes your heart and how open it is. Yellow birds can mean either cowardliness or joy depending the context of your dream.When we see hunting birds its a representation of our survival skills. When we see bird eggs, donates you will come into some cash pretty soon. If you see birds hatching represents your work has taken a couple of steps back.

Bites – Any type of biting in your dreams you receive in your dream is not the best symbol. Dreams of this nature points to the animistic side of human beings. Usually being bitten warns us to be careful of our surroundings. If you are the one getting bitten suggests that somebody in your walking life poses great danger to you. It’s possible that you feel vulnerable emotionally and physically in your walking life. If you are the one doing the biting this means that you
are putting up a defense mechanism so nobody can get in.
When we get bit by an insect or an animal donates that you are having trouble dealing with an difficult issue. If a vampire is biting you means that you have get rid of the people that drain you in life. That person is taking away your energy and is bad for your health.

Blood – When we see blood in our dream it symbolizes many things like lust, anger and failed ventures. Depending the type of dream, blood can mean different things to every dreamer. If you are bleeding this donates that you are ready to fight a tough battle ahead of you. If you are overworked in your walking life this would been that you are being drained mentally and physically. If blood is on your hands it represents that you are guilty of your past actions. If you notice that someone else is covered in blood signifies that somebody close to you is giving all they have for you. Sometimes we see words in our dream that is written in blood. You must pay close attention to the message that it’s written in.

Boat – Being on a boat in water represents a part of your emotions that you are over looking. Depending if the water is rough, clear or dirty it will help you understand how you feel about your emotions. It’s quite possible that you are trying to get in deeper with your unconscious mind to find hidden aspects of yourself.
If you are on a boat and it is sinking in the water suggest that you are letting your emotions get the better of you. If you escape the boat safely means that you will find a way out of a tough situation. If you crash a boat implies that you are going to fast and rushing a current relationship. Slow down and take life easy.

Border – Dreaming of a border is an important dream symbol that you should pay attention too. In your walking life you have made an important move that will change the way things are done. You are now on a new path that you would forget the past. If you pass a border with out permission suggests you crossed a line where you shouldn’t have.

Box – When we dream of a box it represents feeling trapped. Do you feel boxed in and cant move in your walking life? It’s possible that the dream of a “box has a sexual connotation to it as well. Do you remember whats inside the box? That would help you understand whats needed in your life. If the box so happens to be empty, its suggest that you are insecure and empty inside.

Bra – When we dream of wearing a bra it represents support and security from somebody close to you. You might want to learn how to become more confident with yourself in your walking life. If you are a man and your are trying on or wearing a bra, represents being overworked at home and at work. You need help and nobody is giving it to you. Try not to be alarmed with this dream its quite common for men.If you are out in public and people can see your bra suggests that you are uncomfortable with your body. If you are confident in public in a bra donates that you are very secure with your sexuality. Removing someones bra indicates that you want to be closer with that person.

Brakes – Break dreams have more than one meaning to it but all relates to being in control with your life. If you are in a moving vehicle and you slam on the breaks means you are going in the wrong path and need to stop immediately. You are rushing into something that you are unfamiliar with. When you dream that you don’t have brakes represents a loss of control in your life. We are usually in a car when our breaks fail and a car represents are current direction. If you managed to save your life means that you will pull through out of a bad mess. If you crash suggest that you will get to a point where you would break down.

Breaking – Whenever we break some object in our dream symbolizes change or broken dreams. To see broken glass like plates or glasses represents our values and pride. Who was in your dream when this was going on? This might help you break down what person is effecting you in your walking life. Kids toys broken suggests that you have destroyed your inner child. When we dream of a broken window doesn’t necessarily mean seven years of bad luck. It means that you are broken emotionally.

Breaking Up – When you dream of splitting up with your boyfriend or girlfriend represents your true inner feelings. If you are unable to come to terms with breaking up with your significant other you might have this dream. If you dream that your boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you means you are not confident in your relationship. If you dream of breaking up and nothing is wrong in your relationship suggest that there are underlying problems that you need to address and not over look.

Bridge – Bridges in your dreams are an important symbol that you should not ignore. Dreaming of Bridges let us know that your are in a important transitional period in your life right now. This move that you are going to make will benefit you in every aspect of your life. When you are on a bridge and cross over to the other side, represents that you have already made up your mind. Do you remember who is on the bridge with you? This would suggest that you need to bridge the gap between that person. If you see a bridge crumble in front of you donates that you are blocking yourself in from others.

Brush – You might need to brush something off in your life that is a waste.

Buckle – Are you forgetting to protect yourself in life in anyway? These dreams indicate a need to tighten up and make sure your prepared for impact.

Bug – Most of the time these dreams indicate something is bugging you and you need to fix it right away. Where was the bug on you can indicate what area is of annoyance. What kind of bug was it? Sometimes you might be grossed out by a bug but it could be a good symbol like a beetle.

Building – Dreaming of a building symbolizes your life and your inner self. According to famous dream analysts Jung and Freud suggests the building is us and what is in and around gives us indications of what to look out for. What ever is in the building will help you understand your inner self. If you are at the top of the building suggests that you are at complete awareness in life. If you are located at the bottom represents your animistic behaviors.
If you notice a building that is completely destroyed, suggests that your going across a matter in a wrong fashion. It’s possible that you have taken a hit from others in your walking life.

Buried Alive – Don’t be alarmed when you experience a nightmare like this. I know it can be scary but there is a positive with this dream. When you dream about being buried represents our fears are taking over our life. Get a handle on your emotions and stop stressing. This is your unconscious mind telling you to wake up and smell the roses and fix the problem. If you are burying a person dead or alive symbolizes inner turmoil. You might need to correct a issue that you are covering up.

Bus – Buses in our dreams have more than one meaning depending if your driving, miss or get hit by a bus. If you miss or get on a the wrong bus, symbolizes that you need to take control over your life. You might need to take time to think things through. If you are waiting for a bus is a positive symbol because you are at a new stage of your life. If you are on the bus with other people, suggests that you are a sheep going along in life with others. You need to take control and get your act together. If you got in hit by a bus, suggests that in the future you will be embarrassed by a situation. The driver might be a symbol of yourself and your journey along in life. Sometimes we get off on some stops and the other we keep going. It would help to see what area and what stops you might be stopping off at as it will be metaphoric to what might be going on in your life right now. If you record your dreams and are aware of your day to day movements you would see a pattern. For example if you quit your job you may get off of the bus. If you get a job you might be on a next journey.

Butterfly Dreams – Butterfly’s are considered some of the most powerful dreams symbols that link to our own personal transformation. These unique dream symbols are arrows pointing at our soul. To find out more about what your dream means in more depth click here “Butterfly Dream Meaning”.

Buttocks – As funny as this dream is it might have more of a significance than you might think. These dreams hint for us to protect yourself to watch out for something behind us. You might want to cover your ass in some situation you are experiencing in your walking life.

Button – These dreams are usually linked to our clothing that holds and connects our image together.

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