To see eye in your dream means that you are followed, imitated and taken as an example. This dream is telling you that a person likes you, admires you.

To dream that your eyes are healthy and normal may represent that you are impressed with a person whom you have just met.

To look at your own eyes, examine closely in your dream may represent that you will make some changes in your life style to look nice to a person whom you are impressed.

To dream that you rub your eyes, massage to your eyes implies that you will reach an impossible target easily. To put something into your eyes in your dream may indicate that you will be successful in your job which you take big risk for. If you put something into another person’s eye in your dream, this dream is telling you that you will lay claims to the success of another person by assigning risk to another.

To swell up the eyes in your dream may signify that you will be a person who is showed as a model, comes to the forefront by doing the job better than the boss.

To see eye in a waste, washbasin or on the ground in your dream may represent a rival who will be a laughing stock as s/he imitates you and people will laugh at him/her.

To see goggling in your dream may suggest that you will be bored of being in the sight and being watched out. Besides, you will get bored from a lot of attentions.

To dream that you have only one eye or there is a person who has only one eye indicates that you will have to share your achievement which you got alone with another person because of duty of loyalty.

To dream that your eyes are blind may represent that you will miss many opportunities by spending a lot of times with details. You should give up this temper. If you see a person whose eyes are blind in your dream, it refers to a foolish enemy.

To see a cat, dog or any kind of animal whose eyes are blind in your dream symbolizes a friend who will use a thing which you lend without showing great care.

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